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Top 10 Most Viewed 360 Videos of February 20178 min read

Nick Rasmussen

March is here, you know what that means! It’s time for us to bring you yet another list of this month’s most viewed 360 degree videos. From horrifying experiences that will put you into a paranormal state of fright to gorgeous Venezuelan waterfalls, you’re in for a treat this time around so we hope you’ve come prepared with some kind of VR gear. So strap in your HTC Vive, boot up that Oculus Rift, and power on your GearVR – it’s time for the 10 most viewed 360 videos of February 2017!


10. Dear Subscribers, Thank you! 360 Video WOW VR

First off we have the “Dear Subscribers,  Thank You” by the 360° video channel “360videowow“. The channel that is dedicated to promoting the wonders of 360° video technology has decided to make busty beautiful ladies the means of which to do so. While we may not directly approve, we sure have to put it in here as the numbers speak for themselves and are a force to be reckoned with. This channel which is just a little bit over a year old has already reached a whopping 25.000.000+ views on YouTube.

Views: 128.054
Like/Dislike Ratio: (812/151) Favorable

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9. Your Time Now (Official 360° Music Video) – Machel Montano | Soca 2017

Coming up next is the groovy music video from from Machel Montano and his cast of exotic dancers. The Trinidadian soca singer, actor, record producer and songwriter utilizes a 360 video to bring the action of the depraved twerk-fest a little bit closer to you. Taking a look at Machel’s Spotify profile reveals that the good old “sex sells” proposition still applies today as the YouTube-version packs almost 100,000 additional hits!

Views: 136.729
Like/Dislike Ratio: (2021/205) Favorable

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8. Ultimate Pool Challenge (360 Video) | Brodie Smith

Moving on from horror-shows to something much more social and much less frightening. Enjoy #7 on our list. Brodie Smith is a Frisbee-based YouTube celebrity (yes, that’s now a thing) whose video portfolio has accumulated a massive 239.521.786 views! Watch as Brodie and a bunch of friends engage in the ultimate pool challenge in 360° video. If you like bottle-flipping, 360° video content, sports commentary, pool-based basketball and dudes bro’ing out, you’re in for a great time!

Views: 136.907
Like/Dislike Ratio: (4365/405) Favorable

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7. 8K 360 VR Resident Evil 7 VR

Our next video of the list is the harrowing 360° video by channel 3D-VR-360 VIDEOS. Before we get into the  video, we want to just take this opportunity to say that the team behind the channel have done a great job gathering the community. Based on the statements on their channel, they are one of the most subscribed channels to distribute 360° content, and have subscribers from more than 130 countries. Now, on to the video.

The 360° video is gorgeous 8k video game play snippets from the recently published horror game “Resident Evil: Biohazard” which we mentioned during our summary of the 10 best PSVR games you should be playing in 2017. Take it for a spin if you get the chance – it’s arguably one of the most dreadfully convincing horror experiences you can get. Sure, there may be plenty of alternatives with a short timeline, but for a fully-fledged horror title, it doesn’t get better than this.

Views: 143.137
Like/Dislike Ratio: (471/72) Favorable

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6. 360°, Angel Falls, Venezuela. Part I. Aerial 8K video

Moving on, it’s time we took a look at what the dish looks like when you’re cooking with a combination of drone-based photography, 360 video and the wonders of mother nature. Strapping on an 8k cam to an aerial drone, we can now watch and immerse ourselves in a sight previously reserved to a very limited amount of courageous wildlife explorers. The channel bringing you this gorgeous piece of exploration is AirPano, a not-for-profit project created by a team of Russian photo enthusiasts focused on taking high-resolution aerial panoramic photographs

Angel Falls (or “Kerepakupai Meru” as it is known as by its native population) is the largest waterfall ever discovered, and its namesake seems very much appropriate once you put on your GearVR and fly through the air as the seemingly endless streams of water appear to be pouring out from the high heavens.

Views: 188.439
Like/Dislike Ratio: (1073/28) Favorable

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5. Can Your Relationship Survive This 360° Video Quiz?

Can your relationship survive this video quiz? Now that is a Buzzfeed-sounding article title if I’ve ever heard one. It would seem that the team over at Buzzfeed have a knack for tech, as they recently published an interactive quiz in which they cleverly used 360° video as the means of which this test was to be conducted. Strap on your headset and take the test. Find out whether or not you are in fact – currently dating an imposter!

Views: 309.464
Like/Dislike Ratio: (4,145/997) Somewhat Favorable

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4. BUILT TO LOVE – Sam Tsui – 360° MUSIC VIDEO!!

Sam Tsui – a YouTube icon whose name has been on many a Facebook or Twitter feed these past years, has bravely taken on 360° video in his latest addictive power track “Built To Love”.  Apart from the smooth camera-work and general use of 360° technology, which we deeply approve of, the music really is out of this world and worth bookmarking for a summer’s day. It’s only fitting that we feature Sam Tsui on a YouTube-based post – after all, YouTube is where Sam Tsui rose to fame, covering pop icons such as Adele and Taylor Swift.

It’s a general nudge of approval, and push in the right direction for any technology when main stream mega-stars starts embracing them. Sam is currently the biggest independent artist channel featured in the list today, and with a combined viewer count of 317.000.00 views, there’s no argument that his work will help accelerate the facilitation of our technology. The fact that Sam Tsui has picked up the challenge is something we’re mildly put – ecstatic about. Keep up the great work Sam!

Views: 314.483
Like/Dislike Ratio: (11,441/270) Very Favorable

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3. Nokia Technologies Mobile World Congress 360 Live Announcements

This one is very much different from the rest of our videos, as you are here expected to take part in something that stretches beyond the usual length of your run-of-the-mill 360° video. The video is a stream by Nokia Technologies from the´world’s leading mobile conference, Mobile World Congress.  The tech used here is their very own flagship product, the Nokia OZO. If you haven’t checked out the camera yet, the price may jump on you, yet when you take a look at the kind of quality it produces, it should make sense in the end.

Views: 433.707
Like/Dislike Ratio: (5,288/334) Favorable

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2. 360 VIDEO | ГРИБЫ Голосами Мультяшек (ВЕЛИК)

We’re getting closer to the end of our list, and as the runner-up of this month’s most viewed 360° videos of February 2017, we have a complete joker-video. Built by ND Production, this 360° video contains a menagerie of strangeness. Granted that none on the team speaks Russian, it would be difficult to get an inkling as to what this Russian video is about. To make matters worse – watching the video made us even more confused as to what the subject matter is all about here. The video which contains elements such as several popular cartoons, twerking females and clubbing actors might be satire, but we honestly can’t  tell. Still, you’ve made it as a runner-up on our list, and for that we salute you.

Views: 1.429.401
Like/Dislike Ratio: (44,030/3286) Favorable

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1. A Whole New Spin | 360 Video | FIAT 500X Crossover

Our final video is the “Whole New Spin” from the official YouTube Channel of FIAT USA. In the video we take the brand-new FIAT 500X on a 360° drive, while crossing several kinds of terrain. The passing from one terrain to another is showcased through several different videos all stitched together and keeping the driving vehicle the main point of attention as it carelessly go from one to the other with little to no worry. This is what 360° video is all about. Immersing your user in a scene, providing a quick and convincing experience and wrapping it up before the user gets bored or wants to do more than what we’re capable off technologically.

Views: 1.561.985
Like/Dislike Ratio: (34/2) Favorable

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our list, and that these experiences has provided you with a smile, jump-scare or raised eyebrow at one point or another. Please feel free to share the content with your friends, family and colleagues as we need to ripple out the word of our emerging tech to as many readers as we possibly can. We’ll see you next time around, as we pick up the 10 Most Viewed 360 Videos of March 2017, a few weeks from now. In case you missed last year’s hit list, take a look at our 10 Most Viewed 360° Videos of 2016.

Written by Nick Rasmussen

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