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Are VR Social Apps good?

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A great misconception people have about VR tech is that it is only used for gaming. And although that emphasis on pure entertainment is a half-truth, VR is being implemented in other day-to-day tasks, such as social interactions. More VR social apps have started to propose different ways to connect with loved ones and find new friends in a virtual environment.

In this article, we will explore some of the best VR social apps and how they can enhance real-life interactions.

Key Takeaways

  • VR social apps offer a more immersive and customizable experience compared to traditional social media platforms.
  • The quality of social interactions is enhanced by VR social apps as they provide a very realistic experience of interacting with others in social spaces.
  • One of the main drawbacks of VR social apps is the security and privacy concerns due to the collection of user data.

Difference between social media apps and VR social apps

You can experience a whole new level of social communication with VR social apps, as opposed to traditional social media platforms. These high-tech apps let you create your own avatar and customize the given environment, allowing for a much more personal connection.

With a headset, you can explore the environment and interact with other users in a fun and immersive way. While traditional social media is limited to chatting and sharing digital content, VR social apps offer a more engaging experience with more options for interaction, like teleporting your avatar to a desired destination and enjoying activities that would break the bank pretty fast in the real world.

How do VR social apps affect real-life interactions

By using VR social apps, you can experience a more immersive and engaging form of communication that can both positively and negatively influence your real-life interactions.

On the plus side, it can help bridge the gap between physical limitations, allowing people with disabilities to be part of the conversation. It can also provide users with a realistic experience of interacting with others in virtual spaces in real time, enhancing the quality of online social interactions.

However, it also has the potential to detach users from reality and lead to a more unified and monotonous society in the long run. Additionally, it could increase existing security and privacy issues by collecting more user data.

VR Social Apps

The following are some of the best VR social apps, according to our editorial staff:


VRChat is available on Steam VR and Meta Store and offers you an infinite variety of worlds to explore and the ability to customize your avatar.

You can meet people, chat, draw, collaborate, and attend events in the hundreds of VR worlds created by the app’s community members.

Additionally, you can use the Unity SDK to create and customize your own worlds.

VRChat is the perfect social application for virtual reality, allowing you to express yourself and connect with others in a way that’s both fun and productive.


BeanVR takes social interaction in VR to the next level with its 3D avatars and customizable theme rooms.

This app enables you to watch movies, play games, and explore virtual worlds with people from all over the globe. You can also create private spaces with friends for more intimate conversations.

The app also provides real-time communication with body movements for more natural interactions. Additionally, there are a variety of activities like live events, games, presentations, and debates that mimic social media groups.

The app is available on Steam for PC and is compatible with multiple virtual reality headsets, including the HTC Vive and Oculus Quest.

vTime XR

vTime XR is an extended reality social network that allows you to meet friends and make new connections in a range of virtual destinations. It supports all platforms, such as Oculus VR, Windows Mixed Reality, and 2D experiences on Android and iPhone devices. vTime XR also has an exclusive 360 gallery that can replay your VR memories in 3D.

You can interact in first-person mode or socialize in third-person mode. There’s also freeform camera mode and UI-aligned camera mode for easier interaction.

You can download the app for free on Meta Store. However, there are also in-app purchases available.


Bigscreen was originally designed as a video-watching app but has since evolved into a virtual movie theater and workspace. This social app allows you to watch movies, collaborate, and chat with people from around the world. Users can have conversations via chat, watch movies with friends, and even work together on projects.

The app is free and can be downloaded from SteamVR or Meta Store.


VRzone allows users to attend art-related events in virtual reality. It’s a great way to get a taste of prestigious exhibits all over the world without having to leave your home!

Some of the world’s leading artists have contributed their work to VRzone, such as Banksy’s “Banksy VR: the VeRy unauthorized exhibition” in Room 6. Joining the VRzone Discord server is a great way for users to give feedback and help make the platform even better.

You can even attend one-time or persistent events, meaning you can always come back for more virtual art experiences.

The app supports Oculus Quest and is available on Side Quest.


With over 50,000 users, Sansar is one of the most popular VR social apps around. It offers a wide range of experiences for users to explore and create their own content, from art galleries and live music events to interactive games and role-playing scenarios.

Sansar also provides tools for developers to make money off their virtual experiences. Its intuitive user interface and wide selection of experiences make it a great choice for those who want to explore and create in a social virtual environment.

The app could be downloaded from Sansar’s official website or on SteamVR for free.

Meta Horizon Home

Meta Horizon Home has been launched as an update to the Quest 2 headset, joining Meta Horizon Worlds – another VR app focused on socializing, playing games, and attending virtual concerts and sports events. With a wide range of features, including racial and ethnic backgrounds, users can create a digital likeness of themselves. Plus, they can choose from several predefined environments, such as a space station, a Japanese inn, or a patio with a mountain view.

It’s free on the Meta Store and works with Quest headsets.

Neos VR

Neos VR lets users explore and create digital worlds with a fully customizable environment creator.

The app provides tools and objects to interact with and the ability to join other players in multiplayer worlds. To top it off, it also offers a great selection of games and activities to explore.

Future updates and features for Neos VR include a UI/UX redesign for improved user experience, full rigid body physics for realistic interactions, a terrain system for creating diverse landscapes, a timeline animation system for precise control over animations, a screenshare feature for sharing content with others, and AR support for augmented reality experiences.

Neos VR is an early access app on SteamVR and is free to download.


VR social apps are a great way to interact with people from around the world without breaking the bank. Not only do these apps give you a chance to converse with people, but they also allow you to experience different environments.

Thanks to modern-day VR tech, it almost feels like you’re in the same room as the person you’re communicating with, creating an almost tangible bond between the two. This aspect of VR social apps will transform the way people prefer to engage in personal and professional relationships.

In conclusion, VR social apps are an innovative and powerful tool to connect with people in ways that were impossible before, but it is important not to use them as a replacement for real-life communication but rather as an opportunity to connect with those who live far away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Most Popular VR Social Apps?

The most popular VR apps are VRChat, Bigscreen, and vTime XR.

What Are the Benefits of Using a VR Social App?

VR social apps allow you to have enhanced social interactions in a virtual environment, which eradicates physical and geographical limitations.

Are There Any Age Restrictions on Using VR Social Apps?

Most virtual reality social apps do not have age restrictions, though some may require a minimum age to use the app or particular features. It’s important to check the app’s guidelines before downloading.

Are VR Social Apps Free to Use?

Surprisingly, most VR social apps are free to use.

Are There Any Safety Features on VR Social Apps?

Many VR social apps have safety features like age verification, user blocking, and reporting capabilities to help keep users safe.

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