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Best VR Action Games

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Most gamers are always looking for a challenge when investing their time and effort into a new title. However, not all game genres can provide this level of adrenaline and intrigue. Therefore, VR action games are among the most popular and highly rated gaming experiences. Whether you like shooting, exploring, or the classic battle-royale type of games, action titles have a lot to offer.

In this article, we’ve featured the best VR action games, which have proven to be worthwhile immersive experiences that gamers of all levels must try.

How we chose the top VR action games?

This selection of the best VR action games was made based on the following factors:

  • Experience type – we made sure to include games providing diverse experiences like intense combat, exploration, or even puzzle-solving.
  • Reviews – to find the best suited action titles we went over the games’ rating and reviews on respected platforms.
  • Movement options – Providing various movement options, such as smooth locomotion and teleporting, caters to different player preferences and helps prevent motion sickness, which is quite common when playing action-packed VR games.
  • Storytelling – story-driven VR games allow the player to feel more immersed in the experience and thus achieve a high level of interactivity.

Population: ONE

Population: One is a virtual reality battle royale game developed and published by BigBox VR. It was released on October 22, 2020, for platforms like Oculus Quest, Rift, and Steam VR. The game features a unique vertical combat system that allows players to climb and glide across the map. In Population: One, players form teams known as ‘squads’ and compete until only one squad remains standing. The gameplay involves collecting weapons, healing items, and building resources to create defensive or offensive structures. The game received positive reviews for its innovative gameplay mechanics and immersive experience.

As of March 9, 2023, the game is free-to-play on Meta Quest platforms. PCVR users can get Population: One for $19.99 from SteamVR, where it has a 9/10 rating.

Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx is a VR first-person shooter game developed and published by Valve Corporation. It serves as a prequel to the Half-Life series and is set between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2. In this game, players assume the role of Alyx Vance, a key character in the series, as she fights against the alien Combine forces in City 17.

The game offers a highly immersive VR experience, allowing players to interact with the environment, solve puzzles, and engage in intense combat using VR controllers. The graphics are stunning, the gameplay is engaging, and the story is compelling, providing fans of the series with a deeper insight into the world of Half-Life. With innovative VR mechanics, realistic physics interactions, and a richly detailed world to explore, Half-Life: Alyx has been praised for its gameplay mechanics, storytelling, and overall immersion.

Half-Life: Alyx can be purchased for $59.99 from SteamVR, which has a perfect rating of 10/10 stars.


Rez Infinite is a VR game that blends music, rhythm, and shooting gameplay in a visually stunning and immersive experience. Players find themselves in a futuristic world where they must shoot down enemies to the beat of the music, creating a synesthetic experience that is captivating and challenging. The game boasts vibrant visuals, pulsating electronic music, and fast-paced action that keeps players engaged and entertained.

Rez Infinite in VR elevates the original game to new heights, allowing players to feel like they are truly inside the game world. This makes it a must-play for fans of VR gaming and music-driven experiences.

You can get the game for $19.99 from Meta Store (4.4/5 star rating) and SteamVR (9/10 star rating).

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a VR action-adventure survival game that lets players explore a vast, procedurally generated universe in a unique manner. The VR support for No Man’s Sky seamlessly integrates into the existing game, providing players with an opportunity to interact with the game world like never before. Players can pilot starships over alien planets, manipulate terrain with precision, and engage with the environment in an immersive way. The VR experience in No Man’s Sky extends beyond visuals, aiming to deliver a sense of scale and immersion that is unparalleled. It makes players feel both small and deeply connected to the universe they are traversing.

The release of the No Man’s Sky Beyond update brought significant improvements to the game, introducing MMO-style mechanics and complete VR support.

The game is priced at $59.99 on SteamVR, and it has a 7/10 star rating.


Pavlov Shack best action vr games

Pavlov VR is a popular virtual reality first-person shooter game that has garnered significant acclaim for its immersive gameplay and realistic weapon handling. Developed by Vankrupt Games, Pavlov VR offers players a diverse arsenal of over 65 weapons, each with unique attributes, spray patterns, and recoil, providing an authentic firearms experience. The game’s mechanics focus on realistic interactions, from loading and reloading magazines to gripping and aiming with precision, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

One of the standout features of Pavlov VR is its variety of game modes catering to different playstyles. Players can engage in frenetic action in modes like Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch or opt for strategic gameplay in modes such as Search and Destroy. Additionally, Pavlov VR introduces exciting modes like Gun Game and Trouble in Terrorist Town, offering diverse and engaging experiences beyond traditional competitive matches.

Pavlov VR can be purchased for $24.99 from both Meta Store and SteamVR, where it has a nearly perfect rating of 9/10 stars.

Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer is a Virtual Reality VR first-person shooter developed by I-Illusions. The game is well-known for its engaging gameplay and immersive experience. Initially released alongside the HTC Vive, Space Pirate Trainer has evolved over the years, offering new content and modes to enhance players’ experiences.

The gameplay of Space Pirate Trainer involves the player standing on a platform in space, facing waves of attacking robots. Players have a variety of weapons at their disposal, including pistols, shotguns, lasers, machine guns, grenade launchers, and laser swords to fend off these robotic foes.

One notable feature of Space Pirate Trainer is its recent addition of the ‘Arena’ mode. This mode introduces a multiplayer laser tag experience exclusive to the Oculus Quest platform. In the Arena mode, players can engage in two-player laser tag battles without the need for cables, PCs, or external sensors.

You can get Space Prate Traier for $14.99 from PSVR Store and SteamVR where it has a 9/10 star rating.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR is a virtual reality adaptation of the popular open-world RPG game developed by Bethesda Game Studios. This immersive experience allows players to delve into the vast and detailed world of Skyrim in a whole new way. The game retains the complete epic fantasy storyline of the original game, including all post-release DLC content, offering players an extensive and engaging adventure.

In Skyrim VR, players can explore the breathtaking landscapes of Skyrim, from rugged mountains to ancient ruins, with an unparalleled sense of scale and immersion. The game provides an opportunity for players to engage in epic battles with dragons, interact with various characters, and navigate through a richly detailed world filled with quests and adventures.

The game is $59.99 and is available on SteamVR, where it has a 7/10 star rating.

Resident Evil Village

The game, which is set a few years after Resident Evil 7, follows Ethan Winters on a new adventure filled with werewolves, zombies, and supernatural elements. It blends action with horror elements reminiscent of earlier titles in the series. In VR mode, players can physically interact with objects, solve puzzles, and engage in combat using realistic movements like reloading firearms and dual-wielding weapons. The game maintains its visual quality in VR, although some textures may appear less crisp at a distance.

Capcom integrated VR into Resident Evil Village efficiently due to the RE Engine’s design for VR ports and the use of eye tracking and dynamic foveated rendering for enhanced visuals. The transition to VR was well-executed, offering a fresh perspective on the game without compromising its core gameplay experience.

Resident Evil Village VR Mode is available as free DLC for PSVR2 users.


Boneworks is a first-person shooter VR game developed and published by Stress Level Zero in 2019. The game is designed to be entirely physics-based, allowing for realistic interactions with objects and environments, unlike traditional games that rely on scripted interactions.

In Boneworks, players enter an artificially intelligent operating system called MythOS, where they must unravel a mysterious narrative set in a dystopian future. The game features advanced experimental physics mechanics, full-body inverse kinematics technology, and a robust physics system that accurately simulates object interactions. Players can manipulate objects realistically, solve puzzles creatively, engage in combat, and explore various levels within the game.

Boneworks offers three game modes: Story mode, Arena mode, and Sandbox mode. The Arena mode unlocks after completing the story, while the Sandbox mode can be unlocked earlier through specific gameplay. The game rewards exploration, encourages creative problem-solving through physics-based puzzles, and provides a realistic weapon-handling experience during combat scenarios.

You can get this PCVR game for $29.99 from both Meta Store (4.5/5 star rating) and SteamVR (9/10 star rating).

Horizon Call of the Mountain

Horrizon: Call of the Mountain best action vr games

‘Horizon: Call of the Mountain’ is an immersive open-world action-adventure game set in a stunning mountainous landscape. Players are tasked with exploring the vast and diverse environments, from snow-capped peaks to lush forests, as they uncover the mysteries of the ancient civilization that once thrived in the region.

The game features a dynamic day-night cycle, changing weather patterns, and a rich ecosystem filled with wildlife to discover and interact with. With engaging gameplay mechanics, a compelling storyline, and breathtaking visuals, ‘Horizon: Call of the Mountain’ offers players a truly unforgettable gaming experience.

The game is priced at $59.99 on PSVR Store, and it has a 4.45/5 star rating.


Whether you like highly interactive experiences or adrenaline-pumping combat games, the mentioned VR action titles have you all covered. This gaming genre has captivated many players’ interest in experimenting with all types of action-driven experiences. Once you give any of these VR games a try, you’ll forget that you’re wearing a headset and will be transported to a whole different virtual universe in which you’re actively taking part.

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