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VR Games Like Beat Saber

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If you’ve ever tried Beat Saber, it’s highly likely you’ve become a fan of rhythm and music-based VR games. They’re the perfect combination of entertainment and a body workout. To have fun while listening to music is one of the best introductions to VR games, especially for those skeptical of their ability to use this new technology. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of Beat Sabers’s best alternatives both entry-level and advanced gamers would enjoy.

Moon Rider

Moon Rider VR is a free virtual reality rhythm game that operates directly from a web browser, eliminating the need for downloads and installations on specific VR platforms. Launched in May 2019, the game is built on the WebVR standard and is accessible by simply visiting the website and entering VR mode. It offers a variety of gameplay modes, including Ride Mode, Punch Mode, Viewer Mode, and Classic Mode, catering to different preferences and intensities of workouts.

Players can enjoy a vast library of songs, with the ability to search from over 15,000 tracks across 18 different genres. The game draws its songs and maps from the same community-created content library as Beat Saber, providing a familiar experience for fans of rhythm games. Moon Rider VR supports all browsers and headsets, including the Oculus Quest, and features different levels of difficulty, ranging from Easy to Supernova.

The game is notable for its replayability, with users reporting the ability to spend hundreds of hours playing. It also serves as an exercise tool, allowing players to engage in a fun cardio workout while enjoying their favorite songs. Moon Rider VR is open source, offering a resource for web developers to learn from and contribute to the WebXR initiative. It has become a popular alternative to paid VR rhythm games due to its ease of access and free-to-play model.

Dance Central

Dance Central is a virtual dance game that lets you bust a move in a virtual dance club. It’s like Beat Saber but with routines choreographed for each song.

Choose from the ’70s to today’s biggest hits, and even compete with friends in the multiplayer lounge. Cross-play is supported on the Oculus Rift and Quest platforms, so you can see who does best on the dance floor.

Boogie your way through the challenges and show off your moves to your friends. Dance Central is the perfect game for a fun, energetic workout.

Dance Central is available on Meta Store for $29.99.


Audioshield is a VR game developed by Dylan Fitterer for the Oculus Rift. It offers multiple difficulty levels, gameplay modes, and a two-player mode. You can also unlock custom shield colors and exclusive songs.

With Audioshield, you can experience the same motions with a whole new palette, perfect for rhythm-infused gaming. You can play with your friends or challenge yourself with various levels of difficulty.

It’s available on SteamVR for $19.99.

Pistol Whip

With its intense gameplay and unique weapons, Pistol Whip is one of the most exhilarating VR rhythm games around. Developed by Cloudhead Games, the game sees the player take control of a gun-toting hero and blast their way through levels while grooving to the beat.

A variety of weapons and styles of play are available, as well as leaderboards to compete on for the best score. Plus, with regular content updates and story DLCs, there are plenty of new experiences to discover.

Players can explore the cyberpunk world of Pistol Whip 2089 or take a trip to the Wild West with Smoke & Thunder.

It is available for purchase on Steam for $24.99 and as part of the bundle Pistol Whip + Soundtrack for $51.97.

Synth Riders

Synth Riders is a rhythm-based game set in thirteen surreal environments. Instead of slicing blocks, you touch orbs that come towards you in time with the beat.

You can play with friends or go for a 360-degree mode, where rhythm balls fly around your ears from all directions. With an impressive fifty-plus soundtrack of synthwave, industrial, EDM, and more, you’re sure to find something to fit your taste.

Plus, you can access music from renowned artists, including Muse, Lindsey Stirling, and The Offspring, via partly paid DLCs. Get ready to be immersed in a unique retrofuturistic experience, standing on the roof of a skyscraper surrounded by neon advertising or flying past robotic creatures.

Synth Riders is available on SteamVR and Meta Store for $24.99, and if you are still not convinced, we recommend checking our Synth Riders Review here.

Smash Drums

Smash Drums lets you pick up two virtual sticks and drum in real time. With nine virtual environments and almost fifty songs from different rock subgenres, you can experience drumming in a variety of settings.

Although it’s a bit different than real drumming – you must hit the bass drum with the stick instead of the foot pedal – practice will help you get the feeling. You can also look forward to new songs from well-known bands being added soon.

You can get Smash Drums on Meta Store for $19.99.


You can experience the thrill of shooting targets to the beat of electronic music with Audica, a VR rhythm game developed by Harmonix.

Arm yourself with two pistols and prepare to hit colorful icons that appear across your field of vision. Your score depends on your timing and accuracy as you shoot targets, with special targets that move across the screen, adding an extra challenge.

Audica offers a more difficult level of play than Beat Saber but is still loads of fun. Plus, you get a good shoulder workout while you play.

The game has 9/10 rating on SteamVR and 4.5/5 on Meta. It is priced at $29.99 on both platforms.


Electronauts is a VR game that lets you create electronic music beats with two sticks and three music consoles. With 80 songs from top artists, this game is perfect for those looking to feel the vibes of some of the best DJs.

It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, you can make music with confidence. Plus, the sticks light up with the corresponding control scheme, providing an exciting experience.

For only $19.99, Electronauts provides any user with an amazing opportunity for music-making.


You can combine elements of dancing, boxing, and obstacle courses in OhShape, the fitness VR game from Odders Lab. Players must dodge, punch, and weave their way through walls of blocks to the beat of the music.

The game features a variety of levels with unique challenges and obstacles, as well as a multiplayer mode for up to four players. It also offers an in-game Level Creator to design your own levels. Plus, there are many achievements and trophies to unlock.

OhShape is available for the Meta Quest, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR headsets. You can purchase it for $19.99 on Meta Store and SteamVR.

Audio Trip

Developed by Kinemotik Studios, Audio Trip has you dodging barriers while catching smash drums, ride ribbons, and gems.

You get to dance to songs from deadmau5 and Lady Gaga in surreal environments. Plus, you can create custom choreography with the in-VR level editor.

This Early Access game has a higher difficulty curve than Beat Saber, making it a great choice for those looking for a challenge.

Audio Trip has a 9/10 rating on Steam VR and a 4.6/5 on Meta Store. You can purchase it for $19.99 on both platforms.

Dance Dash VR

Dance Dash is a rhythm and strategy game developed by Monadesign and published by GOG. The game requires players to help their characters, the Furry and the Monkeys, escape an obstacle-filled world.

It features a unique mix of rhythm and strategy, allowing players to choose their own path while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. Dance Dash also has a wide variety of music genres, such as EDM, techno, and more, and allows players to customize their characters.

It is still an early-access game on SteamVR and costs $19.99.


VR games like Beat Saber provide a great way to have fun and stay active. Music-centric VR experiences are highly recommended for those who have yet to discover the world of VR and aren’t sure where to start. Whether you’d prefer to dance along to Dance Central, protect yourself with Audioshield, or even take a trip down the musical rabbit hole with Audio Trip, you’re sure of finding the proper game for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Hardware Is Needed to Play VR Games?

To play any virtual reality games, you will need a headset, controllers, and a powerful computer.

How Much Does an Average VR Game Cost?

The average cost of a VR game is around $30, but the price can vary greatly depending on what type of game it is.

Are There Age Restrictions for Playing VR Games?

Yes, some VR games have age restrictions. It’s recommended to check the labels before you buy.

Is There a Way to Play VR Games With Friends Online?

Yes, many VR games have online multiplayer options, allowing you to connect with friends and play together.

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