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Apple Vision Pro users can now virtually traverse world’s wonders with “Spatial Earth”

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Ever since Apple Vision Pro hit the market last February, this XR product has received a ton of media coverage, including numerous reviews from content creators in various niches. The use cases of this spatial computer have impressed both people looking for entertainment and those interested in XR technology’s more practical applications. Thus far, the Apple Vision Pro has proven to be useful in different areas. This has made it possible for Google Earth-like applications to take advantage of Vision Pro’s mixed-reality capabilities.

“Spatial Earth” – the virtual key to 2300 destinations

Everyone who has ever come near any type of internet-connected device has most definitely used Google Earth as a navigation tool or simply to roam around dreamed-of destinations all over the globe.

The Swiss VR agency Ateo has made it possible for all Apple Vision Pro owners to take a virtual stroll through various locations from each edge of the world without leaving home. Their app, Spatial Earth, is especially designed for visionOS, the operating system developed solely for the Vision Pro headset.

This new XR application welcomes all users of the now infamous spatial computer to visit fascinating 3D landscapes of 2300 destinations, including cities and natural wonders. You can also zoom in on any location of your choice and view all the details of the actual location.

Who should try “Spatial Earth”?

Just like its predecessor, Google Earth, this app is suitable for anyone wondering what travelling to any dreamed destination would seem like.

However, the main advantage Spatial Earth has to offer is its mixed-reality features, which enable the user to view Paris’ main sights, for example, in their own living room. This not only enhances the user experience through immersion but also makes it easier for anyone to gain better understanding of geography. That’s why this app has significant educational purposes, as it puts into action the so-called “learning by doing” method at a significantly lower cost.

“Spatial Earth “can be purchased for the fair price of $4.99 from Apple App Store.

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