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Version of Automobilista 2 Now Available!

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Automobilista 2, the highly acclaimed racing simulator developed by Reiza Studios, has just received a significant update, moving to version This latest patch not only addresses a variety of fixes and improvements but also introduces exciting new content and features that are set to enhance the gaming experience for sim racers around the globe.

About Automobilista 2

Automobilista 2 is a highly immersive virtual reality motorsport racing simulator developed and published by Reiza Studios. Released on March 31, 2020, the game is celebrated for its comprehensive simulation of the Brazilian motorsports scene, including all major Brazilian racing series, race tracks, and manufacturers. It features a wide variety of cars and tracks, focusing on Brazilian content but also including Formula racing cars of different eras, retro touring cars, 1990s American open-wheel cars, GT3, karts, and more.

Built on the Madness engine, Automobilista 2 offers advanced vehicle physics, force feedback, audio, and the implementation of Livetrack 3.0, which simulates dynamic track surface conditions like rubbering in, heating, cooling, and the effects of rain and puddles. The game supports VR, triple screen, and full motion racing simulator setups, providing one of the best VR experiences in racing games. Players can experience a variety of game modes, including single race, championship, multiplayer, test day, official events, and time trial.

Automobilista 2 is designed to offer visual realism that is accessible even on less-powerful systems, and it features fully dynamic weather and track conditions, 24-hour cycles, and varying climatic factors that affect vehicle handling. The game is continuously updated with new features, cars, and tracks, and it includes a comprehensive career mode that connects the vast ensemble of vehicles and tracks into a cohesive journey across several decades of motorsports. It is compatible with Steam VR and Meta Quest headsets and requires a minimum of an i5-3450/AMD FX-8350 processor, 8 GB RAM, GTX 680 or equivalent graphics, DirectX 11, and 120 GB of available storage space.

New Content Highlights

One of the most notable additions in this update is the inclusion of the Brazilian Stock Car 2024 season. This update brings the thrill and intensity of one of Brazil’s premier racing series to the virtual world, allowing players to engage with the latest cars and competition rules. The Stock Car Pro Series, a staple in Brazilian motorsports, is known for its competitive racing and has been a launching pad for many drivers to international careers.

Furthermore, the update revitalizes the F-Ultimate Gen2, introducing a completely overhauled 3D model alongside updated physics and sounds. This enhancement aims to simulate the modern GP car experience more accurately, reflecting the technological advancements and the competitive edge of contemporary Formula racing.

Technical Improvements and Physics Overhaul

A significant aspect of this update is the introduction of the V1.6 tire physics developments to both the F-Ultimate Gen2 and the Stock Car 2024. These improvements include adjusted hysteresis and partially revised thermodynamics and wear, making the tires feel slightly “sharper” and less tolerant to sliding than in previous versions. This change is expected to provide a more realistic and challenging driving experience, demanding greater precision and skill from the players.

Additionally, the update brings updates to the DRS and Push-to-Pass (P2P) rules for both classes, aligning with the 2024 season’s regulations. The F-Ultimate Gen2 now allows DRS usage after the first lap, while the Stock Cars feature a higher number of shorter P2P boosts without any activation delay, adding strategic depth to races.

Visual Enhancements and Community Acknowledgment

Reiza Studios has also focused on enhancing the visual aspects of Automobilista 2 with this update. The introduction of a much-improved water shader and 3D trees near several circuits enhances the game’s realism and immersion. Additionally, visible dust clouds from cars running over dirtier parts of the track have been added, contributing to the dynamic and engaging racing environment.

The update also includes a note of appreciation and apologies to livery modders in the community, acknowledging the impact of retiring the old F-Ultimate Gen2 model on their work. Reiza Studios expressed hope that the community would find the new 3D model more enjoyable and rewarding to work with.


The V1.5.6.1 update for Automobilista 2 marks a significant milestone in the game’s development, introducing new content, technical improvements, and visual enhancements. By incorporating feedback from the community and focusing on delivering a more realistic racing experience, Reiza Studios continues to solidify Automobilista 2’s position as a leading racing simulator. As players dive into the new Brazilian Stock Car 2024 season and explore the revamped F-Ultimate Gen2, they can look forward to a more immersive and challenging racing experience.

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