backrooms vr review

Backrooms VR Game Review

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Genre: Indie, Horror, Puzzle, Survival
Compatibility (headsets): Steam VR
Platforms: Steam Store
Recommended requirements: Processor: Intel i3, Memory: 8 GB RAM, Graphics: Nvidia GTX 650, DirectX 11, Storage: 10 GB available space
Features: single/multiplayer/co-op
Release date: August 11, 2022
Developer: Fancy Games
Price: 8.19$

For those looking for a thrilling and unique virtual reality experience, Escape The Backrooms VR game offers a low-cost alternative. Players take on the role of an adventurer exploring the mysterious ‘back rooms’ of a miniverse similar to SCP. With no knowledge of what lies ahead, players must solve puzzles and navigate through the game while avoiding jump scares and unknown entities.

Gameplay and Challenges

backrooms vr gameplay

I’ve come across plenty of challenging escape rooms, but nothing can compare to the horror of trying to escape the backrooms in VR. Glitchy hands and strange noises add to the eeriness of the rooms, leaving me feeling lost and unable to find the exit.

Navigating through the backrooms and solving puzzles are the main challenges of the Backrooms VR game. Players must navigate through the eerie rooms, finding clues and solving puzzles that range from breaking vases to finding hidden objects.

The lack of prior knowledge and information about the back rooms requires players to rely on their own problem-solving skills and ingenuity to progress, as there is limited information or guides available.

Despite the unpolished visuals, the game still manages to provide an enjoyable and challenging experience, as players must think critically and react quickly to unexpected jump scares and encounters with unknown entities.

The puzzles and challenges in the Backrooms VR game add to the overall horror experience.

Also, when finding the exit, it is still a challenge to get past the monster guarding it. It’s a nerve-wracking experience, but the reward of successfully escaping the backrooms is worth it.

Visuals and Atmosphere

The Backrooms VR game features visuals and atmosphere that considerably add to the horror experience.

Immersive horror is created with a lack of clear visuals, relying on sound effects and creepy objects to build tension and fear.

The atmosphere of the back rooms is unsettling, leaving players with no prior knowledge or expectations of what to expect.

As the environment becomes more and more intense, so does the fear and anxiety felt by the player. Every corner is filled with dread and anticipation, creating a sense of vulnerability and helplessness. The immersive experience creates a heightened sense of realism, heightening the horror experience even further.

VR technology has revolutionized the horror genre, creating an intense and unforgettable experience.

Player Tips and Strategies

By understanding certain tips and strategies, players can better prepare themselves for the frightful journey through the back rooms VR game. Survival tactics such as avoiding contact with unknown entities and staying focused on the puzzles can help keep players safe.

Puzzle-solving techniques, such as using logic to solve problems and exploring every room thoroughly, can be useful when navigating the back rooms. Some puzzles require players to break vases, search for hidden objects, or use their problem-solving skills.

Memorizing the game’s layout and keeping a detailed map can help players stay oriented and make progress. Additionally, players should always save their progress and back up their data in case of unexpected issues.

Impact on Players

backrooms vr co-op

Furthermore, the immersive virtual reality game has a profound impact on players, generating intense feelings of fear and anxiety. From jump scares and surprises to triggering a fight-or-flight response, the game can make players feel vulnerable and helpless.

It can also cause long-lasting psychological effects, from paranoia and unease to nightmares and sleep disturbances. To cope with these emotional reactions, players must rely on their emotional resilience and utilize effective coping mechanisms.

For many, the game has brought out a heightened sense of dread and anticipation that can only be experienced through the immersive technology of VR. It’s no surprise that the game has gained such a dedicated fan base and continues to be highly praised for its terrifying and unsettling experience.

Reception and Impact

Four dollars is a small price to pay for the terror that awaits in the Backroom VR game. The game has been met with a good reception in online communities, becoming a cult favorite in the indie horror genre.

It successfully creates a sense of fear and mystery, and players have praised it for its psychological effects. The game has also had a lasting impact, as it has gained a following among horror fans, who discuss the game in online communities.

The game’s success shows that it has achieved its goal of scaring players, proving that a low price doesn’t necessarily mean low quality. It is a testament to the power of VR horror games and the impact that they can have on gamers.

The overall reception is highly positive as the game has 4.5/5 in the Meta Store from more than 360 reviews.


Escape The Backrooms in VR was a terrifying experience, full of unexpected twists and turns. It was an immersive horror game that had a lasting psychological effect on me. I’m not alone in my experience, as the game is becoming increasingly popular among horror game fans. However, if you think this is not the right game for you, make sure to check the upcoming VR horror games.

It’s a unique game that truly tests a person’s courage and determination. Even though I was scared throughout the game, I was proud of myself for finding the way out.

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