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Best VR apps for artists

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For artists, VR offers a new frontier of creative possibilities, allowing them to experiment with immersive and interactive experiences that blur the lines between reality and fantasy. With the rise of VR apps designed specifically for artists, the possibilities for artistic expression have expanded exponentially. From digital painting and sculpture to 3D modeling and animation, these innovative tools are empowering artists to push the boundaries of their craft and explore new ways of storytelling.

The following is a selection of the best VR apps for art and design, which will enable any creative painter or model in a VR environment.

How did we select the top VR painting and art apps?

  • It was important that the featured apps simulate real-world painting and sculpting materials, allowing artists to experiment with different brushes, tools, and textures to achieve lifelike effects.
  • We looked for apps that have a seamless and intuitive interface that makes digital painting and sculpting feel like a natural extension of the artist’s abilities
  • The best VR art apps provide a wide range of brushes, pencils, and other artistic tools, along with customizable settings to suit the artist’s preferred style.
  • Apps that block out the physical world and create a focused, distraction-free space for the artist to enter a state of flow are highly recommended

Vermillion – VR Painting

Vermillion is a VR painting simulator available on Meta Quest 2, Steam, and the Rift Store. It offers a realistic painting experience where colors mix as they would in real life. This allows you to easily load your brush with paint and create various shades by mixing primary colors. The app provides a rich painting experience with features like wet-on-wet painting, realistic color blending, layers, undo/redo options, and a variety of brushes and tools for precise control.

Users can share their artwork on social platforms or export 3D models for VR applications. Vermillion aims to simulate the joy of oil painting digitally, offering a comprehensive platform for artists to express themselves creatively.

Vermillion has the impressive rating of 10/10 stars on SteamVR and has received 4.8/5 stars on Meta Quest Store. The app can be purchased for $19.99 from both platforms.


SculptrVR is a virtual reality sculpting and creation tool that enables users to easily craft, explore, and share amazing 3D sculptures and worlds. The application offers intuitive sculpting tools that empower individuals of all ages and skill levels to create impressive 3D models and environments. With a 10,000x zoom capability, users can construct large structures with intricate details. SculptrVR fosters creativity and experimentation, providing no formal tutorial – users can freely dive in and begin sculpting.

The app offers a range of sculpting tools, such as carving, painting, and shaping, allowing users to bring their imaginative visions to life. One of SculptrVR’s notable features is its multiplayer functionality, which enables users to collaborate on shared virtual spaces and creations. This feature facilitates art collectives, friends, and families to come together and build imaginative worlds. While the app may feel slightly imprecise compared to more polished 3D modeling tools, SculptrVR’s focus on tactile, freeform sculpting makes it a captivating and accessible creative platform for both artists and non-artists alike.

You can get SculptrVR for $19.99 from SteamVR, where it has received 9/10 stars, or from Meta Quest Store where it has a rating of 4.3/5 stars.

Gravity Sketch

Gravity Sketch overview

Gravity Sketch is a versatile 3D design and modeling software that enables users to bring their ideas to life in real-time, from initial concept sketches to detailed 3D models. The software offers a wide range of digital tools for creating within VR environments.

Users can integrate Gravity Sketch into their organization’s design workflows, allowing them to explore and communicate ideas in 3D early in the design process, thus accelerating development. The platform supports gestural interaction as the primary input method, providing an intuitive experience for users to address spatial and ergonomic challenges on the fly.

Moreover, Gravity Sketch empowers users to create, review, and share their work in 3D at every stage of the creative process, enhancing the communication of design intent. The software ensures smooth data transfer to existing CAD and rendering programs, supporting file formats such as .obj, .iges, and .fbx. Available for both VR and iPad, Gravity Sketch allows users to synchronize files between the two platforms using LandingPad. The software facilitates free-form sketching, wireframe creation, and collaborative design exploration in a virtual environment, serving as a valuable tool for designers seeking a robust 3D design solution.

The Gravity Sketch VR app is free to get from both SteamVR where it has received 7/10 stars and Oculus Rift Store where it has 4.1/5 stars.

Kingspary Graffiti VR

Kingspray Graffiti VR is a virtual reality painting experience that lets users create stunning and realistic graffiti art in a virtual environment. This multiplayer VR game provides a unique and immersive platform for users to unleash their creativity without the constraints of real-world graffiti. It offers a variety of surfaces, spray cans, and environments to paint in.

The game features realistic surfaces, spray and drip effects, a wide selection of real-world Ironlak spray cans, and multiple detailed locations such as a Subway Station, Auto Repair Shop, Train Yard, Rooftops, and a Bunker. Users can interact with objects in the virtual world, control music, and take pictures while enjoying a smooth user interface and a diverse soundtrack.

Kingspray Graffiti VR has garnered positive feedback for its attention to detail, convincing graphics, and immersive experience. It is highly recommended as a VR painting game that captures the essence of urban graffiti art in a virtual setting.

Kingspray Graffiti is priced at $14.99 and can be bought from SteamVR where it has a rating of 9/10 stars or from Meta Quest Store where it has 4.1/5 stars.

Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush is a virtual reality application developed by Google that enables users to paint and create in a 3D digital space using compatible VR headsets and controllers. This innovative tool offers a wide array of brushes, tools, and effects, allowing artists to unleash their creativity and design immersive virtual worlds. With features such as oil painting, wet paint, ink brushes, stars, smoke, fire, neon, and light wire, Tilt Brush caters to both traditional fine artists and adventurous creatives.

Users can import 3D models, sketch interiors, and design spatial constructions, making it a versatile platform for various design projects. Despite some limitations in tool functionality, Tilt Brush remains a respected tool for virtual reality art, 3D design, and immersive experiences. While Google ceased further development in 2021, Tilt Brush continues to be a valuable resource for hobbyists, fine artists, architects, fashion designers, and spatial designers looking to explore the realm of virtual reality art.

You can get Tilt Brush for $19.99 from Meta Quest Store where it has a 4.5/5 star rating or from SteamVR where it has 9/10 stars.

Let’s Create! Pottery VR

Let’s Create! Pottery VR overview

Let’s Create! Pottery VR is a virtual reality experience designed to help users relieve stress and find inner peace through the art of pottery creation. This immersive and therapeutic game allows players to go through all the stages of creating ceramics, from choosing the color of the clay to shaping it on a potter’s wheel with their own hands.

Users can add elements, burn, and decorate their creations, giving them a unique style and character. The game offers a variety of colors and ready-made color palettes for customization, allowing players to express themselves artistically. Let’s Create! Pottery VR is available on platforms like PlayStation VR, Steam, and Meta Quest for $19.99, offering a family-friendly, adventure-filled, and casual gaming experience.

Players can complete tasks, special orders, or create their own projects, making it a versatile and engaging virtual pottery experience.

Quill VR

Quill is a powerful VR illustration and animation tool designed to empower artists and creators. It was originally created for an illustrator at Oculus Studios to develop scenes for the animated VR short film ‘Dear Angelica.’ Quill offers a range of features tailored to its target audience. Despite its steep learning curve, Quill’s capabilities make it a valuable tool for experienced users.

The tool lacks traditional onboarding elements like tooltips and tutorials, emphasizing the need for users to explore and learn through hands-on experience. Quill’s instructional videos are well-crafted, providing detailed guidance on its functionalities. Additionally, Quill’s support system offers solutions to common issues, such as ensuring the latest GPU drivers are installed and troubleshooting startup errors.

Quill VR is still an early access app on oculus Rift Store where it has a rating of 4.2/5 stars.

Final Thoughts From VR Today Magazine on the Best VR Apps for Artists

By utilizing the power of VR, artists can now explore new dimensions of expression, experiment with unconventional mediums, and collaborate with fellow creatives in virtual spaces. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting your creative journey, VR apps offer a unique opportunity to unlock your full artistic potential.

As you immerse yourself in these virtual environments, you tap into new sources of inspiration, discover novel techniques, and unleash your imagination in never-before-possible ways.

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