Automobilista 2 patch 01.01.2024

Automobilista 2 – hotfix from 01.01.2024

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The latest hotfixes for the Automobilista 2 game, build 2490, have been released, bringing a series of improvements and adjustments to the game’s content. Notably, the version number remains unchanged as the executable files (exes) remain the same.

In the LMDh category, all models have received a minor diffuser baseline lift adjustment. The diffuser is a critical component in race cars, influencing the aerodynamics and downforce of the vehicle.

This adjustment could potentially enhance the performance and handling of the LMDh models in the game. Additionally, an AI calibration pass has been implemented, which could lead to more realistic and challenging AI opponents.

For the GT3 Gen2 models, the LD default final drive has been set to the longer option.

The final drive ratio impacts the top speed and acceleration of a vehicle, and this change could affect the performance and driving experience of these models in the game.

The Le Mans 24h and Bugatti circuits have also seen updates. Missing crowds on the garage grandstand have been added, enhancing the realism and atmosphere of these iconic tracks.

Further Level of Detail (LOD) and performance tuning have been carried out, which could lead to smoother gameplay and better performance on various hardware setups. The AI line for the 24h layout has been redone, making it faster, smoother, and less prone to late braking.

Lastly, the Porsche 963 has seen adjustments to driver animations. While the specifics of these adjustments are not detailed, they could potentially lead to more realistic driver movements and interactions, enhancing the overall immersion of the game.

These hotfixes demonstrate the developers’ commitment to continually refining and improving the Automobilista 2 experience for players, ensuring the game remains as realistic, engaging, and enjoyable as possible.

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