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Squido Studio’s Anarchitects has the potential to become the new go-to sandbox VR/MR game

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Quite a few VR games hit the digital storefronts each year and every one of them provides its own approach to a specific game genre. When it comes to sandbox titles this can be a rather ambitious endeavor, as those games are designed with freedom in mind. Not having specific objectives and being the creator of your own virtual journey seems intriguing for the player, but is more than hard for the developer to achieve. However, the brains behind Anarchitects have made the effort to challenge the concept of the sandbox premise and make their own VR/MR version of this incredibly entertaining virtual experience.

Anarchitects will debut during this year’s GDC

If you’re familiar with Roblox or Garry’s Mod, then Anarchitects is expected to be an enhanced alternative for those infamous titles. Just like other sandbox games Anarchitects enables player to explore and create without following any pre-established goals. This makes the main aim of the game to stimulate one’s imagination and thus play around with the given tools as they please.

Funny enough, in Anarchitects you’ll be put in the position of becoming the actual architect of your own experience. The game’s drag-and-drop system and especially its MR capabilities will definitely enhance the player experience. Whether you’re into solving a puzzle, playing a shooter or a traditional board game, with Anarchitects players have the limitless options of experimenting and even sharing what they’re created with others thanks to the multiplayer mode.

It was announced that Anarchitects will mark its debut during 2024’s edition of the Game Developers Conference, which will take place from March 18th to March 23rd in San Francisco.

Squido Studio’s achievements grow with No More Rainbows’s success

As evidenced by the Canadian studio’s portfolio, their efforts have been channeled into elevating classic gaming experiences with the help of VR. A previous project of Squido Studio – No More Rainbows has become the #1 VR adventure platformer title in Quest Store. The game has been tried by over half a million players and its popularity has been steadily growing since its beta release. You can now get the game not only form Quest Store, but also SteamVR and it is expected No More Rainbows to hit PSVR 2 in the second quarter of 2024.

Another great piece of news is that Squido Studio has been recognized as a prosperous game developer, which has attracted substantial funding from those who believe in the studio’s capabilities to create worthwhile VR titles. It is known that they’ve secured more than $2.5 million, which will help them take more VR projects from the back burner and make them reality.

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