Astro Bot sequel will not include VR mode

Astro Bot’s PS5 Sequel Will Not Include VR Support, Confirms Team Asobi

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Astro Bot Rescue Mission, released in 2018, remains one of the most acclaimed PlayStation VR (PSVR) exclusives. However, fans hoping for a VR continuation in the upcoming Astro Bot game for PlayStation 5 (PS5) will be disappointed. Team Asobi, the developers behind the beloved series, have confirmed that the new game will not support VR, and there are no plans for a VR port.

In an interview with Digital Trends, Nicolas Doucet, the head of Team Asobi, explained the rationale behind this decision. “We’re focusing 100% on PS5,” Doucet stated. “Rescue Mission was great fun to make. Every medium has its strong points. In the case of a third-person game, whether you work on TV or VR is radically different. This idea that we could add a VR mode is not applicable to this kind of game. It’s applicable to some first-person games like racing, but not for this kind of game. So our choice was to go 100% for TV to really have as many people as possible playing this game.”

Doucet further elaborated on the design philosophy in a conversation with Push Square, emphasizing the distinct differences between developing for VR and non-VR platforms. “Certain games can afford to be hybrid, like first-person games, because there’s a closer similarity. But in our case, the design philosophy for both are very, very different. So, you know, it was a decision to expand on the world of Astro’s Playroom and bring Astro to the big stage. So from the beginning, that was really our focus.”

Astro Bot’s journey began on flat screens with the 2013 release of The Playroom, a mini-game demo for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) designed to showcase the PlayStation Camera. The character transitioned to VR in 2016 with The Playroom VR, another set of mini-games for the original PSVR. This evolution culminated in the release of Astro Bot Rescue Mission in 2018, which received universal acclaim and was considered a system-seller for the PSVR.

In 2020, just before the closure of Japan Studio, the team released Astro’s Playroom, a tech demo for the PS5’s DualSense controller. Following the studio’s closure in 2021, Team Asobi continued under Doucet’s leadership.

Despite the success of Astro Bot Rescue Mission, it has never been ported to PSVR 2, highlighting the lack of backward compatibility with original PSVR games. This trend seems set to continue, as Team Asobi focuses on developing the new Astro Bot game exclusively for PS5, without any VR support.

While the decision may disappoint VR enthusiasts, it aligns with Team Asobi’s goal to reach a broader audience and fully leverage the capabilities of the PS5. The upcoming Astro Bot game promises to be a significant expansion of the series, building on the foundation laid by Astro’s Playroom and bringing the beloved character to a larger stage.

Team Asobi

Team Asobi is an award-winning PlayStation Studio based in Tokyo, Japan. The studio is renowned for developing the critically acclaimed ASTRO BOT: Rescue Mission for PlayStation VR and ASTRO’s PLAYROOM for PlayStation 5. Originally a division of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio, Team Asobi was founded in 2012 by Nicolas Doucet. The studio focuses on creating games that emphasize the fundamental joy of play, incorporating innovative and playful elements into their design. Team Asobi has grown significantly over the years and continues to expand, with a strong emphasis on rapid prototyping and hands-on collaboration to ensure their games deliver a uniquely Japanese feel and high-quality gaming experience.

Nicolas Doucer

Nicolas Doucet is the head of Team Asobi, the development team behind the Astro Bot series. He has played a pivotal role in the creation and evolution of the Astro Bot franchise, starting with the VR game “Astro Bot Rescue Mission” and continuing with “Astro’s Playroom,” a free demo included with the PlayStation 5. Doucet’s vision for Astro Bot has been to create engaging and innovative platforming experiences that showcase the capabilities of PlayStation hardware. Under his leadership, Team Asobi has developed the upcoming “Astro Bot” game, which is set to be the biggest and most ambitious title in the series, featuring over 80 levels and numerous cameos from classic PlayStation characters.

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