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Top 10 Best Non-Gaming GearVR Apps to Download in 20208 min read

Not a gamer? Not a problem!

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The Samsung GearVR is here, and with it comes easy and affordable access to the wonders of virtual reality. While the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR each have their own benefits and perks, none of them have the luxury of being wireless, economically reasonable and fits straight into your backpack or in your desk drawer. Experience VR without the wires!

Virtual Reality brings with it, so many opportunities for business growth and entertainment in today’s digital world. If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you can strap on your headset and participate in your favorite adventure as an active participant in the plethora of existing GearVR games.

If you, on the other hand want to just lay back, and explore this new exciting technology without playing games, the GearVR has plenty of amazing apps that you can download today and fully immerse yourself in. If you’re looking for a great GearVR App to start out with, here’s our favorite picks:

Jurassic World: ApatosaurusJurassic World: Apatosaurus

To start things off, let’s take a trip back to the late Jurassic period for our first item on the list of Non-Gaming GearVR Apps. This first experience is one of the most visually compelling pieces of visual art on our list. If you have ever, at any point in your life, enjoyed the primordial landscape of Jurassic Park (Yes, that is a dedicated Jurassic Park website, for all you fans out there), you’re going to love this one.

Sit back, relax and enjoy VR as it was meant to be experienced, and bathe in the soothing sounds of crickets and the ambiance of a mysterious forest. As you familiarize yourself with the pristine landscape, you’ll notice a massive 16+ ton Apatosaurus wakes up from a nap, to take a sudden interest in you being here. As with the behavioral patterns of any curious creature, the prehistoric dino will investigate the scene and end up just inches from your face. The sudden meeting with such a majestic creature will leave you awe-struck. This gorgeous GearVR App is certainly worthy of being passed around the dining room table.

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Next VR

Next VR is one of those apps that you can tell right away, is going to propel the VR industry towards success. NextVR makes it possible for you to actually stream live sports in 360° video, and it does so amazingly well. We’ve covered earlier how it was utilized to stream live the 2016 Kentucky Derby, but that’s far from all it’s done. With content such as NFL football games, Soccer, Roleplaying, NBA and US Open Tennis, NextVR has sealed it’s place as an industry leader of streaming live content straight to your GearVR. In fact, the 2016 Oculus Connect event utilized NextVR as well. We’re keen on seeing if that will be the case again next year.

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Notes on Blindness

Moving on, we’re taking a look at the “Notes on Blindness” app, built by ARTE Experience. Notes on Blindness utilizes VR in an exciting new way to help illustrate to you what it means to live as a blind person. Well, to be fair it’s an interactive VR project based on the audio diaries of writer John Hull, who gradually became blind in 1983.

The interactive experience complements the story world of the feature film. Each scene addresses a memory, a moment and a specific location from John’s audio diary, using binaural audio and real time 3D animations to create a fully immersive experience in a ‘world beyond sight’.

Explore this visual masterpiece, and realize just how capable the GearVR can be in terms of visualizing a concept.

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Speech Center VR

If you’ve ever had the crushing weight from performance anxiety burden your shoulders, you might want to consider taking this one for a spin. Speech Center VR works as a safe space for you to learn how to tackle the fear of presentation, and it does so surprisingly well based on the positive reviews it has received. In the experience you’re encouraged to master public speaking as well as stressful situations, and there’s 12 lessons for you, and 5 unique locations for you to practice on.

Built by the talented team over at Cerevrum, the app certainly has risen in popularity since launch, and it even won a whopping $50,000 at the Mobile VR Jam 2015.

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Cirque Du Soleil is a name that for decades has been synonymous with state-of-the-art entertainment and grandiose theatrical effects. With being the crown jewel of their shows, it’s no surprise to us that the show has run in Sin City itself for a whopping 13 years.

KÀ at MGM Grand, is an elaborate production involving acrobatics, martial arts, puppetry and pyrotechnics. – FORBES LIFE

In virtual reality, strap on your GearVR for the immersive experience into a strange new world full of exciting new lights and sounds, as you fully take in the head-turning performance by some of the world’s leading gymnasts, dancers and similar artists.

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Oceanrift - VR Today MagazineOcean Rift

Ocean Rift is another app on the list that serves a purpose of taking you to places you wish you could go in real life. In the experience you get to explore a massive underwater terrain and swim around with the likes of stingrays, whales, sharks, fish and even sea lions and dinosaurs as you explore the depths of the ocean.Venture to the depths of the big blue planet, and see if deep diving is something for you!

Note: While initially just a demo version, there’s plenty of content for you to enjoy!

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Starchart - VR Today MagazineStarChart

Coming up next is StarChart by Escapist Games Ltd. Pick up your VR headset (and GearVR controller if you have one), and venture to space and have that NASA-experience you’ve always dreamed of, in this immersive astral experience for the Samsung GearVR. Take to the skies, soar like an eagle as you explore the planets of our cosmic address here at the Milky Way.

Star Chart currently includes:

  • An accurate real-time simulation of the night sky.
  • A 3D solar system to explore.
  • All 88 constellations.
  • Set foot on the Moon and Mars with our new Moments in Time experience.

Saturn, Mars, Uranus or the mysterious rings of Saturn. Everything you can see is when you look up at the night sky at your disposal, and thanks to the wonders of immersive technology, you get to navigate interactively as you go.

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The Body VR - VR Today MagazineThe Body VR

From time and space on a herculean scale, to micro-organisms on a very small one. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen medical appliances of Virtual Reality. If you have the time for it, you should make sure to check out our report from the VR in Healthcare event in Copenhagen 2017

The Body VR is one of the most immersive and entertaining educational apps for mobile Virtual Reality. The app alone had us going for several hours (albeit with breaks and repeat-uses), and we’re not even remotely close to being done with it.

In this visually impressive experience you man a vehicle that takes you through many of our body’s most basic organs in a journey that in many ways seem even more foreign and alien than the one experienced in the StarChart app above. Still, for all its strangeness and awe, it’s very informative and highly something we recommend for students and knowledge-thirsty individuals of all ages.

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Netflix - VR Today MagazineNetflix

This one is fairly simple, and a must on the list. The Netflix app is essentially a gorgeously decorated, transportable cottage in the Alps that you can access whenever you so wish. Pick up your GearVR, fire up the app and land in your very own holiday suite on a cozy red couch and a big screen TV on the wall. The app comes out-of-the-box with a feature where you can lay back and watch your content of choice in the sky ceiling of your extravagant new home. By downloading the application you agree to the Netflix Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Fearless - VR Today MagazineFearless

Fearless is a simple but powerful app that will let you overcome the common but relentless fear for spiders. Start out soft, and be guided at your own pace through the process of slowly but surely becoming gradually more familiar with the presence of spiders. The experience is based on and inspired by proven exposure therapy techniques, so you can rest assured that this is not a hypothetical proof of concept or a science project. This stuff actually works, and it’s one of the many examples of just how much potential there’s in this thing we do. These are the apps that actually help people!

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That’s a wrap folks. We hope you’ve enjoyed the list of content. As we progress towards the end of the year, we will be updating the article with new and exciting content. If you have any suggestions, feedback or questions let us know in the comments-section below.

Written by Nick Rasmussen

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