Best PSVR2 games review

Best PSVR2 Games

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After the PSVR2 hit the stores earlier in 2023, owners of the PS5 have been itching to get their hands on the upgraded version of Sony’s VR headset. Although this product can be used for various entertainment and productivity purposes its main use case will probably always be gaming. PlayStation fans and users always expect high quality titles to be available for purchase in the PS store, so that they could take full advantage of their hardware’s capabilities. Therefore PSVR2 owners should also be well aware of the best VR games they can and should totally play on their headset.

Key Takeaways

  • The PSVR2 game library has an abundance of titles from diverse genres – from action-packed games like No Man’s Sky to fun rhythm games like Beat Saber.
  • PSVR2 offers enhanced graphics and visual quality in games like Gran Turismo 7, Red Matter 2, and Moss, providing players with stunning visuals and immersive experiences.
  • There are many good PSVR2 games which offer engaging multiplayer features, allowing players to enjoy competitive play and social interactions in games like Tetris Effect: Connected, Walkabout Mini Golf, Pavlov VR, and Synth Riders.

How we chose the best games for PSVR2?

To determine the best games for PSVR2, we carefully considered factors such as the level of haptic feedback, visual quality, and overall experience offered by each game, as well as player reviews and how well the game utilized the headset’s capabilities.

Haptic feedback is an essential aspect of virtual reality gaming. It allows players to feel physical sensations within the game, enhancing the sense of presence and immersion. We looked for games that offered a high level of haptic feedback, such as realistic vibrations or force feedback, to create a more engaging gameplay experience.

Visual quality is another crucial factor in determining the best games for PSVR2. We considered games that showcased stunning graphics and realistic visuals, taking full advantage of the headset’s capabilities. Immersive environments, detailed textures, and vibrant colors were all aspects we looked for when evaluating the visual quality of each game.

We took into account player reviews to gauge the overall experience offered by each game. Positive reviews indicated that players found the game enjoyable, immersive, and well-optimized for the PSVR2 headset.

Lastly, we assessed how well each game utilized the headset’s capabilities. We looked for games that took full advantage of the PSVR2’s features, such as head tracking, motion controls, and 3D audio. The seamless integration of these features enhances the overall immersion and gameplay experience.

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The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

“The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners” is a virtual reality first-person shooter survival horror game developed by Skydance Interactive in partnership with Skybound Entertainment. Set in the universe of the popular comic book series “The Walking Dead,” the game immerses players in the flooded ruins of New Orleans, where they take on the role of a survivor known as The Tourist. Players are tasked with exploring the city, scavenging for supplies, and making critical moral decisions that affect both their own survival and the fate of other survivors they encounter. The game is praised for its deep level of interactivity, allowing players to engage in visceral combat with zombies using a variety of melee, ranged, and makeshift weapons, all within a physics-based environment that enhances realism. The narrative is driven by player choices, leading to different outcomes and ensuring that each playthrough can offer a unique experience. Released initially for Oculus Rift and PC on January 23, 2020, it later expanded to PlayStation VR, Oculus Quest, and other platforms, offering a compelling and immersive VR experience that stands out in the survival horror genre.

Gran Turismo 7

Best PSVR2 games gameplay

Polyphony Digital has done an amazing job integrating VR into their flagship racing sim, making it feel like the game was designed specifically for the technology.

The VR experience in GT7 is a major improvement over Gran Turismo Sport. When you’re in a race, the transition from the menus to the actual race might be jarring at first, but it’s a welcome change. Being able to freely look around inside your car feels incredibly natural, and the tracks feel massive. The banks and hills of courses like Laguna Seca and Mount Panorama are more intimidating than ever before.

Racing in VR is deeply immersive, and the update for GT7 is completely free. You can play every aspect of the game in VR, including the online Sport mode. Plus, there’s a VR showcase mode where you can get up close and personal with your car collection. The stunning detail of the cars is even more apparent thanks to the excellent image quality of PSVR 2.

Gran Turismo 7 has a 4.34/5 rating on PS Store and can be purchased for $69.99. Although this game may be out many people’s budget, you should look out for seasonal deals and make the occasional splurge.

Tetris Effect: Connected

The ‘Connected’ part in Tetris Effect: Connected refers to its multiplayer features. You can engage in 1v1 or 3P Connected co-op with friends on all platforms. It’s known for offering a mesmerizing gameplay experience with its stunning visuals and synchronized music – both of those aspects are paramount in the way the PSVR2 version of the game scale.

With PSVR2’s HDR display, the ambient effects shine like never before.

Tetris Effect: Connected offers an immersive and meditative Tetris experience. There are even new bonus modes to explore. The best part is that if you already own the game, upgrading to the PSVR2 version only costs $10.

You can get the game for $39.99 on PS Store where it has a whooping 4.6/5 user rating.

Horizon Call of the Mountain

Developed by Guerrilla Games and Firesprite, and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, this game takes you on a first-person perspective adventure as the skilled climber and archer, Ryas. Your mission is to conquer colossal peaks, overcome fearsome machines, and uncover a hidden danger to the world of Horizon.

Horizon Call of the Mountain is the headline launch title for PSVR2, and it introduces a completely new entry in Guerrilla’s imaginative post-apocalyptic universe. While the story may be challenging to follow, the gameplay is expertly executed. You’ll experience high-rise platforming, making you feel like an elite climber in a hostile world. The game showcases beautiful, sprawling vistas and delivers a jaw-dropping sense of scale. It truly explores the rich potential of Sony’s new headset.

This game has a free trial, however it is available for purchase for $59.99 on PS Store, where it has a 4.4/5 rating.

Red Matter 2

With PSVR2 you can now embark on an immersive and award-winning puzzle-adventure in Red Matter 2, set in a dystopian cold war era. This captivating game takes you on a thrilling journey to the far reaches of space.

Renowned for its stunning visuals and intricate puzzles, Red Matter 2 is a top choice among VR gamers. With the power of Sony’s PSVR2 platform, the game offers improved graphics, enhanced interactivity, and brand new challenging puzzles to solve.

Prepare yourself for a lengthy and engaging gaming experience, as Red Matter 2 boasts a runtime of over 7 hours. What’s more, the game features 4K texture upgrades specifically designed for the PSVR2, ensuring a visually stunning adventure.

Red Matter 2 costs $29.99 and has a nearly perfect user rating of 4.82/5.

Kayak VR

In Kayak VR players get to paddle their way through various rivers and streams. This is an immersive simulation game designed for the PSVR2’s Sense controllers.

With the motion functionality of these controllers, you can experience the thrill of kayaking in a first-person view, exploring breathtaking landscapes around the world. This captivating game not only provides an immersive experience but also offers a great upper body workout as you mimic the act of paddling.

As you navigate through the virtual waterways, you’ll feel a sense of tranquility and excitement, making Kayak VR a perfect choice for those seeking relaxation and engagement in the virtual world.

You can get Kayak VR for $22.99 on PS Store.

Beat Saber

Good news for fans of the popular rhythm game, as Beat Saber will finally be available on the second-generation VR headset in May 2023, a few months after its launch. While there were some tracking issues at the game’s initial release, most of these have been resolved, allowing PSVR2 players to enjoy what many consider to be the best virtual reality rhythm game on the market.

The game offers a unique experience where you wield neon-colored lightsabers to slice through blocks that come flying towards you, all while keeping in time with the beat of the music. The gameplay is fast-paced and incredibly satisfying, making it a favorite among VR enthusiasts.

If you already own the PSVR version, you’ll be glad to know that you’ll receive a free upgrade and can carry over any DLC you may have purchased.

Beat Saber has a 4.7/5 user rating on PS Store where it’s available for purchase for $29.99.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky takes players on an immersive journey through an infinite procedurally generated galaxy. Developed by Hello Games, this science fiction survival game offers a vast universe for exploration, combat, trading, and base-building. With each star representing a sun that you can visit, seamlessly flying from one planet to another becomes a thrilling experience.

The game has received numerous free major content updates, including multiplayer components, surface vehicles, base-building, space fleet management, cross-platform play, and virtual reality support.

Now, with PSVR 2 support, No Man’s Sky offers an even more immersive experience. Whether you’re a returning player or new to the game, the addition of PSVR 2 brings a whole new level of immersion to the vast and contemplative universe. The game looks and runs better than ever, with minimized load times and seamless integration with the DualSense controller.

Plus, with 18 quintillion planets waiting to be discovered, the possibilities for exploration are practically endless. On the PS5, this is the ultimate version of No Man’s Sky to play on console, offering stunning visuals and the option for PSVR 2 support.

No Man’s Sky is yet another more pricey title coming at $69.99, however it does get discounted occasionally and is a must-have game for any VR headset owner.

Walkabout Mini Golf

Walkabout Mini Golf offers a realistic and immersive VR sports experience that allows players to enjoy multiplayer mini golf on their PSVR 2. Developed by Mighty Coconut, this game delivers a truly authentic mini golf experience right in the comfort of your own home.

With the base version of the game, players can access eight 18-hole courses, providing hours of gameplay. If you’re looking for even more variety, the Whole in One bundle allows you to add additional courses to your collection.

Walkabout Mini Golf also offers a range of collectibles and unlockables, giving players a reason to thoroughly explore each course and strive for perfection. One of the standout features of this game is its crossplay support, which means that PSVR 2 players can team up with their friends who are playing on PC.

You can get a better glimpse at what Walkabout Mini Golf offers through VR Today’s Magazine Review on the game.


Synapse is a rogue-lite shooter that combines tactile firepower with telekinetic abilities, creating an immersive and intense gameplay experience.

In this game, you’ll find yourself in a hostile mindscape, facing deadly defenses that can be overcome by using a combination of weaponry and telekinesis.

The gunplay in Synapse is considered one of the best on PSVR 2, thanks to its fully utilized haptic feedback capabilities that make you feel every kick and recoil.

Moreover, Synapse offers a fully integrated upgrade system, ensuring each run feels unique. You can become more powerful based on your preferred playstyle, be it aggressive or defensive.

This aspect of the game adds a near-endless amount of replayability, making Synapse a must-play title for PSVR 2 owners.

Synapse has a 4.6/5 user rating on PS Store, where it costs $34.99.

Resident Evil Village

Best PSVR2 games graphics

The VR mode of Resident Evil Village takes full advantage of the PlayStation VR2’s capabilities, including its 4K HDR display, eye tracking, and 3D audio. This combination creates an incredibly immersive experience for players.

You can engage with the game in a more realistic and interactive manner. For example, you can physically reload firearms and solve puzzles hands-on.

It’s important to note that the VR mode requires the full game of Resident Evil Village to be played. However, some additional content and features may not be fully supported in VR.

Players have praised the VR mode for its immersive and terrifying experience, making it highly recommended if you’re looking for a truly spine-chilling gaming experience.

This game costs $39.99 on PS Store, where it has a 4.7/5 rating, which ranks it among the most played and beloved PSVR2 titles.


Pavlov VR is an immersive team-based multiplayer shooter game that offers realistic weapon handling and a wide range of game modes. With over 65 interactable weapons and attachments, you have plenty of options to choose from to suit your playstyle.

The game has received high praise for its engaging gameplay, impressive sound design, and stunning graphics. However, it’s worth noting that some players have reported experiencing motion sickness while playing. To address this, Pavlov VR provides in-game settings that can help alleviate the issue.

Another great feature of Pavlov VR is its crossplay support with PC, allowing you to team up and compete with friends regardless of their platform. Recently, the game made the transition to Unreal Engine 5, resulting in a significant update that further enhances the overall experience.

To enjoy Pavlov VR on PSVR2, you’ll need the Sense controllers and headset, as well as a PlayStation Plus subscription for online play.

Pavlov is available for purchase for $24.99 on PS Store, where it has a 4.49/5 rating.

Synth Riders

As one of the first rhythm games to make its way to the PSVR 2, Synth Rider’s remastered edition served as a launch title for the system, giving it a significant advantage over its rival, Beat Saber. Many players were drawn to Synth Riders due to the lack of information about when Beat Saber would finally arrive on the new platform.

This dance-oriented title not only provides players with an excellent workout but also offers enjoyable and immersive experiences. The gameplay is centered around dancing and moving to the rhythm of the music, creating a truly engaging and interactive experience. With its well-designed levels and catchy soundtracks, Synth Riders keeps players hooked and coming back for more. The game’s visuals are stunning, and the virtual environments create a sense of immersion that enhances the overall gameplay experience.

You can learn more about what Synth Rider offers by reading VR Today Magazine’s Review of the game.


Moss, developed and published by Polyarc, is an action-adventure puzzle game that immerses players in a vibrant world as they join Quill, a young mouse, on a quest to defeat Sarffog and rescue her uncle. Set in a captivating environment filled with ancient artifacts and enigmatic creatures, Moss stands out as one of the best titles for the original PSVR.

Now, with the release of the PSVR 2 version, the game has been enhanced with improved visuals and tighter controls, breathing new life into this charming adventure puzzle game. However, it’s worth noting that Moss remains a relatively short experience, with players able to complete everything in under ten hours.

The good news is that the game already has a sequel called Moss: Book II, which has also been enhanced for the PSVR 2. Both titles have received numerous awards and nominations, solidifying their status as must-play games in the VR genre.

Both Moss (4.5/5 rating) and Moss: Book II (4.8/5 rating) cost $19.99 on PS Store each.


Our goal was to identify games that provided an immersive and enjoyable virtual reality experience. As it seems the PSVR2 offers an exciting lineup of games that cater to various interests. This is good news for anyone who has splurged on both the PS5 and the PSVR2. You won’t be bored – there are plenty of titles to choose from, and the top games that have made our selection are all must-play VR experiences, which are technically elevated through the PSVR2’s capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are These Games Exclusive to PSVR2, or Can They Be Played on Other Virtual Reality Platforms?

Most of these games aren’t just for PSVR2. You can play them on other virtual reality platforms too. However, Horizon Call of the Mountain is a PSVR2 exclusive title.

What Are the System Requirements for Playing These Games on Psvr2?

To play these games on PSVR2, you’ll need a compatible PlayStation console and the PSVR2 headset. Make sure your console meets the system requirements, including sufficient processing power and storage space.

Can These Games Be Played With a Regular Playstation Controller, or Do They Require Specific VR Controllers?

You’ll need the Sense controllers to play these games on PSVR2.

Are There Any Multiplayer or Online Features Available in These Games?

Yes, games like Walkabout Mini Golf, Synth Riders and Tetris Effect: Connected offer multiplayer experiences.

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