Apple Vision Pro in March 2024

Apple Vision Pro set to hit the market in March 2024

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This past Monday, Bloomberg reported that Apple’s spatial computer, Apple Vision Pro, is expected to be launched in March next spring. Bloomberg’s senior tech analyst Mark Gurman reported that the company had originally prepared to release the product as early as January, however, more testing had to be done with the device, and some distribution issues had also caused delays.

All of this is completely in line with the predictions many analysts had about the launch of the Vision Pro in the upcoming year of 2024. It is believed that Apple will officially reveal the launch of its premium MR headset during the upcoming annual spring conference. The Vision Pro will first be available for purchase in the US, then Canada and the UK.

Unity will support Apple Vision Pro

The infamous game engine Unity has entered a partnership with Apple, which would enable the platform to support VisionPro’s PolySpatial tool, which would enable the development of spatial experiences, which would be available on the headset’s Shared Spaces.

Test before purchasing Apple Vision Pro

Apple is trying really hard to promote its XR product properly to both VR insiders and new customers. One of the company’s plans is to implement in-store testing sessions, which could be completed after a booked appointment and would allow the client to figure out whether they want to invest in it or not. Keeping in mind the grand price of $3,499, this is a great way to see if it’s worth breaking the bank for this expected groundbreaking device.

If you’re still not well-acquainted with Apple’s MR headset, VR Today Magazine has done an extensive review of everything we know so far about Apple Vision Pro. You can check out all tech specs and the potential use cases in this article:

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