Kite & Lightning’s “Bebylon” VR to Launch Fall 2017

During the 2017 GDC, we got a sit-down with the team behind “Bebylon”, which will hit the digital storefronts by the end of 2017. After having taken the current build for a spin, we have to admit that it is thoroughly entertaining. It feels like an instance of Super Smash Bros with infants that are actually adults!

Kite & Lightning

Kite & Lightning is an LA-based cinematic VR company that blends gaming, social and story to create emotionally transformative experiences. Here’s a brief overview of their past projects:

  • The Voice 360: Be the Coach” fan experience where fans get to sit in the famous coaches’ chair and via Oculus Rift, a complete 360° immersion allows them to physically and virtually experience an entire “blind audition”
  • Insurgent: Shatter Reality: Lionsgate’s first VR narrative based on the Insurgent series, starring Kate Winslet, Mekhi Phifer and Miles Teller
  • GE Neuro – a musical journey through the human brain
  • GE Subsea VR, a Virtual Reality experience that takes you down miles below the oceans surface to witness GE’s subsea robotic factories.
  • Senza Peso – an award winning VR mini opera


For more information on Kite & Lightning, visit their Facebook Page, browse their website or follow their Twitter account.



This story was brought to you by our entertainment editor, Paul Trowe who apart from being our entertainment editor, acts as company representative at the event.

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