Top 5 Gorilla Tag Mods You Need to Try

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Hey VR fans! If you’re diving into Gorilla Tag and want to spice up your gameplay, mods are where it’s at. But with so many out there, which ones should you pick? No worries, I’ve got you covered with the top 5 Gorilla Tag mods that are sure to elevate your experience.

Leg Mod

Ever wondered what your Gorilla Tag character would look like with legs? This hilarious mod gives your gorilla legs, adding a quirky twist to your gameplay. It’s odd, funny, and definitely a must-try! Walking around with legs in Gorilla Tag is a surreal experience that will leave you and your friends laughing for hours.

Download it here: Leg Mod

Gorilla Shirts

Looking to add some style to your gorilla? The Gorilla Shirts mod is perfect for you. With a variety of shirts, hoodies, and chestwear, this mod makes your character look instantly cooler and more unique. Whether you want to rock a hoodie or sport a fancy shirt, this mod lets you express your fashion sense in the virtual jungle.

Get it here: Gorilla Shirts

Shiba GT Gold

This mod menu is a powerhouse, offering a massive compilation of mods. From changing your character model to flying and creating particle effects, this mod has it all. It’s especially fun for ghost trolling and experimenting in the game. Imagine soaring through the air or suddenly vanishing in a puff of particles—Shiba GT Gold makes it possible!

Download it here: Shiba GT Gold

Yizzi Camera Mod

Content creators, rejoice! The Yizzi Camera Mod is a game-changer, giving you an in-game camera to take selfies, turn into a drone, and more. It’s super versatile and practically a must-have for anyone making Gorilla Tag content. You can film epic gameplay moments, capture hilarious interactions, or even create cinematic shots with ease.

Find it here: Yizzi Camera Mod

Mono’s Sandbox

This mod is the crème de la crème. After the Bark Mod Menu was discontinued, Mono’s Sandbox stepped up with features like guns, ragdolls, NPCs, and even film sets. It’s the ultimate mod for creativity and fun. Whether you want to set up a battle scene or create a movie set, Mono’s Sandbox provides the tools to let your imagination run wild.

Check it out here: Mono’s Sandbox

Frequently Asked Questions

Will these mods get me banned?

Only if you use them in public lobbies. Stick to private lobbies to stay safe.

How can I find more mods?

YouTube is your friend! Many videos showcase mods and often include links in the descriptions.

How do I use the mods?

Typically, holding down a certain button or grip will bring up the mod menu. Explore the map for any changes, like in the hat area, to access mod features.


These top 5 Gorilla Tag mods are just the beginning. There are tons more out there, but these are my favorites. Have fun modding and see you in the game! Whether you’re looking to add a bit of humor, style, or pure creativity to your gameplay, these mods offer something for everyone.

Stay tuned to VR Today Magazine for more awesome Gorilla Tag tips and tricks!

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