Beat Sabre VR Beta v.1.34.4 Beta Update

Beat Saber v1.34.4 BETA Update: A Step Towards Modularity

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Beat Saber, the popular rhythm game, has released its v1.34.4 Beta update, introducing modularity to facilitate the addition of new content through modules. This update aims to make the development and release of new features and content more efficient, although it does not include any new music or feature content.

Why Modularity?

The game’s immense success and rapid growth since its inception in 2016 have necessitated changes to its architecture. The introduction of modularity is a crucial step towards supporting future growth and improving the developer experience. This update will allow for faster creation of builds, iteration, and compilation, streamlining the overall developer workflow.

Understanding Modules

Modules, or packages, are self-contained groups of assets such as textures, shaders, beatmaps, songs, and scripts. When launching new music packs or features, all related content will be released as part of a module. This approach will streamline processes and prevent changes from impacting the entire game.

Benefits of the Update

The update will enable faster reaction times and the creation of more content in less time. Developers can now work on game features and content simultaneously and adjust release timing more easily. Changes to a module will only impact that specific module, not the entire codebase. This localized impact will provide better insight into changes in the game, allowing developers to easily track which parts of the code have changed.

Beta Release and Feedback

The Beta update is currently available, with the live update planned for release on February 5, 2024. The developers are encouraging players to share feedback and report any issues encountered during the Beta phase to ensure a seamless experience for all.

How to Access the Beta

For Steam users, the Beta can be accessed by opening Steam, right-clicking on Beat Saber, selecting Properties, then Betas, and finally selecting the 1.34.4_beta to update Beat Saber.

The Beat Saber team is eagerly awaiting player feedback on this Beta release as they continue to work towards providing an enhanced gaming experience.

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