Australia in 360 Video
King's Bridge in Melbourne Australia


Let’s Explore Australia in Gorgeous 360 Video

Australia. A country regarded by many as one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful pieces of work. The exotic destination is a popular vacation spot for tourists from all around the world. Beautiful on it’s own, but much more so, in 4k 360 Video.

“In 2014, more than 7 million visitors came to explore the secluded island continent.”


To help bring the holiday island to life, one of Australia’s top airlines made a video where they explore the wonders of Hamilton Island. Qantas as they’re called (Also nicknamed “The Flying Kangaroo”), teamed up with Rapid VR to create the ultimate tourist experience. All in 360 Video.

This video pops up, only a few months after YouTube released 360 Video support on March 15, 2015. For those of you interested, the official statement is here.


Hamilton Island isn’t Qantas only VR video on the web. 3 Months after the success with Hamilton, they launched this trip through sunny Sydney.

Try the video. Click it open and use your “W” “A” “S” and “D” keys to navigate. Here we are, at the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and we have a majestic view of the harbour. Beautiful, isn’t it?


Tourism as an industry, relies om making far away resorts and experiences appealing to potential visitors. Most of us have, at one point or another sat couched around the living room, making googly eyes at colorful tourism ads on the TV screen. This, and holiday photos has been the closest we could get to reliving those memories. Our memories of white beaches and colorful sunsets. That is, until 360°. All it takes now, is the right recording device and you’re set.

“Your holiday experiences can then be relived in beautiful, head-turning HD video.”

If you consider the above, and add to the mix, the talented work of professional videographers, the potential for the industry should stand out clearly.


This first wave of immersive technologies brings with it an endless stream of business ideas. The video shows us the dawn of what 360° video will be able to do. We’re at the edge of our seats, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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