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Automobilista 2 update version

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Automobilista 2, the racing simulation game by Reiza Studios, has released its latest update, V1.5.5.4, which introduces a series of enhancements and fixes aimed at improving the overall gaming experience. This update arrives on the heels of the celebrated Daytona 24h endurance race, reflecting the game’s commitment to mirroring the dynamism and excitement of real-world motorsport events.

AI Improvements

One of the most significant improvements in this update is to the game’s artificial intelligence (AI). The AI cars now exhibit more realistic behavior when navigating around the track, particularly in avoiding unnecessary detours onto grass or high curbs while overtaking or being overtaken. This change is expected to minimize the chances of AI-controlled cars making erratic movements that could affect the race’s outcome.

Tire and Physics Adjustments

The update also includes adjustments to tire tread for various vehicle classes, extending the changes made in the previous version. This is complemented by modifications to tire wear rates for GT3 cars and wet compounds, addressing an issue where tires were wearing out too quickly in wet conditions.

Sound and Visual Enhancements

In terms of audio, the update brings an improved external sound set for the Formula USA Gen1-3 cars, enhancing the overall auditory experience for players. Additionally, the update fixes a bug that caused a lack of external sounds for vehicles far from the camera.

User Interface and Functionality

The user interface (UI) and heads-up display (HUD) have also received attention, with adjustments to engine wear color change thresholds to better align with the game’s damage model. A new performance screen option has been added to enable or disable full-screen pause on focus loss, providing players with more control over their gameplay experience.

Track and Vehicle Updates

Tracks have been updated with interactive flag panels and lights to improve the realism of the racing environment. Several vehicles have received updates as well, such as the addition of leader lights to the BMW M8 GTE and a tribute livery for the F-USA Gen3 car, honoring Gil de Ferran.


Overall, the V1.5.5.4 update for Automobilista 2 reflects Reiza Studios’ ongoing efforts to refine the game, drawing inspiration from real-life racing events like the Daytona 24h. With improved AI behavior, physics adjustments, and enhanced audio-visual elements, the update aims to provide a more immersive and realistic racing simulation for players

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