Ask the Public: 7 Things Said About Onward VR

Welcome to VR Today’s pilot article in the “Ask the Public” series. Every now and then, with the strong current of games flooding into the Virtual Reality libraries, a wild unicorn appears (Sorry Pokemon-fans, we couldn’t resist). Whenever a freshly released premium game or app earns a significant renown, we’re going to feature the voice of its users, to help you better evaluate the experience pre-purchase.

On with the show. In case you have been living under a rock these days, there has been some interesting buzz surrounding a new and exciting first-person shooter called Onward. Over a very short period of time, this title has grown to be known as the harbinger of Virtual Reality’s role in the future of the FPS genre!

Given the hype, and the fact that it’s a damn good game, we’ve decided to pick our favorite reviews of the game, and share them with you in all their glory. No sugar-coating or editing has been made to these statements!

Before we press on, here’s the official game descripton from Downpour Interactive, the team of developers behind the experience:

“Onward is a Mil-Sim paced tactical multiplayer shooter, being developed for virtual reality head mounted displays. Players will use coordination, communication, and marksmanship skill to complete objectives in online infantry combat.”
– Downpour Interactive

With the formalities now out of the way, we’d like to introduce you to the voice of Onward’s users:

Review #1

“I get no motion sickness, shooting feels amazing -almost 1:1 to playing airsoft. Servers are full and the PvP isn’t comparable to anything i’ve ever played.. This is what i bought a Vive for. A very serious 10/10, its only in early access!”

Onward - VR Today Magazine “…The PvP isn’t comparable to anything i’ve ever played”

Review #2

“Yes I am loving Onward! This game is one of the reasons why I wanted VR! It’s a bit hard to see enemies at times, but that is more the limit of the screen on the Vive than the game. I love the complexity

Onward3.jpg “This game is one of the reasons why I wanted VR!”

Review #3

“All I’ve really got to say is, “Holy sh*t”. I’ve never experienced a video game as immersive as this. In fact, I haven’t experienced anything as immersive as this. Let me tell you why.

The communication is perfect. The local chat feels natural and using the radio is just how you would in real life. The locomotion is wonderful. No motion sickness and I feel very comfortable moving around the maps. The sounds are just spot on. The sound of a bullet nearly missing you is enough to make you drop to the ground in real life. It’s VERY VERY loud. The chestrig and overall interaction is very polished. Holding the gun, even without a gun mount is simple. Reloading is realistic and easy. A lot easier than in H3VR. The maps looks incredible, and you feel like you’re actually “there”. Its hard to describe and I really see myself losing hundreds of hours into this. That’s a first for a vr game.

The UI is a bit glitchy and ugly. The radio can glitch out sometimes. There is a bit of stutter sometimes based on your network speed. Not very often, and it doesn’t tremendously affect gameplay. All of the cons are very easily over-looked considering it’s an early access game. The biggest con though has to be you’ll very likely sh*t your pant and/or hurt yourself diving for cover. 

I chose to play this over Battlefield 1. This is easily my new favorite game of all time.”

Onward - VR Today Magazine “The biggest con though has to be you’ll very likely sh*t your pant and/or hurt yourself diving for cover. “

Review #4

“You can only see 50yards and the maps are 500 lol….Very buggy still..very bad fps on a 980 ti.2vs2 plays ok but anything over that leads to the puke bucket.I don’t understand making the maps that big when the vive’s veiw range in distance is very poor.huge open maps you can’t see but 50yards in lol…Looking into a refund.”

Onward - VR Today Magazine “2vs2 plays ok but anything over that leads to the puke bucket”

Review #5

“Two contacts in sight, behind the wall, next to that car!” shouts a team-mate. I run for them, and take cover on the nearside of the car. As I do this i get shot in the shoulder and duck down. “Contact down”, I hear one of the two scream as they move to the far-side of the car.

I have no rounds left so i fumble for my side-arm whilst curled up in a ball. With the smallest movements I slide the new mag in the pistol and pull back the slide, all the while listening to the enemies the other side of the car, barking orders at each other. I take a deep breath as i hear one of them shout “RELOADING!”. This was my chance. I stood fast, and aimed through the car window at the two contacts. “HES STILL ALIVE” one screams as we lock eyes. I continued to fire off all my rounds into him before he could blink, his teammate fumbles like a deer in headlights and pops smoke. My pistol clicks and i duck back down to reload.

As quick as the smoke fills the locality im already primed for another shootout. I slowly crawl through the smoke to find the enemy had retreated back past a low wall, twitching, looking around not knowing where i was. I took the chance, lined up the sights… The next thing i hear; “contact down.. good job guys”

Onward - VR Today Magazine “This was my chance. I stood fast, and aimed through the car window at the two contacts. “HES STILL ALIVE” one screams as we lock eyes. “

Review #6

The hype it’s all true. Dam check out my other reviews I call a spade a spade. Grab this now. Game changer. Only a quarter baked and still the best game ever! If you like cs even slightly you are going to love this. Stop freakin reading and get inside so I can kill you!

Onward - VR Today Magazine “Only a quarter baked and still the best game ever!”

Review #7

I was really hyped for this game, and it’s everything I hoped it would be. Onward is currently the best fps vr game available. No motion sickness at all, with more than 3 hours of gamplay. This is the game I have been waiting for. This game shows exactly what the Vive is capable of. A++

Onward - VR Today Magazine “No motion sickness at all, with more than 3 hours of gameplay”

PC Requirements

If you would like to get started with Onward VR, this is what you’ll need to get an optimal experience. The more the better, but for now, this is what you can get away with:

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel i5-4590 3.3 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970

What’s next for Onward VR

If you would like to stay tuned on all the latest updates from the team behind Onward, you can check in on their website. If you happen to be the owner of a HTC Vive, head over to their product page to claim a copy of the simulation right away!

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