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Best VR Roblox Games

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If you have already read VR Today Magazine’s article on Roblox VR, then you’re probably already looking for good Roblox VR games to try in this enhanced mode. Here, you’ll find all the titles that have won over Roblox VR fans and have proven to be the top worthwhile experiences on the platform.

How we chose only good Roblox VR games?

When selecting the top VR Roblox games, we took into consideration the reputation of the titles – by assessing their ratings and the number of times others have played the game, it became clear which of the games are worthwhile.

We looked for games that offer a variety of activities and gameplay options, such as Cooking, building, and generally messing around in VR.

It was also very important to include games that could be enjoyed regardless of the type of headset you have.

Here we have prepared more similar lists of VR Games for you:

VR Hangout

VR Hangout is a virtual reality experience available on Roblox, designed to be a social space where players can engage in various fun activities. Whether you have a VR headset or not, you can join this world and participate in games such as ping pong, basketball, and more. The environment is crafted to facilitate social interactions and provide a casual, enjoyable experience for users looking to hang out with friends or meet new people in a virtual setting.

VR Hands

VR Hands is designed to offer virtual reality (VR) users with realistic hands within the Roblox platform. Originally created for the Oculus Rift, the game now supports other VR headsets like the Valve Index. It includes enhanced chat bubbles and name tags for an improved experience in VR mode. Players can interact using virtual hands, creating an immersive environment akin to popular VR games such as VRChat. However, incorporating full-body tracking beyond hands remains challenging within Roblox’s development environment.

If you’re familiar with Hand Physics Lab on Oculus Store, then you’ll find VR Hands equally enjoyable.

Cleaning Simulator

Cleaning Simulator overview

Cleaning Simulator’ is a popular game on Roblox where players assume the role of cleaners tasked with maintaining the interior of a massive structure known as the BribbleCo building. The objective of the game is to clean the building, which is a giant tower. Players can use various tools such as mops, brooms, and sprays to clean different areas. There is also a boss that players must defeat in order to complete the game.

You can enjoy Cleaning Simulator in both single player or with others.

Clashers VR

Clashers VR overview

Clashers VR is a free game on the Roblox platform that offers multiple game modes, including wave survival and castle defense. In this game, players can team up with up to three others to battle floppy and wobbly enemies. The gameplay is designed for VR, allowing players to wield a variety of weapons such as swords, bows, and shields. It’s important to note that the game is still in beta, and the microphones are currently not functional. Within Clashers VR, players have the opportunity to socialize and enjoy the company of others in the virtual realm.

The game boasts an array of opponents, ranging from flying adversaries armed with fireballs to shield-bearing foes and skilled lancers. Players have the chance to test their skills and compete against others by checking the leaderboard to see how they stack up. With its wave survival and castle defense modes, players can immerse themselves in a thrilling virtual world filled with exciting challenges and cooperative play.

Ragdoll Sim

Ragdoll Sim overview

Ragdoll Sim VR is a physics-based simulation game that lets players control a ragdoll character and interact with the environment in a virtual reality setting. The game boasts realistic ragdoll physics and supports VR devices for an immersive experience. Players can manipulate the ragdoll’s limbs and body to perform various actions like jumping, running, and climbing. Different modes, such as push and survival, are included where players can compete against each other or collaborate to achieve common goals.

Cook Burgers

Cook Burgers Roblox overview

‘Cook Burgers’ is a popular Roblox game created by developer Sssqd. In this game, players are tasked with managing a burger joint. The main objective is to prepare and serve a variety of burgers to meet customer demands. To ensure that ingredients stick together, they need to be placed on plates before cooking. Players can use the E key or the Flip button to manipulate objects they are holding. Additionally, the game offers a feature that allows players to obtain their own VIP servers without needing to purchase passes.

Koala Café

Koala Cafe Roblox overview

Koala Cafe is a popular game on the Roblox platform where players can begin their career at the cafe, take on various roles, and serve customers restaurant-themed food to advance in a simulation of a real cafe. The game features an interactive cooking system and allows players to join a communications server to meet the community. It has gained popularity as a place for making friends, enjoying food, and engaging in role-playing activities. The game allows players to simulate working at a cafe, serving customers, and participating in various restaurant-themed activities.


VRBlox is a virtual reality experience in Roblox that enables users to draw and create in a 3D space using VR technology. It offers a unique way to engage with Roblox, providing a more immersive and interactive gameplay experience. Additionally, VRBlox boasts its dedicated YouTube channel featuring gameplay demonstrations and tutorials. Users can easily connect with other VRBlox enthusiasts by exploring VRBlox-related content on Roblox or by joining dedicated groups.

Laser Tag VR

Laser Tag VR enables players to engage in first-person laser battles in a virtual reality setting. While it is possible to play without VR headsets, using VR equipment enhances the overall experience. The game offers various modes and maps, promoting intense teamwork and engagement among players as they aim for victory.

This game appeals greatly to friend groups as it allows the players to fraternize and compete against each other in a fun way.

Sound Space

Sound Space is a rhythm game on the Roblox platform inspired by Beat Saber. It aims to shine a spotlight on incredible artists, offering players the chance to unlock new music, cosmetics, and unique spaces through gameplay. Most players use a mouse, although a small percentage opt for VR or a tablet with a pen. Custom maps are available, and there’s a map editor for those who want to create their own challenges. Additionally, players can disable the GFX for a less visually distracting experience.

The game includes some paid content, and it’s worth mentioning that not all official maps are of high quality. Sound Space has a vibrant community of rhythm gamers, with events that players can participate in.


Edgeworks Roblox overview

Edgeworks is a VR-exclusive game on Roblox that features physics puzzles, freerunning, parkour, and climbing. This action platformer allows players to explore a virtual world and complete various challenges. Players can climb walls, jump over obstacles, and solve puzzles to progress through the game.

This game is tailored for VR users, attracting those seeking distinctive challenges that demand problem-solving abilities and physical interaction in a virtual setting. The game also appeals to a community that appreciates interactive multiplayer experiences, where players can engage with each other irrespective of their platforms.


Playing Roblox games can be a ton of fun, but opting for VR mode provides an elevated form of entertainment. As not all Roblox titles support VR, it can be hard to find games on the platform that not only have the specific mode but are also good. If you try any of the featured titles, your VR experience in Roblox will be not only pleasant but also re-playable.

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