Ancient Dungeon VR roadmap 2024

Ancient Dungeon – Roadmap for 2024

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Ancient Dungeon VR has come with a new development update #14 in which the team will share the recent changes and fixes as well as the roadmap ahead of 2024.

After enjoying a festive Christmas break, the team has returned with renewed vigor to finalize the features for the current multiplayer beta of our game. They’re excited to share their roadmap for 2024 and give you a sneak peek at some of the new developments we’ve been working on in parallel with the multiplayer implementation.

Multiplayer Full Release

Their immediate goal is to achieve feature parity between the early access version, ea0.1.3.6, and the multiplayer beta. Creators are targeting a merge of the two game versions in February, which will allow them to shift our focus to creating new content. Until then, they’re committed to regular updates that will address bugs and integrate the missing features. Post-beta, they’ll begin porting the game to PSVR2. Due to additional quality assurance and new requirements, PSVR2 players can expect the multiplayer release to follow 1-2 months after other platforms. Concurrently, they’ll be diving into new content updates.

Towards More Rooms and New Content

While the content in ea0.1.3.6 and the multiplayer version largely overlap, Developers are introducing new rooms to enhance gameplay variety, particularly for multiplayer sessions. The current rooms can feel too confined for larger player counts, so they’re designing new spaces with multiplayer in mind. These rooms will also appear in singleplayer mode, albeit less frequently to maintain game balance. To manage the influx of new room requirements, they’ve revamped our room generation system to support subgroups. Subgroups are modular room segments that can be combined in various ways, enabling us to rapidly create hundreds of room variations. Devs have included a video demonstration showing a proof of concept room that, built in just 10 minutes, can yield 250 different combinations. This innovative approach to room generation will soon populate the game with a plethora of new rooms, significantly reducing the time required for their construction. They’re eager to roll out these new rooms in upcoming multiplayer beta updates once the subgroup feature is fully operational.

Our Roadmap Post Multiplayer

With multiplayer established, Creators plan to accelerate the pace of updates to deliver a steady stream of fresh content and keep our player base engaged. While the specifics of each update are still under discussion, they anticipate that they will fall into several categories:

  • Points of Interest: This expansive category will add special rooms and possibly new floors to the dungeons, enriching the game’s exploratory aspect.
  • New Relics, Insight Upgrades, and Weapon Combos: Aim to diversify the available relics, provide more insight upgrades, and introduce new weapon combos to vary playstyles between runs.
  • Homebase Expansion: Devs are looking to enlarge the home base, introduce new NPCs, and add features like a bestiary, a stats tracker, a cosmetics shop for multiplayer (using in-game currency), and more.
  • Modding Improvements: Creators are committed to enhancing the modding experience, making it simpler for the community to create and manage mods.
  • Final Floor: Although the current final boss is not the ultimate adversary planned for the full release, developers are working towards this feature, which is highly anticipated but may not be completed within the year.

The development team around Eric Thullen has prepared a busy schedule for Ancient Dungeon, and the prospects of future expansion of the game are clear. Players should be excited about what 2024 has prepared for them in terms of new content and when the multiplayer mod is fully impelled into it.

We are looking forward to following up with the updates of Ancient Dungeon in 2024.

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