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Ancient Dungeon VR Devlog #15: Multiplayer Update Imminent

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Release Date and Development Challenges

The development team behind Ancient Dungeon VR has announced in their latest development log, Devlog #15, that the multiplayer update for the game is nearing completion and is expected to be released soon. This update has been highly anticipated by the community, especially since it promises to enhance the gameplay experience by allowing cooperative play among friends.

The team has reached the final stages of multiplayer development, with most of the porting process completed. However, they encountered a significant challenge with desync issues, particularly when playing with three or four players in a lobby. This issue caused the game to stop working, disconnecting all players and leading to glitchy, repetitive movements among characters. Despite efforts to resolve this with the current multiplayer framework, the problem persisted, prompting the developers to upgrade from Photon Fusion 1.1.9 to Photon Fusion 2. This upgrade has introduced new challenges, but the team is confident that these will be resolved shortly, paving the way for a beta release of the multiplayer update.

New Content and Enhancements

Alongside the multiplayer update, the developers have been working on new content for both multiplayer and singleplayer modes. Players can look forward to over 60 new rooms, with locked key rooms and blood key rooms having been completely reworked to offer a wider variety of loot and room shapes. The slot machine and the slime boss have also received significant updates, enhancing both aesthetics and gameplay mechanics.

Additionally, the update includes numerous quality of life improvements such as smoother animations for inventory management and extensive bug fixes related to dungeon generation. These enhancements are expected to improve the overall player experience, making the dungeon crawling more engaging and less prone to frustrating bugs.

Looking Forward

The development team is excited about the near completion of the multiplayer update and is already planning further enhancements. Once the multiplayer mode is fully operational and stable, the team intends to shift focus to adding more content, which they will detail in future development logs.

For those who have not yet tried the multiplayer beta, the upcoming update will also include new content for singleplayer mode, ensuring that all players have something new to look forward to, regardless of their preferred mode of play.

In conclusion, Ancient Dungeon VR’s multiplayer update is just around the corner, promising to bring significant improvements and new content to enhance the gaming experience. The community’s patience and support have been crucial during this development phase, and the team looks forward to delivering an update that meets the high expectations of its players.

About Ancient Dungeon VR

Ancient Dungeon VR is a virtual reality roguelike dungeon crawler game that immerses players in procedurally generated dungeons filled with a variety of monsters and traps. The game features a distinctive blocky, voxel-based aesthetic reminiscent of Minecraft, which contributes to its unique visual style. Players navigate through these dungeons, battling enemies and uncovering secrets, with the goal of defeating bosses at the end of each level. The gameplay emphasizes physical movement and combat, utilizing VR mechanics effectively to enhance the immersive experience. Each run through the dungeon is unique due to its roguelike nature, with death resetting progress but allowing for some permanent upgrades through collected Insight points. Ancient Dungeon VR is available on multiple VR platforms, including Meta Quest and PSVR2, and has been praised for its engaging gameplay and the depth of its exploration and combat systems.

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