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Among Us VR Launches on PlayStation VR2

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Among Us VR, the virtual reality version of the popular social deduction game has officially launched on PlayStation VR2. Developed by Schell Games, Innersloth, and Robot Teddy, the game was released in December 2023.


Among Us VR retains the core gameplay mechanics of the original game, where players are divided into two teams: Crewmates and Impostors. The Crewmates’ objective is to complete all tasks or find the Impostor, while the Impostors’ mission is to sabotage and eliminate the Crewmates without getting caught.

The game supports 4 to 10 players, and it includes two maps: The Skeld II and Polus Point. The Skeld II is inspired by the original game’s The Skeld map, while Polus Point is a new map that features more tasks and new rooms.


Among Us VR introduces several new features designed specifically for the VR experience. These include:

  • In-Game Voice Chat: Players can communicate using voice chat, which features proximity chat, or use quick text chat
  • Minigames: The game includes both old favorites and new-for-VR games
  • Customization: Players can choose their character’s color and hat
  • Comfort: Players can adjust their settings for the best possible experience
  • Cross-Platform in VR: The game supports play with other VR users, even on other VR platforms and headsets
  • Locomotion: Players can choose between single or two-handed locomotion options
  • Custom Lobby Settings: The game includes 18 settings to customize the game, resulting in millions of settings combinations
  • Player Safety: The game includes in-game reporting, muting, kicking, and voice chat features.

Release Date and Price

Among Us VR was released on PlayStation VR2 in December 2023

The game is priced at $9.99

Reception so far and Our opinion of the game

Despite some flaws, mainly in the moving mechanic of the game and the problems with the server crashes, Among Us is a pretty funny VR experience. It has received 3.5/5 from more than 5000 reviews on the Meta Store Platform. On Steam, the average rating is 7/10, and more than 2000 people have found this game mostly positive.

Our opinion is that this game could be really fun if you are able to find a good party to play with. It is a masterpiece for those who are able to play it with friends. It could make a huge impact if the Developers make it a cross-platform game.


Among Us VR brings the beloved social deduction game to a new platform, offering players a unique and immersive experience. With its core gameplay mechanics, new features, and the addition of VR, Among Us VR on PlayStation VR2 promises to deliver a fresh take on the popular game.

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