A Chair In A Room: Greenwater review

A Chair in A Room: Greenwater PSVR Review: Escape Room for VR

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Genre: adventure, indie, simulation
Compatibility (headsets): Steam VR, Meta Quest, Stamdomg or Room Scale, PSVR 2
Platforms: Steam VR, Meta Store, PlayStation Store
Minimum requirements: Processor: i5-4590 equivalent or greater, Memory: 8 GB RAM, Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970/AMD R9 290 equivalent or greater, DirectX 11, Storage: 3 GB available space,
Features: single / multiplayer, PVP
Release date: April 5, 2016
Developer: Wolf & Wood Interactive Ltd
Price: 22.99 $

A Chair in a Room: Greenwater is an immersive virtual reality game developed for PlayStation VR by Wolf and Wood Interactive Limitted, also creators of “Hotel R’n’R”, “The Last Worker”, “The Exorcist: Legion VR – Chapter one: First Rites and others.

This psychological horror game is a unique take on the escape room experience, offering sharp visuals, an effective sound design, and plenty of horror elements.

Players will explore mysterious locations, solve puzzles, and uncover the secrets of the environment while being immersed in the horror that awaits them.

With a playing time of around 3 hours, A Chair in a Room promises to be an engaging and thrilling experience for all.


Visually, A Chair in A Room provides an impressive and detailed experience with a realistic feel that is further augmented by sharp visuals and effective use of lighting and shadow effects. Objects can be picked up and examined with intense detail, providing an immersive experience. The graphics are grounded, with an impressive facelift from its original incarnation, allowing players to be fully immersed in the game.

Impressive visuals and realistic graphics give the game a truly unique look and feel, enhancing the overall experience. The visuals have been cleverly designed to make the game look and feel like a real-world escape room experience, complete with objects and puzzles that are fun to explore.

Although the graphics can occasionally be marred by the occasional collision detection issue or pop-up, they still provide an unforgettable experience.


A Chair in A Room features a first-rate sound design that serves to both enhance the experience and provide an atmosphere of suspense. Prominent and absent sounds are used for different effects, creating an immersive atmosphere.

The voice work is top-notch, and the music works in perfect harmony with the visuals.

The impact of sound on the immersive experience in A Chair in A Room PSVR is vivid, making the game worth buying for puzzle games and psychological horror fans.

Gameplay and Mechanics

A Chair In A Room: Greenwater gameplay

A Chair in A Room PSVR offers an unorthodox escape room experience, telling a murder mystery through a series of interactive dream sequences. Players will be tasked with solving puzzles and interacting with the environment in order to progress.

Puzzle-solving mechanics are easy to moderate, while the movement options and tracking are on-point. Players can teleport and move with full locomotion, while objects can be picked up and examined in detail.

The campaign takes about 3 hours to complete and provides a great balance of challenge and fun. We haven’t experienced game-breaking bugs.

Game mechanics in A Chair in a Room: Greenwater can be initially off-putting due to the preferred move controls.

Horror Elements

Offering a range of creepy moments throughout the playthrough, A Chair in A Room PSVR is sure to send some chills down the player’s spine. While it’s not a horror game, it does feature suspenseful moments and an overall thrilling atmosphere.

The level of immersion in the VR setting adds to the goosebumps, and the creep factor is fantastic. There were no jump scares throughout the whole game.

The lack of a proper 3D audio mix does take away from the horror elements, but the overall experience is still worth it for puzzle games and psychological horror fans.


A Chair In A Room: Greenwater mechanic

A Chair in A Room PSVR offers a high level of immersion. The game is designed to immerse players into the mysterious world, providing realistic atmospheres and interactive environments. The sharp visuals and effective sound design further contribute to the immersion.

Lighting and shadow effects are also utilized to create a more immersive feel. With the combination of these elements.


There are minor annoyances, such as collision detection issues and pop-ups. Some objects behave strangely, and pop-ups sporadically when close to a wall can be experienced while playing.

Despite the lack of a proper 3D audio mix, the sound design in A Chair in A Room PSVR does a great job of creating a sense of dread and fear.

Overall Review and Our Verdict

Drawing on its immersive elements, A Chair in A Room PSVR is an enjoyable experience for puzzle game and psychological horror fans. Pros include impressive visuals, sound design, easy-to-moderate puzzles, and excellent horror elements.

The rating on Steam for the game is 9/10, and it has a very positive reception from more than 500 opinions.

The bottom line is that A Chair in A Room PSVR is a solid recommendation.


Overall, A Chair in a Room: Greenwater is an intense and unforgettable horror experience that is well worth the price of admission. It stands out from other VR horror games due to its stunning environments, photorealistic textures, and lighting, as well as its cohesive narrative that pieces together throughout the game.

Its impact on the VR horror genre is undeniable, as it has set a new gold standard for horror games. Comparisons to other horror games are inevitable, but A Chair in a Room: Greenwater is an experience that must be experienced firsthand to be truly appreciated.

The fear that it creates is both intense and realistic, making it a must-play for horror fans. However, during 2024, we expect plenty of upcoming VR Horror games, so make sure to keep an eye on this list.

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