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AR Platform Takes Industry by Storm

With the rapid development of the smartphone, AR is about to hit the mainstream hard and fast. Pokémon Go showed the world what AR can do in an entertainment context, and startups are on the ball with the latest AR development. In an ideal world, AR will aid our everyday lives, streamline processes and enable efficiency where possible.

With the plethora of newly released AR/VR content, users may be asking where the best place to view this content is…

Up until October 2016, there was no dedicated platform on which 3D AR/VR content creators could display their work, at least not without difficulty. Users with AR/VR devices were limited to highly specialised apps with narrow experience potential, making the process of bringing their work to market an arduous one. MoBack AR sought to change this by creating a universal AR platform. Designed with developers and users in mind, the app also appeals to the artists and animators of the digital world. By creating a platform on which all 3D content can be viewed in AR and VR, moBack have bridged the gap between the artist and the user by engineering a YouTube/Netflix style central system on which creators can upload and edit, and users can view, share, follow and like.

In addition to 3D animation, moBack allows businesses to upload shops, products, and experiences in order to enhance the buying experience for the consumer. By doing this the buying experience itself is transformed – much like online shopping, there is no more waiting in queues. However, one step further from online shopping, moBack allows users to envisage various items in their home, Ikea style, in AR. This will in turn mean fewer returns, more accurate profit margins, and ultimately more satisfied customers and businesses.

Away from retail, in the world of digital art, moBack really shines.

Artists are no longer confined to portfolios, but rather they are able to place their work into different contexts, to exercise their ideas in different worlds whilst still maintaining that central point of information depicting their work, whereby they can be discovered, perhaps by other users or even other artists looking for collaboration.

Another perk is that it’s free. Yes, free! What’s interesting about moBack AR is the reference to it as a ‘platform’ or rather, ‘space.’ It is a space where collaboration and creation come together – AR and VR are highly democratic technologies, and moBack seeks to prove that via its portal style user experience. Currently, the app is available on IOS, Tango and Android, and is soon coming to Vive, Oculus, and PSVR, with an aim to become headset agnostic in the near future.

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Written by Hannah Close

Hannah Close is in the Events Industry by day, a Photographer by night, and a Virtual Reality Obsessive 24/7. She currently heads up the VR front at The Old Truman Brewery, East London’s cultural and creative quarter. A self-proclaimed Wonder Junkie, Hannah is also passionate about disruptive technologies and their impact on the human condition.

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