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Top 10 Best HTC Vive Games To Play in 202013 min read

Enjoy our recommendations for the Rolls-Royce of VR

Nick Rasmussen

You’ve made the choice. You’ve picked up one of the best – a mighty piece of gaming weaponry. Today’s we’ll be looking at the top 10 best HTC Vive games to play in 2020!

Congratulations for picking up what’s considered in 2020 to be the Rolls Royce of virtual reality. This hyper-calibrated VR-powerhouse has some of the sweetest specs on the market, and with it, you’re in for one hell of a ride, if we may say so. To match your awesome hardware in kind, we’ve combed through the current library of content (so you don’t have to!) and hand-picked what we believe to be the best stuff available out there.

In case you haven’t yet checked out the HTC Vive Pro, you may want to swing right over to HTC’s website and check what this brand new magnificent beast of an HMD is able to pull off with today’s modern technology.

The HTC has been the primary HMD for a vast number of startups in the entertainment industry and is usually spotted when you make your way to any kind of “new tech” event. On today’s list, however, we’ll step away from the serious nature of VR altogether. Today, it’s all about the fun parts of the industry. and all of the awesome games you can pick up with what the best of VR-related headsets.

With our introduction out of the way, it’s time to get on with the show. These are the best HTC Vive games you should be playing right now:


Beat Saber


Beat Saber is one of those games that need to be mentioned for this list of best HTC Vive games to be considered even somewhat serious. All around the world thousands of fans are smashing their way to the high scores, and despite the fact that the Star Wars universe just wrapped up another trilogy, it seems like the craze for Jedis and beats is just getting started.

The game truly is the response to the question every young Star Wars fan since the late 70’s has (at one point in their lives) been asking themselves: I wonder what wielding a lightsaber would feel like?

Well, now you get to wield one and through the immersive reality of VR feel what it would be like if Luke Skywalker was an ambitious entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. In the game your primary objective is to smash floating cubes to pieces as you bask in the glorious music that goes with it.


Elite Dangerous


Elite Dangerous is one of those massive multiplayer HTC Vive games of epic proportions and deserves a spot on our list. Built by the team over at Frontier (UK), this action-packed game rose to fame almost instantaneously. If there happens to be any fans of Star Wars reading and looking to man the cockpit of a galactic space-fighter ship – this is definitely the playground to live out those fantasies. Take to the skies and experience the universe in a game so carefully crafted that they even got the proportions of the planets, moons, asteroid fields and black holes true.

Start your own adventure with limited resources and no title to your name, and fight your way to the top, as you shape world history every step of the way of doing so.

“Capable of delivering some of the best stories about spaceships you’ve ever taken part in”
86% – PC Gamer

While this is one of our favorite HTC Vive games, we need to talk about the elephant in the room. In Elite Dangerous there is a heavy learning curve, as fighting off against other ambitious VR-based pilots out there can be difficult when the skill level is so different. Commentators all over the social media landscape have praised and cursed this game equally, and the main reason for the haters, tend to be due to its difficulty. If you can live with that though, and don’t mind spending a few hours getting around the cockpit and manning your ship (like any true pilot would anyway!), we believe you’re absolutely going to love this.

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Gorn is a gladiator-like first-person hack-and-slash game in which you get to live the gladiator dream and swing large instruments of destruction around in a massive arena while fending off foes that would make Dwayne Johnson look like a boy scout.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live the gladiator dream with Russel Crowe? What would it feel like to be wielding gigantic weapons and stand toe-to-toe with a legion of angry gladiators? Well, if you’re genuinely curious, and don’t want to get hurt yourself – time to fire up Gorn.

Gorn game manages to be the one game on the list that has generated the most uncontrollable laughs, and at the same time, it’s the most violent one by a factor of 10. That fact alone is a testament to just how ruthlessly flawless this game is


Fantastic Contraption


From galactic space Encounters to something quite different. It’s time to bring on the content that grandma could enjoy. Enough with the violence – let’s move on to a different genre of HTC Vive games.

Fantastic Contraption is, like most good ideas fairly simply. The rules are clearly defined as such: “You have to get the pink ball, to the pink goal”. The means of which you do so, however, is entirely up to you and just by watching the trailer, you should have a genuine impression of just how much you can let your creativity flow during this game. There are no “right” solutions and many different contraptions might solve the same puzzle.

“Impressively intuitive and whimsical as f**k.”

The fact that there are no right or wrong solutions, means that if you have kids (appropriately aged for the HTC Vive) this experience is great. Do they love playing with LEGO’s and/or playing a lot of MineCraft in their spare time? Well, chances are that they might just appreciate the creative freedom and free-roaming fun to be had here.

Release and recognition:

This game shouldn’t be limited to the youthful audience though. If you want to accompany your colleagues on a problem-solving workshop that doesn’t include spreadsheets, Word documents, timber, heavy machinery or whatever your day-to-day work operations include, this VR simulation is a great option for some bonding time outside of work.

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Arizona Sunshine


Arizona Sunshine is an obligatory library title for those of you have ever been watching an episode of The Walking Dead and appreciated. Packing more than 2,000+ positive reviews on Steam, there’s really no argument here.

Arizona Sunshine is a first-person FPS shooter game from the zombie-survival subgenre. There’s adrenaline, there are laughs and screams that await you. Strap on your best-in-class headset, pick up that 9mm and go do what you gotta do!


Raw Data


Have you ever wanted to strap in an Austrian accent, muscle up in a latex-like military garb, resting a massive firearm on your shoulder and becoming your very own Schwarzenegger-like action hero? Well, with Raw Data you have the chance to become that adrenaline-charged maniac and fight back against an evil organization known as the Eden Corporation which currently runs holds entire world within its wretched grasp. The game is tough, and is played so as well. In fact, one of our awesome writers here at the editorial – Anja went through a “30 days of Raw Data Fitness Challenge“, and can testify that this game helps you build up a sweat like any real action hero would!

“Survios’ Raw Data is the most addictive single player first person shooter on VR. Full stop.”

Take up arms as an elite operative of the infamous SyndiK8, and put your strength and stamina to the test as you explore the wonders of one of the truly immersive HTC Vive games on the market. Strap on your HTC Vive, pick up your weapon of choice, and enjoy an unhealthy dose of righteous indignation, as you shoot your way forward on your violent path towards justice and peace. It’s “Get-to-tha-choppa ‘o Clock”.

Raw Data truly is a remarkable action hero experience, worthy of our highest remarks. A radiant gem among a shovel-load of virtual coal. Best regards on a job well done by the Survivos team. Hasta La Vista Eden Corporation! 

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The Brookhaven Experiment


The Brookhaven Experiment is up next on this fine list of best HTC Vive games, and it’s time for us to talk about horror. Horror is one of those genres that require very little high-tech in order to serve its function well. Hitchcock did it very well, using very little and the classical formula applies today as well. All it takes is the right mix of sound, suspenseful music and jump-scares that are well coordinated. That’s the magical recipe folks, and Brookhaven has all of these in abundance.

The situation is pretty much your run-of-the-mill horror franchise. You wake up one day and realize that something is messed up. Something has gone wrong, and you find yourself somehow surrounded by the living dead, and creatures from some sort of hellish nightmare keep on roaming the streets in search of brains… Your brains!

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Job Simulator


Job Simulator takes you on a virtual reality journey into a future where robots have taken over all the mundane jobs previously held by the human race. As an outsider, you’re to undergo your first educational experience in “how to job”. The game, while initially sounding like a mundane replica that would entertain exactly no-one, surprised us to an extent we can barely explain, as it packed a solid list of game play features including:

  • Throwing a stapler at your boss!
  • Aggressively chugging coffee and eating questionable food from the trash!
  • Juggling tomatoes in VR.

The reception for Job Simulator has been absolutely stellar, and the game has a list of rewards almost as long as this article. The developers behind the experience, Owlchemy Labs have in building this game managed to find the perfect ingredients for a bright and free-roaming introductory experience, showcasing the wonders and potential VR mechanics. Play around, be goofy and mix up things that don’t usually go together!

“The fun of Job Simulator comes from combining objects in goofy ways”. – IGN

Free play is at the core of the game, and the idea that you can just interact with the entire environment in a way that seems natural is a testament to just how awesome it is for a first-in-VR game. On this list of our favorite HTC Vive games – this one is a one of an oddity genre-wise, but surely deserves its time in the sun for its free-roaming fun factor!

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The Gallery: Call of the Starseed


What does it take for a VR Game to be praised by the likes of Kotaku, PCGamer, PCWorld and Time Magazine? We’re about to find out, as the next item on the list is The Gallery. This A-list game whose soundtrack (composed by the legendary Jeremy Soule) was one of the first truly impressive games for the Vive, and when we planned for this article, The Gallery was the first game we thought of. This well-composed masterpiece surely is a force to be reckoned with.

“My favorite Vive game so far, The Gallery: Call of Starseed, exemplifies the capabilities of the hardware and VR in general.”
PC Gamer

The Gallery is a fictional exploration game carrying visual and thematic elements from games such as Bioshock and Allan Wake. The story-line is captivating and engaging from the beginning to the end, as you find yourself on an adventure of epic proportions, assisted with the help of a mad professor, on your obsessive quest to find out what happened to your missing sister.

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The Lab


The final game on our list is actually the primary content delivery experience from the HTC Vive trailer which was launched on April 5, 2016. The game is more of a game-hub rather than a stand-alone title.

In The Lab you get to experience the wonders of Virtual Reality the way it was meant to be played. You get to shoot with slingshots and longbows, visit far-off exotic locations and navigate the functions of your own biological infrastructure. There’s so much fun to be had here that it’s almost too much information to store in a list like this. Still, we’re going to give it the good old college try with a short description of each game:

  • Human Medical Scan Exploring the body through CR scans
  • Longbow – Defending your castle from invaders!
  • Postcards – Explore the world, using your headset as navigation
  • Secret Shop – Explore a mystical, magical store
  • Slingshot – Destroy everything in sight with a devastating high-tech slingshot!
  • Solar System – Explore the skies and map the universe
  • Robot Repair – Repairing man’s best electronic friend!
  • Xortex – Become the space-shooter arcade game of your childhood, and save that spaceship!

If you just bought some of these HTC Vive games, and you want to show them off to friends and family, make sure to pick this one first. The VR rookies will appreciate the diversity of content and short but to-the-point and deeply entertaining experiences.

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Summary: Best HTC Vive Games

That’s it for this round of awesome HTC Vive games. If you liked the content, make sure to hit like on our Facebook page and share it with your family and friends. As we progress towards the end of the year we will be making a “10 Best HTC Vive Games of 2020” post, listing all of our favourite HTC Vive games launched this year. If you have any nominations you would like for us to consider and play through, let’s hear about it in the comments section!

Written by Nick Rasmussen

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