Arizona Sunshine 2 patch 1.1 review

Arizona Sunshine 2 received Patch 1.1

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Arizona Sunshine 2, the popular virtual reality (VR) game, has received a significant update with Patch 1.1, which is now live. The patch brings a host of enhancements to the Campaign Mode experience, aiming to make the game an adrenaline-pumping, immersive adventure for everyone, regardless of their VR journey.

One of the major updates is the revamped and rebalanced difficulty settings. The game has moved past the traditional Easy, Medium, Hard, and Apocalypse labels to something more tailored: Story, Adventure, Survivor, Apocalypse. Each of these levels comes with detailed descriptions to guide players in finding their perfect match.

‘Story’: This level offers a relaxed narrative experience.

‘Adventure’: This level provides a balanced challenge, great for VR newcomers.

‘Survival’: This level is ideal for experienced VR players and is how the developers envisioned Arizona Sunshine 2 to be experienced.

‘Apocalypse’: This level offers a hardcore zombie survival experience.

The patch also introduces LIV support, allowing content creators to elevate the quality of their VR gaming experience. Quality of Life (QoL) updates include balancing adjustments such as shotguns dealing more damage at higher levels and a boost in grenade explosions. The developers have also added a Toggle Grip option, reduced respawn delays, sorted co-op ammo issues, and improved zombie interactions. From better climbing mechanics to smoother checkpoint experiences, everything from tooltips to cosmetics and weapon animations has been fine-tuned.

The patch also includes a host of fixes and tweaks, such as reducing the respawn delay after dying, fixing co-op players losing resources and ammo after a level load, and adding tooltips to the settings menu to better explain what each option changes.

This update is part of the developers’ ongoing commitment to improving the game and responding to player feedback, ensuring that Arizona Sunshine 2 remains an engaging and immersive VR experience for all players.

So far, the feedback from the players after the release of patch 1.1. is that the game is more fun. Now, players should pay attention and scavenge for ammo since it’s more limited in quantity, and magazine/clips only give you about 3 ammo on average. Also, a player has noticed that when playing on Survival difficulty, it takes about 1-3 headshots to kill a zombie, making it really difficult, but at the same time, it is tenser when you encounter a horde. Also, the death loading screen is far quicker than before.

For those with Meta Quest 3, the new v60 update has unlocked many possibilities for Arizona Sunshine 2. The developers will need some time in the new year to materialize those ideas in an unforgettable experience. Some of them include high-resolution textures and anisotropic filtering for select objects, enhanced FX to enrich immersion, the introduction of Buddy fur, plus several other enhancements that will be announced later.

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