Among Us VR - Infection event overview

Among Us VR – Infection Event

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Gamers and food enthusiasts alike, prepare your virtual appetites for a delectable dose of disorder with AUVR’s latest Limited Time Event (LTE) — the Infection Event. This innovative gaming experience merges the culinary arts with the undead in a thrilling new mode that promises to keep players on the edge of their seats… and their taste buds.

A Recipe for Mayhem: Infection Mode

In the Infection Mode, players are split into two distinct groups: the Chefs and the Zomburritos. The Chefs, akin to the beloved Crewmates, are tasked with completing a series of objectives, all while donning stylish toques that symbolize their culinary camaraderie. However, lurking in the shadows are the Zomburritos — once Chefs themselves, now transformed into contagious carriers of chaos.

The goal for the Chefs is clear: complete ten tasks before falling prey to the Zomburritos’ infectious touch. On the flip side, the Zomburritos are on a mission to swell their ranks by converting every Chef into one of their own. The question remains: will the Chefs manage to whip up a victory, or will the Zomburritos spread their infection across the entire team?

A New Battleground: The Mess Hall

The Infection Event introduces a new map that spices up the familiar Polus Point with a flavor of fright and fun. The Mess Hall is a culinary labyrinth of industrial corridors, dead ends, and potential cave-ins, complete with not one, but two bathrooms, and the pièce de résistance — a fully-equipped kitchen. Players can engage in new tasks like frying chicken nuggets to golden perfection or marveling at the donut-making machine, all while avoiding getting trapped in the giant freezer with an Impostor… or is it a Zomburrito?

Dress to Distress: Limited Time Hats

To top off the event, AUVR has unveiled the Mess Hall DLC, a thematic hat pack that includes two exclusive headwear options. The “My Name Chef” hat, a virtual reality reimagining of the classic Among Us headgear, promises to add a dash of style to your avatar. Meanwhile, the “Zomburrito” hat brings a touch of terror to the table, complete with lettuce, queso, mystery meat, and an unsettling green goop.

These limited-time hats not only enhance the Infection Mode experience but also allow players to carry a piece of the culinary chaos into their everyday Among Us VR escapades.

Wardrobe Overhaul: A New Look for Crewmate Closets

In anticipation of the event, AUVR has already rolled out a major wardrobe update, which observant players might have noticed. The Crewmate closet has been expanded and redesigned to showcase all available cosmetics on a single page, making it easier for players to “try on” hats and view their avatars from every angle. This update lays the groundwork for future expansions, hinting at even more levels of cosmetic customization to come.

Ready to Serve: Join the Infection Event Today

The Infection Event is available from yesterday, and players are encouraged to dive in before the opportunity expires. With a new game mode, map, and cosmetic options, AUVR’s latest LTE is set to deliver a feast of fun and fright.

About Among Us VR

Among Us VR is an immersive adaptation of the highly popular multiplayer party game, Among Us, which has been developed for virtual reality platforms. This version of the game places players directly into the action, allowing them to walk around, complete tasks, and interact with other players in a virtual space to identify the imposters among the crew. Developed by Schell Games in collaboration with Innersloth LLC and Robot Teddy, Among Us VR was released on November 11, 2022, and is available on Steam VR, Meta Rift, and Meta Quest 2 platforms. The game retains the core mechanics of teamwork and betrayal found in the original Among Us, but with VR-exclusive commands and interactions that enhance the experience. Players can engage in the game either sitting down or standing, without the need for a large play space. Despite the potential for motion sickness due to in-game movement, Among Us VR includes settings to mitigate discomfort, making it accessible to most players. Among Us VR offers unlimited hours of gameplay, with each match providing a unique experience, making it a recommended title for those looking to enjoy a who-dun-it game night in virtual reality.

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