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Astrea Immersive expands its resume with “ASTRA” – a mixed reality experience set in space

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With the release of the Meta Quest 3 headset, many XR developers have started working on projects that would use the device’s mixed-reality features. That’s probably why 2024 will be an important year for the creation of more MR products, especially in the entertainment niche. Astrea Immersive has also surprised VR users with the announcement of the upcoming MR experience, “ASTRA,” which will take you on a narrated interstellar journey.

What is “ASTRA” and why everyone should be excited about it?

ASTRA is a mixed-reality experience in which the user can travel through space while comfortably seated in their living room. Thanks to the passthrough feature, any place in your home can be transformed into the breathtakingly stunning yet full of uncertainty and sometimes hostile-appearing depths of the cosmos.

Eliza McNitt, who worked on the VR experience “Spheres,” is the director of this immersive story. Atlas V, the company behind the Emmy-winning “Madrid Noir,” has replaced the producer of this project.

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As you embark on this interstellar expedition, you will be set to follow the narrator of the story – your mother, who is an astrobiologist researching the origin and presence of life in the universe. You’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the space environment as you’ll travel to planets like Jupiter, Europa, and Titan. The narrator of the experience is the talented Taylour Paige, whose voice will lead you through the mysteries of the cosmos while uncovering signs of life beyond Earth.

ASTRA will transport you to the unknown parts of the universe and invite you on a visually stimulating expedition. It will also incorporate various themes regarding family, loss, and grief, which will be uncovered through the narration.

This immersive experience is focused on both delivering beautifully designed graphics of outer space and engaging the user emotionally and intellectually through the art of storytelling. Therefore, ASTRA will be highly intriguing for people of all ages who share an interest in the mystery of the cosmos and are open to seeing the capabilities of mixed reality when used to bring an immersive story to life.

When is the release of ASTRA?

As the project has been completed in partnership with Meta, ASTRA will be available on the Meta Quest Store this upcoming April 25th.

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