GearVR Bedtime Stories
Official photos from the Bedtime Stories campaign by BBH London


GearVR and Bedtime Stories in Virtual Reality

The launch of GearVR, has been the cornerstone of Samsung’s new tech model, and up until now we have seen quite a lot of interesting launches. These will be covered in an article later this week. Look forward to it.

Speaking of which. One of the more intruiging apps we have seen is the recent Bedtime Stories VR. In collaboration with BBH London, Samsung has launched an ad promoting the product. The concept behind Bedtime Stories is to allow busy, remote parents to stay in touch with their children by connecting with them on Virtual Reality in time for bedtime stories.

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:

GearVR packs a lot of awesome apps. These include wildly impressive applications such as StreetView VR, where you can actually walk around in Google Earth locations in real time in Virtual Reality. Samsung Internet, where you can browse the web in VR, Virtual NetFlix and VRSE.

GearVR and miscellaneous gear from the Bedtime Stories ad

Just the beginning of GearVR

Virtual Reality has a lot of work ahead, as well as areas and industries it can innovate. Samsung is only just now starting to carve the path of its true potential of what affordable VR can accomplish. We can surely expect a lot of firsts from them in the next couple of years. As always, we will be here reporting.

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