10 Best GearVR Games of 2017

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10 Best GearVR Games to Play in 2017

So – you bought a Samsung GearVR? Welcome to the Virtual Reality crew! VR has now officially hit the main stream, and the fact that you’re reading this, is testament to the fact that our site is getting some traction as well. With your new device now at hand, where do you begin?

At the moment, the current content library can be a bit confusing to navigate, and there is a vast flood of semi-quality content there to shuffle through between each truly amazing app you find. With that little introduction out of the way, let’s help you save a few long hours of browsing, space-management and downloading time, and get straight to the point. Here’s our list of the 10 best games that you should be playing on your brand-new Samsung GearVR in 2017:

Minecraft: Gear VR

To start you off on a high note, we have an app with the potential of keeping you busy for hours on end. If you have even the slightest creative talent and/or a love of exploration, MineCraft VR is what you need to download first. MineCraft is a world-building app/game that over the course of the past few years has gained a massive following due to its customization options, free roaming experience and LEGO-with-infinite bricks kind of feel. Head over to the Oculus Site, download the app and start creating your world today.

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Eve: Gunjack

Moving on to a different genre, we’re taking to the skies, as we present you with one of the most visually impressive first-person-shooters available on the GearVR. Explore the vastness of space as you man the cockpit of a highly weaponized space-ship, at odds with space-ships from all corners of the galaxy. If you’re a Star Wars fan, or you have ever been drawn into any the other games in the EVE-franchise, you’re in for a ride with this one.

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Land’s End

Land’s End is a head-scratching but beautiful game that takes you through a gorgeous low-poly environment as you solve puzzles each step along the way. The concept is unique, plain and to-the-point, and you’ll be surprised how such a simple concept can be so captivating.

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With a mood-change at heart, let’s move from tranquility and Celtic wonderlands to jump-scares and an absolute horror show. Dreadhalls is one of those games that initially showcased just how surprisingly real the visuals of modern-day Virtual Reality can be. Horror as a genre has for decades been the king, queen and high court of manipulating its audience, and with the added realism of virtual reality, Dreadhalls makes every movie of Hitchcock and every game of Amnesia you’ve ever experienced, seem like trips to the zoo.

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Drop Dead

Staying somewhat within the theme, we’re switching the pace a bit, as we explore Drop Dead. Drop Dead is a game wherein you take the role of a vigilant survivor of the zombie apocalypse. Walking Dead fans, right this way! Try your best, as you blast, beat and stab your way away from the horde of brain-hungry beasts and refrain from being turned into zombie-fodder.

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Smash Hit VR

Smash Hit VR is arguably one of the most therapeutic apps available on any VR-based platform at this stage (Eat your heart out, Meditation VR). If you’ve ever felt the need to smash a few plates after receiving a bad grade, or throwing that vase as far you can out the window on the first few hours following a bad break-up, this app is a must for you. Experience the joy of shattering window-like pieces of glass as you fly through the air with peaceful music spurring you on in the background.

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Ascension VR

Ascension VR is the game on the list that has kept us going for the longest. Borrowing heavy from the Magic Cards franchise, this game of cards merges the best elements from an RPG with the joyous gotcha-feeling you only get from playing a game of cards. Take on against an NPC or opponents online, and may the best Ascension warrior win!

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Hitman Go: VR Edition

Moving on, we’re taking a look at one of the most iconic video game franchises when it comes to assassins and tactical combat. Codename 47, the silent gun is at your disposal and ready to take on new targets in a refreshing minimalist piece of video game art, that will keep your mind sharp for hours. Lay out your nefarious scheme on how to best eliminate your assigned targets, but remember to take a breather here and there to appreciate the stunning visuals as well.

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End Space

If the EVE: Gunjack game from earlier kept you going for a while, End Space is sure to be a great succeeding experience to the ride across space and time. Pick up your fighting space-ship and enjoy for the first time in Virtual Reality, what it is like to do a 360° cartwheel while dodging an asteroid and taking out your opponent with swift determination. Perform those knockout-moves you’ve always wanted to do, if you were handed the keys to the Millennium Falcon!

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Please Don’t Touch Anything

Finally, we’re at the last item on the list. Here’s the scenario: You’re left to your own devices as your friend and colleague leaves you alone in his office to ponder. What could ever be less intriguing than a game wherein the main objective is to kill time while your friend is in the bathroom? Well, we’re about to find out! Please Don’t Touch Anything is pretty much a worst-case-scenario response to the age-old-question: “Hey, what does this button do?”.

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That’s it for this time around folks. We hope you’ve enjoyed our compilation of awesome games for the GearVR, and know that we will be adding to the list as we progress towards the end of 2017. If you have any feedback, suggestions or ideas let us know in the comments section below.

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