Best GearVR Apps of 2018
It's time to fire up that 21st century wonder of a device and browse through our list of the 20 best free GearVR apps of 2018
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Top 25 Best Free Gear VR Apps to Download in 2019

Nick Rasmussen

Founder & Editorial Manager at VR Today Magazine
Nick is the founder and editorial manager at VR Today Magazine. After several years working as a new-media specialist at the global tech-giant marketplace Envato, Nick founded VR Today Magazine with the vision of popularizing and reporting on virtual reality and immersive technology.
Nick Rasmussen

Samsung has been working die-hard for the past 4 years to mark themselves as an industry leader in mainstream VR hardware. So far, the experiment has been vastly successful and all around the world, people are tuning in to watch live sports in VR, meditate, ride rollercoasters, fight phobias and much more. To make it easier for you to get started, we’ll be looking at some of the best free Gear VR apps for you today.

In today’s list we are going to include or reference all the information you need, as well as provide you with links to the sites of the developers so you can check out for yourself, if there’s more in store for you from the men and women behind the apps and experiences.

Whether or not you are the owner of the traditional, or you have managed to get your hands on the latest version, chances are that you would like to take it for a spin. What better way of doing so, than testing it’s capabilities with an artillery of free apps!

Here’s our list of the top 25 best free Gear VR apps to have surfaced ever since Gear VR’s initial launch 5 years ago, all the way up to 2019:




Starting off we have, what is possibly the most frequently requested app on lists like this. Skybox is, beyond a shadow of a doubt the most feature-packed and easy to use all-in-one media player for the Samsung Gear VR. Apart from supporting 10 different video file types, it also come packed with flexible controls to make sure your VR videos can be enjoyed without much fuss. It comes out-of-the-box with several awesome environments and cinemas completely free of charge too. It’s way beyond generous that the team behind the app decides to make it free to download.

Release Date: August 13th 2018
Developer: Skybox Studio
Space Required: 251.8 MB


Epic Roller Coasters


Epic Roller Coasters takes you and your Samsung Gear VR on the ride of your life, feeling once and for all what motion sickness is truly like. Immerse yourself in an adrenaline-inducing powerhouse of ups, downs, roundabouts and all in gorgeous scenery that will make you fall in love with every second of it. With that said, you will probably feel a bit of motion sickness along the way. You have been warned!

Developer: B4T Games
Space Required: 496.2 MB


Dead And Buried


Dead and Buried is an awesome little western-style wave shooter for the Gear VR. It utilizes a very iconic art style, and its more than likely that some of you will feel a sense a sense of deja vu, as lots of the visual artistry looks like it may have borrowed a bit from Overwatch. If crickets, gold mines and ghouls is your thing, Dead and Buried should surely be among the first on your download list!

Developer: Oculus
Space Required: 650.8 MB


Crow: The Legend


Crow: The Legend is one of the most captivating and gorgeously narrated free titles on today’s list. It doesn’t matter who you are, what background you have or what your interests in VR are in, niche-wise. It’s right next to near impossible to not appreciate the incredible talent at work here. It even starts Oprah Winfrey. Explore a captivating story with the queen of TV in this enormously fantastical tale on your Samsung Gear VR.

Developer: Baobab Studios
Space Required: 361.1 MB


Play With Me


Play With Me has you take on the role of the investigative journalist Robert Hawk, and your work during the game is to investigate the psycotic killer “Illusion” and explore the depths of his sick and twisted mind. Play with me lets you feel what it’s like to descend into madness, and is absolutely not for the faint of heart. Play at your own risk and for free, but be sure to play it on your Samsung Gear VR this year.

Developer: C6H807
Space Required: 361.1 MB


Merry Snowballs


Merry Snowballs is one of those free games that you download for a good, but somehow find yourself immersed in for hours of end. The game combines some of the best vibes from the 1990’s game Nerf Arena Blast and tosses in what seems like humour form a watered down episode of South Park. What comes out at the end of that interesting little mix is one hell of a game that we simply can’t recommend enough.

Developer: Hatrabbit
Space Required: 202.9 MB




Netflix has made the act of binge-watching an immersive experience by making their Samsung Gear VR app available for free. With a gorgeous browsing environment and an ease-of-use interface that is out of this world, Netflix is a mandatory download if you happen to have an account.

Developer: Netflix
Space Required: 104.87 MB


Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay


Star Wars™: Droid Repair Bay gives you a free trip into George Lucas realm of the Force, in a galaxy far far away. Enjoy a few hours as a droid-based repairman, and get ready to push back against the Sith in this 360° game that will have you super excited about the future of immersive technology. Just imagine what this is going to feel like, once the resolution and motion sickness gets fixed!

Developer: ILMxLAB
Space Required: 559.4 MB


Rilix Coaster


I’m not going to lie. Unless you possess the inner strength of a Jedi Knight this app will make you motion sick. What makes Rilix hit our list, is that it’s made virtually every single person we’ve put in the simulation either sweat their hands and/or reach for either a wall or table support for balance. Despite it’s low graphics and motion sickness, Rilix Coaster is awesome and we recommend you share it with anyone you want to impress with your new and exciting Samsung VR gear.

Developer: Rilix
Space Required: 620.95 MB


YouTube VR


Cat Videos, Millions of hours of entertainment and plenty, plenty of vitriolic comments from strangers. If the familiar recipe for YouTube’s success has you hooked at the computer from time to time, try tossing immersive 360° videos into the mix. It’s crazy addictive, it’s fun, and it’s entirely free to use on your Samsung Gear VR. To be frank, YouTube’s app is arguably the single best way to lose your time in an immersive wonderland. Fire it up, and see what’s out there, by the world’s largest community of 360° video creators.

Developer: Google LLC
Space Required: 108.43 MB


Temple Run VR


Temple Run VR is a great intro to virtual reality gaming and the Gear VR specifically for two reasons. First off, because it’s a title that rings a bell in most peoples minds, as Temple Run is a vastly popular franchise outside of VR. The second reason is in relation to you, and your tolerance for motion sickness. There are a lot of VR folks out there swearing that the path to getting over motion sickness is simply a matter of throwing enough time into this beast of an app. Give it a try. It’s free after all!

Developer: Imangi Studios, LLC
Space Required: 270.04 MB




Have you ever wanted to feel what it would be like to stand on the sidelines of an NFL game as your quarterback sends that game-winning touchdown pass down the field? Ever wanted to stand ringside with Conor Mcgregor? Well, with NextVR all of that is possible. NextVR is currently the world’s leading platform for attending sports events in virtual reality, whether through the Samsung Gear VR or not.

Developer: NextVR, Inc.
Space Required: 104.87 MB




Jaunt is a massive library of 360° experiences for you to explore free of charge with your trusty Gear VR. They partner up with companies from around the world to launch not only content for VR, but Augmented Reality as well. If you feel like taking a look at what top-level 360° content looks like, fire up Jaunt and discover a world of wonders.

Developer: Jaunt
Space Required: 163.98 MB


Oculus Rooms


Oculus Rooms is a personalised home for your Samsung Gear VR. With customized rooms, movies and tabletop games, there’s no end to the amount of fun you can have here. A nifty little personal space you can escape to when needing to kick back after a long day at the office.

Developer: Oculus
Space Required: 295.62 MB


Colab - Trial Rooms


Colab is a labyrinth simulation. You load unto a sci-fi looking space labyrinth, and you’re guided towards the exit by a distant mecha voice. As you progress along the way of the game, you’ll get a hang of controlling your Gear VR. As the simulation involves both your use of the Gear VR as well as some help from your critical faculties, it’s a great first-use app that will get you thinking on your feet in no time.

Release Date: July 21, 2016
Developer: Pixel Federation
Space Required: 347.88 MB




Next up is “Invasion“. Invasion is an incredibly cute shortfilm. It takes the original opening monologue concept of War of the Worlds and then goes on to turn it into what can only be defined as a bucketful of Unicorn kisses and rainbows. Follow the protagonist, a fuzzy little rabbit as it faces off against the notorious aliens Mac & Cheze. Invasion is one of those apps that makes you feel bad that the guidelines of your Samsung Gear VR tells you not to share the experience with children under the age of 13.

Release Date: March 9, 2016
Developer: Baobab Studios
Space Required: 482.29 MB


Face Your Fears


Face Your Fears needs a disclaimer. It would be unwise to pick this one up without a spare change of underwear. If you have any passion in your heart for the art of horror, and would like to experience what a translation from two-dimensional tradition into a fully immersive experience looks like, this is the one for you. With plenty of different experiences for you to fright your socks off with, this app can keep you going for hours on end. Perfect for scaring your friends while taking them on a tour of just how realistic VR can get.

Developer: Turtle Rock Studios
Space Required: 501.44 MB


Sky Fighter: Training Day


Sky Fighter: Training Day is the first level, in a spacesuit-based sci-fi game for the Gear VR. Its mix of head-tilting controls and high-speed action makes it one of the more immersive and straight-up fun games on the list. Even though the later levels require you to pay for them – the initial level is entirely free of charge, and a great introduction to the game.

Developer: 3D Scenica
Space Required: 575.46 MB


Samsung: BeFearless


Samsung’s #BeFearless campaign was kickstarted with this “Heights” challenge. Based on actual scientific data, this simulation teaches you to fight your fear of heights by faking uncomfortable heights in 360° video. Every level you progress gets a slight decrease in comfort. While one of the training levels brings with it a lot of motion sickness, the remaining three are a great!

Release Date: February 18, 2016
Developer: Samsung
Space Required: 711.73 MB




Initially built as a teaser for a film, the Nerve simulation on the Oculus Store packs with it a pretty convincing heights-based challenge. True to the movie, the simulation is based on a dare in which you the protagonist have to climb a ladder connecting the windows between two 10-floor apartments. Good luck!

Release Date: July 25, 2016
Developer: Lionsgate
Space Required: 254.38 MB




Sonar is an impressive space-based experience in which you man the cockpit of a high-tech space ship. In a simulation that seems to bring with it, concepts akin to the circles of Dante’s Inferno and H.R. Giger’s art style, this simulation reels you in, captivates you with it’s gorgeous visuals and leaves you with a melancholic feel as your ship meets an untimely end.

Release Date: February 10, 2016
Developer: Sonar360
Space Required: 110.09 MB


Oculus Arcade


Oculus Arcade brings a cavalcade of all of your old arcade favourites straight into your Gear VR, and all of it for free. Filled to the brim with classics, Oculus Arcade gives you Pac-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Defender, Gauntlet, Galaga and a lot more. Explore three various arcade rooms as you make your way down memory lane.


The Expanse - VR Today Magazine

The Expanse VR


The expanse VR takes you to a ficticious future in which the human race has colonized the surrounding universe, and made deep space our new home. Gaze at some of the impressive space stations that man has made, as an engaging narrator takes you through all the details. A must for any sci-fi fan.

Release Date: January 5, 2016
Developer: NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Space Required: 127.11 MB


Guided Meditation VR


Guided Mediation VR offers a selection of classes for you to take to increase your Zen, and keep that inner focus of yours. It presents you with several beautiful locations in which you can either relax, or practice the art of meditation and overcome some of the hectic elements of day-to-day life.

Release Date: January 12, 2016
Developer: Cubicle Ninjas
Space Required: 639.89 MB


Vivo Places - VR Today Magazine

Visco Places


This final one, is a simple yet powerful app that allows you to travel the world from the comfort of wherever you pack your Gear VR and Samsung Phone. By giving you access to a large portion of Google Street View locations, Viso Places allows you to reconnect with memories from near and far. While this is not an official Google App, you’d never know it by it’s very high quality and ease of use.

Release Date: February 3, 2016
Developer: YoutopiaVR
Space Required: 212.86 MB


Gear VR Models

Gear VR has since its inception brought with it, a hope for the future of affordable VR experiences. Between it’s increased field of view and smooth updated design, this next version is proof that the Gear VR ship is still on the right course!

Since It’s 2019, and all manner of Gear VR’s has been out for a while, we thought we’d start off by listing the various versions you could be picking up to take these apps for a spin:

The latest version is pretty awesome too, and in case you haven’t checked out the latest Gear VR’s specs yet, head right over to their Gear VR Landing page here.


Summary: Top 25 Best Free Gear VR Apps to Download in 2019

With that, we reach the end of our list. We thank you for your visit, and can’t wait to be with you later this year with yet another updated version. Stay tuned as we will be covering all about the latest Gear VR soon. In fact, if you have time, make sure to check out our compilation of awesome VR-based ads, and be sure to check out the ostrich-one for Samsung Gear VR.

Written by Nick Rasmussen

Nick is the founder and editorial manager at VR Today Magazine. After several years working as a new-media specialist at the global tech-giant marketplace Envato, Nick founded VR Today Magazine with the vision of popularizing and reporting on virtual reality and immersive technology.


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  23. Lives of brave militia ruined in online ‘sextortion’ scams putting the Army at blackmail risk

    Army bosses fear the gangs may also try to force soldiers to hand over highly sensitive information that can be sold on to other criminals (look and feel: Alamy)Get the prevailing daily news stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newsletters

    simply chillingly, Army bosses fear the gangs believed to be based in the Philippines and the Baltic states may also try to force soldiers to hand over highly confidential information that can be sold on to other criminals.

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    The Royal Military Police have issued a warning about the scams and a Sunday People probe found one soldier was pushed to the brink of suicide and another victim’s marriage hit bottom.

    A senior military source said a week ago: “This is a difficult issue and it is getting worse. Soldiers shouldn’t be doing this but the truth is more and more are falling for scams.

    “Our boys can sometimes be posted abroad, So some are lonely and meet moldovan girl bored. Sharing intimate pics and vids is bad enough. But merely a rogue comment about the soldier’s whereabouts or where his mates are and suddenly there’s a security risk to contend with,

    One married British cause Officer said his life was ruined when he was blackmailed after a “Skype sexual intimacy” night. The 38 years old, Of the Royal Corps of warning signs, Made instalments adding up to 2,500 before confirming it to the Royal Military Police.

    generally squaddie, which has fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, said: “I had to enter private information, Including I was a member of the armed services.

    “Three days later I got a text from a woman in her late 20s.

    She was way out of my league that will have sent the alarm bells ringing. She said she loved men in uniform and also loved older, betrothed men. striving back, She seemed to accurately what buttons to press,

    A soldier in uniform on an dating foreign girls website

    He gave her his email and flickr details and they arranged to Skype. he was quoted saying: “Almost immediately topic turned to sex. She told me to escape uniform and we began pleasuring ourselves,

    morning he was sent a video of the footage and a demand for 5,000 keep it being posted on Facebook.

    The soldier said: “I went right cold sweat. I thought my career would be finished if motion picture was published,

    That he was married with children only improved upon the blackmailer’s power. he explained: “She explained this wasn’t a joke, That I had fallen into a trap and that she worked those of you that were quite willing to ruin lives,

    The scammer demanded 500 once a week for 10 weeks and he wired a total 2,500 to an account in tiongkok before confiding in a friend who worked in the RMP. He was well-advised to “Call distinct bluff, After closing his facebook or twitter account and changing his email, He heard anything.

    But when his wife noticed the amount of money was missing he had to confess.

    he was quoted saying: “She hit the roof. We are now broken down and my wife wants a divorce. It was a painful lesson and easily content creation worst periods of my life,

    yr after, 1,245 episodes of “on a financial basis motivated webcam blackmail” Were reported in the UK three times the quantity of in 2015, using the National Crime Agency. Most victims were men in just their 20s.

    The RMP advises members of the military: “Don’t panic and never pay, chief Sadie Paterson added: “Victims may feel embarrassed but all RMP are trained to deal with this sensitively. Reports will be suffered from in confidence,

    An Army spokesman said: “We take the security and safety of our people extremely seriously and build a culture of safe social media use,

    600. Or nude pics the actual internet Two more soldiers have spoken out about how they fell victim to sextortion.

    Phil, 20, Of the Royal logistics Corps, Met a girl on the web within a week she had asked him for intimate pictures. He sent images of him playing a sex act.

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