June is coming to an end, and it's time to review who went viral, what content came up, and what's worth for you to be checking out!
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Best 360° Videos of the Month: June 20184 min read

Kit Kat, the NBA and Universal Studios come together to give you the best of the month in 360° video

Nick Rasmussen

Something interesting happened this month, and it’s worth talking about. In just 30 days Kit Kat managed to attract over 14 million views to a brand new video.

Incidentally, on June 25th it was 1,200 days since YouTube officially launched support for 360° videos. Since then, we have seen a surge of interest in this amazing new technology, and up-and-coming brands have taken hold of it as a way to reach the top.

Clash of Clans for instance, currently hold the 1st and 2nd spot for the most viewed 360° videos of all time. It’s an exciting time to be alive, and every month, new players join the race, and it’s intriguing to keep a watchful eye on the videos that surface.

With that quick introduction out of the way, we are proud to present you with the first instance ever, of our brand-new series “Best 360° Videos of the Month”. Once a month, we’ll feature the 4 best videos to surface over the course of the month via verified accounts on YouTube.

Today’s list shows you just how much of a difference a high quality 360° video can make to stand out in the crowd. Massive brands from across the board have tried to gain traction with 360° technology, but only a few have done so successfully. Here’s our curated list of the best ones. Enjoy!


4. NBA 360 | Stephen Curry Splashes from the Logo | 2018 NBA Finals

Stephen Curry is one of the hottest names in NBA history, and over the past few years he has built up a massive follower base, loyally attending game after game to see the man in action. The price of a sideline seat can beef up the ticket price quite a bit though. On June 7th, this awesome video of the man himself shooting hoop after hoop popped up on the NBA’s official YouTube channel. If you have access to an Oculus, a Samsung GearVR or Vive headset, pick it up and check it out.


3. Friend Like Me 360° Performance – ALADDIN on Broadway

The musical as an art form, has a remarkable way of telling stories with singing, acting and dance in a way that you can truly feel it, and there’s something very special to be said for live theatre. When you combine the art form with a virtual front row seat, you have a pretty incredible introduction to both theatre as an art form, and virtual reality as a concept all at the same time. For those two reasons, we send our most magical regards to this magnificent production.

  • Views: 89,155
  • Upload Date: Jun 7, 2018
  • Views/Day: 3,876
  • Producing team: Disney on Broadway
  • 3D: No


2. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again – Waterloo 360 Music Video

Mamma Mia! has probably helped popularize ABBA more than anything else. In this modern rendition of Waterloo, we get to experience the cast from an up-close-and-personal perspective. Take part in a joyful, old-time classic with a modern immersive twist.

  • Views: 186,174
  • Upload Date: Jun 14, 2018
  • Views/Day: 11,635
  • Producing team: Universal Pictures
  • 3D: Yes


1. Kit Kat #MyTravelBreak – Munnar 360° Video

As a snack, Kit Kat is delicious, vastly popular and full of character. The very same thing can be said about their most recent 360° video. With beautiful 3D footage and a pristine scenery that goes on rotation for a few minutes, it’s no surprise that this spectacular implementation of technology has picked up 14 million views in such a short period of time. That’s right, in less than 30 days, their #MyTravelBreak 360° video has grown to become the channel’s most viewed video of all time.

  • Views: 14,379,619
  • Upload Date: June 1, 2018
  • Views/Day: 479,320
  • Producing teamKit Kat
  • 3D: Yes


Want more videos?

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Summary: Best 360° Videos of the Month: June 2018

That’s a wrap. We hope you enjoyed the videos. What are your thoughts on these videos, and which ones peaked your interest the most? Let us know, and if you have any suggestions or know of any awesome videos released in June that we missed, feel free to hit us up via the contact page.

Written by Nick Rasmussen

Blogging about VR and helping Envato grow their affiliate program.

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