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Welcome to VR Today Magazine, your premier source for all things virtual reality (VR). We’re passionate about the immersive and ever-evolving world of VR technology, and we’re here to guide you through it. As ardent enthusiasts of the VR industry, we’ve made it our mission to provide you with the latest news, insightful reviews, and comprehensive information, all wrapped in a user-friendly package.

Our Mission

At VR Today Magazine, we believe in the power of virtual reality to transform the way we experience and interact with digital content. Our mission is simple yet profound: to be your trusted companion on your journey through the immersive landscapes of VR. We are committed to delivering accurate, unbiased, and engaging content that helps you make informed decisions about VR gaming, hardware, and industry developments.

Our promise is to keep you at the forefront of the VR revolution, ensuring you never miss a beat when it comes to the latest VR games, headset innovations, and industry news. We’re dedicated to simplifying the complex world of VR, making it accessible to everyone, from the seasoned VR veteran to the curious newcomer.

Our Team

At VR Today Magazine, we take pride in our dedicated team of VR enthusiasts and experts. Our core team consists of hardcore gamers with a wealth of experience, all of whom have been deeply immersed in the VR world since 2019.

Our team’s collective experience spans years of hands-on gaming, testing, and review writing in the VR space. With countless hours of gameplay, we’ve explored the virtual realms of various genres, from action-packed adventures to mind-bending puzzles, providing us with an in-depth understanding of what makes a VR game truly captivating.

Zornitsa Vuteva – Content Manager

Zornitsa VR

Zornitsa, our dedicated Content Manager, is at the forefront of the VR landscape. With a strong emphasis on VR headsets and their versatile applications, Zornitsa combines a passion for technology with a deep understanding of the industry.

Martin Rumenov – Content Editor


With a deep-rooted passion for gaming and a profound knowledge of the industry, Martin is your go-to source for all things VR gaming. He’s not just a writer; he’s an avid gamer who has explored the virtual landscapes since the early days of VR. Martin’s expertise shines in his in-depth game reviews, where he delves into the immersive worlds of virtual reality, offering valuable insights and recommendations

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