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Thanks to VR technology many of our favorite activities can now be practiced in a virtual environment in the comfort of your home. Of course, none of those experiences can match the intensity of traditional sports, but they do provide a similar form of exercise. When it comes to baseball, VR games offer a great opportunity for anyone to try playing this iconic sport without special equipment or looking for somebody to throw balls at you.

Here are some VR baseball games that can enable any fan of the game or a regular rookie to experiment with their ability to strike and hit.

How were the top VR baseball games chosen?

  • We looked for games with immersive gameplay that allowed you to feel like you are on the field surrounded by fans.
  • The selected games had to have realistic physics that mimic the experience of hitting a home run or making a spectacular catch
  • We also considered games with a multiplayer mode that enables you to compete against other players online, join tournaments, and challenge friends for a spot on the global leaderboard.

Totally Baseball

In Totally Baseball VR, players are transported into a virtual baseball world where they can fully experience the sport. Developed by Viewer Ready, this game allows users to enjoy various baseball activities such as batting, pitching, and fielding within a digital environment. Players can select from different teams like the Fighting Foxes, San Diego Sloths, Reno Robbins, and L.A. The game offers the flexibility to play 3, 6, or 9 innings and provides customization options like sound settings, throwing assistance, teleportation, slow motion, and ball indicators.

The current version of Totally Baseball VR features a single-player mode with three fields and three initial teams available for gameplay. There are expectations for future updates that will introduce more teams and fields, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Practice mode allows players to refine their skills before taking on competitive games, emphasizing the importance of mastering VR controller techniques for batting and pitching efficiency.

Totally baseball is priced at $19.99 and can be purchased from both Meta Store and SteamVR where it has a 9/10 star rating.

WIN Reality Baseball

WIN Reality offers a virtual reality (VR) baseball and softball training platform that utilizes immersive technology to enhance players’ skills. This training system provides various workouts and modes tailored to improve timing, plate discipline, pitch recognition, contact, and power. Users can choose from Standard or Pro plans for unlimited access to game-speed pitches, swing analysis, and personalized training sessions.

The platform is designed for players of all ages and skill levels, offering age-appropriate stadiums, mound distances, and a vast library of over 600 pitchers to practice against. Users can practice against a bullpen of 600+ game-speed pitchers with different ages, handedness, and velocity profiles, providing a unique training experience not easily replicated in traditional batting cages.

WIN Reality also offers advanced swing analytics, mobile app integration for pitching practice, live multiplayer competitions with professional coaches, and an exhibition mode for realistic game simulations.

A subscription is required to play this game, which is available on Meta Store, where it has received 4/5 stars.

MLB Home Run Derby VR

MLB Home Run Derby VR is a virtual reality game that simulates the experience of participating in a home run-hitting competition across all 30 major league ballparks. The game offers a realistic baseball experience where players can perfect their swing using motion-based controls and compete against others in timed competitions.

It features a new 100-level progression system with customization rewards like bat skins and ball trails earned through achievements. Players can personalize their online clubhouse and trophy room to match their favorite team’s colors and display in-game awards. The game also supports online multiplayer with eight-player tournaments.

MLB Home Run Derby VR is available on PlayStation VR2, Quest App Lab, and Steam, with a recent release on the main Meta Quest store on March 28, 2024. The game costs $29.99 and has been rated with 7/10 stars on SteamVR.

Baseball Kings VR

Baseball Kings VR overview

Baseball Kings VR is a virtual reality baseball game that offers a realistic baseball experience for the humbe price of $14.99. The game allows players to enjoy sports in VR with features like hitting to precise directions, pulling, and bunting, all enhanced by the application of physics. While there are no critic or user reviews available yet, the game is described as a choice without regret for those who want to immerse themselves in a baseball simulation through VR. Baseball Kings VR is praised for its realistic physics and mechanics, enabling players to swing for the fences like professional MLB players.

Baseball Kings VR can be purchased for $14.99 from SteamVR.

Everyday Baseball VR

Everyday Baseball VR is a virtual reality baseball game developed by Wisecat. This lesser-known game was released in 2018 and offers an immersive experience based on real baseball. The developers aimed to strike a balance between convenience and realism, ensuring that players, whether familiar with baseball or not, can easily enjoy the game. Players can expect features like controller support, tracked motion controllers, and compatibility with various VR headsets like SteamVR, Oculus VR, and Windows Mixed Reality.

You can get Everyday Baseball VR for $12.99 from SteamVR.

All-in-One Sports VR

All-In-One Sports VR offers a variety of sports titles for users to enjoy, such as baseball, archery, ping pong, basketball, bowling, badminton, golf, dart, billiards, boxing, and tennis. This VR experience aims to enhance physical and mental health through safe and contactless gameplay. Additionally, All-In-One Sports VR supports real-time player versus player (PvP) matches for a more engaging experience.

The game provides an immersive and realistic baseball experience, with features like batting, pitching, and gameplay mechanics that simulate real-life sports actions. It is praised for its engaging multiplayer mode, attention to detail, and variety of sports options. However, one limitation mentioned is the absence of online play specifically for baseball, which may impact the overall experience for baseball enthusiasts.

All-in-one sports VR is priced at $19.99 and has been rated with 9/10 stars on SteamVR and 4.5/5 stars on Meta Store.

Umpire Simulator

Umpire Simulation VR overview

Umpire Simulator VR is a virtual reality experience that puts players in the shoes of a baseball plate umpire. Players are challenged to make accurate calls on pitches ranging from 75 to 105 mph. The game lets players practice calling balls and strikes, giving them a realistic taste of the quick decision-making needed in baseball umpiring. Through VR technology, players are fully immersed in a room-scale environment, allowing them to observe pitches from different angles behind the plate. This enhances their perception of pitch speed and trajectory.

Despite its simplistic presentation with static backgrounds and basic player models, Umpire Simulator VR provides a unique opportunity for umpire training and practice. It is especially beneficial for aspiring or active umpires seeking to enhance their skills. The game offers a platform to hone decision-making abilities in a fast-paced and challenging setting.

You can get Umpire Simulator for only $2.99 from SteamVR or Viveport, which has received 4/5 stars.


Baseball VR games are popular because they offer an immersive experience, making players feel like they are on the field and enhancing the excitement of the game. These games are not just for entertainment, and they also provide a unique opportunity for players to improve their skills and prepare for real matches. The realism and interactivity of VR baseball games, such as hitting a ball with a real bat in a digital environment surrounded by virtual fans, contribute to their popularity among gamers.

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