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Nick Rasmussen

At the Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco this year, we got a chance to experience one of the latest nudges of visual awesomeness first-hand. Hooked up with yet another VR-based HMD we explored the wonders of Ark Park, and had what can only be spelled out as the real Jurassic Park experience, as the wonders of an ancient eco-system surrounded us, and we witnessed the creatures of old in their full scope and scale.

The dinosaur trend that really took off in the early 1990’s, might help fuel the fire of VR-based creatives for years to come, as there’s a massive demand out there for realistic encounters with these reptiles of the past. Luckily for the palienthusiasts among you, we are already seeing a few of these encounters take root in virtual form, and we’re loving every part of it. From the use of dinosaurs in the Oculus-launch experience: “Back to Dinosaur Island“, to the enthralling beauty of “Robinson: The Journey” for the PS4, we just keep on pushing the limits for how refined and realistic these experiences can be.

Admittedly, we all have our owns ideas and aspirations as  to what will make Virtual Reality seem like it’s actually real, but for many, that bar will only have been reached once the quality of  the content we create become somewhat indistinguishable from what we see when we look out the window in terms of visual realism. The content we create however, is not limited to what we all know and love from the real world outside. The content is what we do this for, and Ark Park is one magnificent piece of content.

Moving the Needle

The fact that something which has been a mere fantasy for so long can now be manipulated into virtual being, just by strapping on a head-mounted display is something we, as well as every other dinosaur fan out there are really excited about. We wonder how long it will be after the release of  Ark Park before VR-based companies such as Limitless VR and similar entertainment venues will start making them part of their main attractions? Only time will tell, and we’ll surely be here to tell you all about it once they do.

What’s Next for Ark Park?

At the moment, it looks like Ark Park will be released later this year. You can grab a copy, regardless of which VR-based headset you own, as long as it’s not a mobile one. If you want to learn more about Ark Park, you can follow its development on Steam, give them a visit on their Facebook page, or browse their website for more dino magic!

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