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Automobilista 2 V1.5.5.2 Update: A Leap Forward in Physics, AI, and Multiplayer Experience

Martin Rumenov 5 months ago 0 743

The latest update for Automobilista 2, version, is now live, bringing a host of improvements to the game’s physics and AI, as well as updates to both new and old content. The update also introduces more tracks with support for the new flag LED panel feature.

Physics and AI Enhancements

The update includes a minor but significant adjustment to the tire modeling of both modern slicks and wet treads. This adjustment sharpens the feel of the tires that received the change without major repercussions on user setups or the overall performance of the cars.

On the AI front, adjustments have been made to AI lateral movement rates and the distances at which passing routines are triggered. A new function has also been enabled for AI in faster cars to “see” slower cars further ahead. These changes have resulted in more fluid line switches and reduced hesitation when passing for a position or dealing with lapped traffic. Further improvements in this area are already in the works.

Multiplayer Logs and Reports

In an effort to debug remaining issues, users experiencing significant reliability problems in multiplayer mode are now encouraged to post their session log files in the forum.

New Bundle Announcement

The AMS2 + Season Pass 2020-2022 Bundle has been deactivated from the Steam store page. It has been replaced by the AMS2 All-Inclusive Bundle, which includes AMS2 and all DLC items necessary to complete the game at a 15% discount. The Bundle will be updated as new DLC releases are made, providing a single-click option for new users to acquire all existing AMS2 items without duplicating DLC purchases.

V1.5.5.2 Changelog Highlights

The update includes a variety of changes and improvements. In terms of UI and HUD, the Automatic Clutch input bind label has been fixed for inconsistent naming in different states.

Physics changes include minor slick tread adjustments for a variety of cars and minor wet tire tread adjustments for several classes. The baseline pressure for GT3 Gen2 and LMDh has been adjusted to account for the removal of tire warming blankets.

AI improvements include adjustments to the distance AI cars look ahead for slower lapped traffic, increased avoid ratios for AI in lower aggression ranges, and AI line redos for several tracks.

Track updates include additional 3D marshals for Le Mans, the addition of LED flag panels to several tracks, and fixes to safety car parking locations for certain tracks.

Vehicle updates include fixes to car exterior rain effects oscillating between dry and wet, and the addition of luminescent number panels to GTE.

The Automobilista 2 V1.5.5.2 update is a significant step forward in enhancing the game’s physics, AI, and multiplayer experience, promising to deliver an even more immersive and realistic racing experience for players

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