Top 25 Best VR Horror Games To Play in 2019

5 Life-Like Horror Videos in 360° and Virtual Reality3 min read

Nick Rasmussen

We have all had our own dreadful, pulse-bouncing experiences when it comes to horror films and scary movies. We know the feeling of being shocked and surprised when ghosts, clowns or zombies on the big screen gives us jump-scares, and for generations, the medium through which we have enjoyed this experience has been one-way. We, the viewer sit back and let the story unfold while we hold on for dear life.

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With the rise of famous first-person indie horror games like Amnesia (1 & 2), The 8 Pages, Among The Sleep and now, as of February 27, The Town of Light, content creators has been given a reactionary horror story where you, the user is fully in control. Mixing that idea with reputable horror franchises, Open Source sharing platforms like YouTube, high-speed WiFi and talented individuals, and you have the recipe for highly viral content and a new frontier of the immersive media.

Virtual Reality and 360° Video takes this one step further, and while we are yet to see the first real immersive horror-game for the Oculus Rift, content creators have found a way to get with 360° video and entry-level VR. Below, we have highlighted some of our favourites.

5. The Ring Fan Montage in VR

This scary little video was the very first piece of Horror Content created by French VR Enthusiast and YouTuber, Capitaine Hishiro The jump-scarish homage to The Ring has helped carve Captaine his way into VR history with over 500.000 views and counting.

4. Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a challenge put up by BlackBoxTV to challenge the users of VR Headsets and 360° to see how long they can last in Freddy’s Haunted House. The video includes an introduction to the challenge, a quick backstory and instructions on how the VR controls work. The increasing suspense and well-executed clipping, is what makes this challenge so frightfully effective.

3. 3.00am

Have you ever been creeped out by one of the latest editions of Paranormal Activity? This video by the team at Dimension Gate brings back that old, “What-Just-Happened” scenario, dusts it off and breathes new life into the idea, by utilising well-made 360° video. Enjoy!

2. GetOut in 360°

The team behind Inner Rift cleverly found a way to get the viewers jumping in their seats. While you’re attentively keeping an eye out on the TV, you also can’t help having half your attention on the door behind you, trying not to get overwhelmed by the increasingly scary and paranormal happenstances taking place in your livingroom. Enjoy!

1. Ghosts with Dahlia and Dia

Dahlia and Dia are not only great YouTubers that has managed to stack thousands of subscribers to their channel of creative content. They also moonlight in this highly well-made 360° video as ghostly twins that will haunt your nightmares. Strap on that Headset of yours, and go say hello!

Written by Nick Rasmussen

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