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5 Best Space-themed Apps for the GearVR3 min read

Nick Rasmussen

Let’s break it down for you – There are many great titles to the GearVR and it seems like it’s library has hit an interesting growth trajcetory as we make our way to the next generation. We’re seeing the store updated several times on a weekly basis now which means we’re at the point now, where we can start doing some slick Top Lists here on VR Today Magazine.

Today’s list will be covering our top picks of today’s current space-themed apps available in the Store, and we will be reviewing a mixed bag of apples of both free and premium, games and experiences for the GearVR.

5. Skyfighter: Training Day (2016)

First up is Skyfighter: Training Day. Sky Fighter puts you into a futuristic space suit, in a futuristic world somewhere in the galaxy. Here, your suit allows you to fly through mazes of seamingly endless obstacles and challenges, as you progress through the game and upgrade your gear every step along the way. The game is free if you stick with the first mission, but if you want to take it for a spin beyond that, you’ll have to pay up!

Software Type: Game, Action, Puzzle
Release Date: June 9, 2016
Developer3D Scenica
More information: Oculus Store

4. End Space (2016)

End Space is a high-speed space battle simulation where you team up with your co-pilots and take on enemies of the galaxy as you master your advanced aerocrafts and maneuver through head-tilting duels with lasers.

Software Type: Game, Shooter, Action
Release Date: April 20, 2016
Developer: Justin Wasilenko
More information: Oculus Store

3. Sonar (2016)

Sonar is a hauntingly beautiful trip through vastness of space. As you venture out in an attempt to find out what happened to a similar vessel, your trip meets an untimely end as you are faced with what can only be described as a scene out of Dante’s Inferno. Sonar is powerful, silent and gorgeous.

Software Type: Experience
Release Date: February 10, 2016
Developer: Sonar360
More information: Oculus Store

2. EVE: Gunjack (2015)

We can’t miss this one. While EVE is a tad static in it’s controls, it manages to pull off some solid entertainment. Even with you the protagonist strapped close to the seat of a high-speed spacecraft, the ever-changing flow of the game in combination with it’s pristine graphics makes this one a first for most new GearVR owners.

Software Type: Game, Shooter
Release Date: November 19, 2015
Developer: CCP Games
More information: Oculus Store

1. Annie Amber (2016)

Finally we come to Annie Amber. Annie Amber is by far the most beautiful space-related app, if one can even call it that. Unravel the mysterious storyline with no other means of exploration than your own sight. Initially the convincing and creative visuals lures you into paying attention, but once you’re in, it’s the spellbinding story that keeps your attention throughout the game.

Software Type: Game, Puzzle
Release Date: March 30, 2016
Developer: Carlos Coronado
More information: Oculus Store


  • Explore all the planets and some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.
  • 21 challenging puzzles.
  • 6 game mechanics for interaction. All of them using just the player’s head.
  • Story explained by environmental narrative. Explore the memories of Annie Amber through all her life
  • Amazing aesthetics and sense of space and “enormousness” thanks to the power of Unreal Engine.

That’s it for this roundup. Make sure to give all of these a look, as well as explore the ever increasing library. As the library expands, we will add to the list and conclude with a relaunched “Top 25” by the end of the year!

Written by Nick Rasmussen

Blogging about VR and helping Envato grow their affiliate program.

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