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Whether you simply want to cool off after a stressful day at work or have an indoor workout session VR boxing games are here to propose you with an entertaining yet efficient solution. You can choose a realistic simulator game which puts great emphasis on adopting technique and strategy, or you can also try a more fun arcade-style boxing experience, which will demand a lot of arm movement and thus result in good upper-body exercise.

Instead of wondering where to begin, we’ve made it easier by providing you with a list of the top VR boxing games, which will enable you to enter the ring without risking getting a black eye.

Key Takeaways

  • VR boxing games can provide you with both a great gaming and workout session.
  • Variety in training modes and fighting styles caters to diverse preferences.
  • Rhythm mechanics and fitness integration enhance engagement in VR boxing games.
  • Unique experiences like Manny Boxing VR and Fighting Clans offer realistic matches with advanced AI.

How we chose the top VR boxng games?

When selecting the top VR boxing games, we prioritized detail, realism, rhythm mechanics, training modes variety, and fighting styles diversity. The level of detail and realism in a VR boxing game can greatly enhance your overall gaming experience, making you feel more immersed in the virtual world. Therefore we looked for games that pay attention to these aspects to truly feel like you’re in the ring.

Rhythm mechanics add another layer of engagement, requiring you to time your punches and movements effectively to succeed.

We also included games with a range of training modes, as they can help you improve your skills and stay challenged. Whether it’s a dedicated training session to work on your speed or endurance, variety keeps the gameplay fresh. Additionally, the diversity of fighting styles available in a VR boxing game can cater to different preferences. Whether you prefer a more technical approach or a brawler style, having options adds depth to the gameplay.

The Thrill of the fight

The Thrill of the Fight,’ immerses players in a challenging VR boxing simulation where strategic punches and quick reflexes are key to defeating a variety of opponents with unique fighting styles.

In Thrill Of The Fight, you’ll face off against opponents of varying difficulties, each with their own distinct fighting techniques. To succeed, you mustn’t only rely on your boxing skills but also employ strategic thinking to outmaneuver your adversaries.

Landing punches on vulnerable spots, such as the sides of their heads or chins, will deal more damage, but be prepared for swift dodges and counterattacks from your opponents. This game, renowned for its authenticity on platforms like Oculus Quest 2 and PCVR, offers a realistic boxing experience that emphasizes simulation over gamification.

As you progress through the challenging difficulty levels, expect a physically demanding workout that combines the immersive world of VR boxing with the benefits of exercise.

For only $9.99, you can get The Thrill of the Fight from Steam VR, which has a perfect user score of 10/10.

Creed: Rise to glory

In Creed: Rise to Glory, you get to train under Rocky Balboa, fight legendary opponents, and aim to conquer the championship. Developed by Survios and based on the Rocky franchise, this VR boxing game offers an authentic experience of stepping into the shoes of an aspiring boxing champion. The Championship Edition, released in 2023, introduces new characters, costumes, and arena options from CREED III, enhancing the gameplay further.

With 22 different boxers from the Creed and Rocky universe, 4K HDR support, and foveated rendering for improved visuals and performance, ‘Creed: Rise to Glory’ delivers an immersive experience across platforms like PlayStation VR, Oculus Quest, and PC VR systems. The recent Sweet Science update added new fighters, arenas, and a calorie-tracking feature, boosting the game’s fitness potential.

You can also engage in career mode, train rigorously with Rocky Balboa, and navigate through multiple bouts to claim victory. Despite some tracking and graphics issues, this game appeals to fans of the Rocky and Creed movies for its homage to the beloved franchise.

Creed: Rise to Glory costs $29.99 and can be purchased from SteamVR, Meta Store and PS VR Store.


Box VR overview

In BOX VR, you’ll experience a unique blend of cardio fitness and fun through a rhythm-based gameplay that challenges you to jab and punch beats coming your way. Unlike traditional boxing games, BOXVR focuses on hitting timed beats instead of facing opponents in the ring.

With over 150 tracks ranging from high-energy K-Pop to lively samba tunes, the game offers a diverse music catalog to keep you engaged. BOXVR caters to both beginners and experienced boxing enthusiasts, providing an enjoyable workout experience for all skill levels.

Additionally, the built-in Workout Analyzer can recommend the ideal playlist for your exercise routine, making it easier to stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals.

The game costs $29.99 and can be purchased from SteamVR (where it has 7/10 rating) and Meta Store (4.2/5 star rating).

Knockout League

Knockout League offers you a thrilling arcade-style boxing experience in virtual reality (VR). This single-player game is designed specifically for VR, allowing you to dodge, block, and attack with precise movement and punch tracking.

With a variety of opponents and training games, Knockout League also includes a built-in calorie tracker to help you meet your fitness goals. Available on platforms like Steam and Viveport, the game emphasizes the physicality of boxing in VR, enabling you to experience a full-body boxing workout by dodging, weaving, and throwing punches in your own space.

Knockout League rewards you for skillful play, punch variety, and punch power, incorporating advanced gameplay mechanics such as parrying, punch variety, momentum, and scoring.

Knockout League is available for purchase on both SteamVR and Meta Store, which cost $19.99.

The Fastest Fist

‘The Fastest Fist’ is a high-intensity virtual reality boxing training game designed to enhance reaction time, speed, and strength through rapid punch responses and blocking techniques. This game offers an intense and fast-paced workout, perfect for those looking to improve their fitness level.

With tactile feedback provided through the controllers, ‘The Fastest Fist’ is praised for its fitness scalability and lack of nausea, making it a popular choice for VR fitness enthusiasts. According to the VR Health Institute, players can burn between 6-8 calories per minute while playing.

The game is recommended for individuals familiar with boxing movements, this game is known for its replayability and time perception benefits. As you engage in training sessions, you’ll quickly learn to throw punches and block attacks, all while enhancing your strength and speed.

There’s also a real-time progress monitoring on a visual scoreboard which keeps you motivated, with a summary of your achievements provided at the end of each session.

You can get The Fastest Fist from SteamVR for only $9.99.

Virtual Boxing League

Virtual Boxing League offers a realistic and challenging VR experience for players seeking to enhance their boxing skills and fitness levels. The game presents a ladder mode with various opponents demonstrating real-life fighting techniques, along with five engaging mini-games to maintain player interest.

Virtual Boxing League caters to a wide range of players, whether you’re looking to learn boxing fundamentals, boost your self-assurance, or simply enjoy a workout. The incorporation of motion capture data from professional boxers heightens the authenticity of the challenges, providing a genuine and immersive experience. This realism adds depth to the gameplay, making it feel like a genuine boxing training session.

Virtual Boxing League is available for purchase on both SteamVR and Meta Store for $19.99.

Mech League Boxing

In Mech League Boxing, players engage in intense virtual reality combat against robot mechs using a combination of swinging, dodging, and countering techniques. The game offers a training mode where you can customize your gear and unleash your aggression on giant robots in an arena tournament.

A tutorial is available to teach you how to throw punches, block, wield weapons, and counter enemy moves. You can practice on speed bags, punching bags, and various weapons in the training area.

Additionally, Mech League Boxing includes a calorie counter that estimates the energy expended during each match, providing a full cardio workout that burns around 8-10 calories per minute.

You can get Mech League Boxing for only $8.99 from SteamVR.

Manny Boxing VR

Manny Boxing VR overview

Manny Boxing VR is a boxing game providing realistic matches featuring the legendary Manny Pacquiao. This game offers a range of training modes like mitt training, dummy hitting practice, punching speedball, and heavy bag training to enhance your boxing skills. With Manny Pacquiao, the only eight-division world champion in boxing history, as the main feature, you can experience the thrill of stepping into the ring with a boxing legend.

Manny Boxing VR goes beyond just training modes; it also includes advanced AI with five difficulty levels, providing a challenging experience for players of all skill levels. Additionally, the game allows for real-time multiplayer boxing, so you can test your skills against friends or other players online. Available on PlayStation VR, Manny Boxing VR requires a PS VR headset, PS Camera, and PS Move motion controller to fully immerse yourself in the virtual boxing world.

Manny Boxing VR costs $14.99 on SteamVR.

Drunkn Bar Fight

While some players enjoy the lighthearted fun of Drunkn Bar Fight VR, others have criticized aspects like its physics and punching animations. Despite its simplicity and immersive qualities, the game has faced scrutiny for its unrealistic physics, repetitive character dialogue, and somewhat clunky punching animations. Some users have found the gameplay lacking in depth and polish, which may deter those seeking a more refined virtual reality experience.

However, Drunkn Bar Fight VR does have its merits, offering a casual and stress-relieving outlet for players looking to engage in rowdy and silly behavior. The game allows you to throw bottles, darts, and chairs in a humorous setting that can be enjoyed solo or with up to four players. If you’re in the mood for some light-hearted fun and don’t mind overlooking its flaws, Drunkn Bar Fight VR might just be the perfect choice for a fun and entertaining virtual reality experience.

Drunkn Bar Fight is available for $13.99 from SteamVR (7/10 stars) and Meta Store (4.2/5 stars).

Fighting Clans

In this virtual reality game, players engage in combat using unique street fighting moves and rules, aiming to win and survive.

The first-person perspective adds to the immersive nature of the street fights, where players must navigate the underground world of fighting to pay off their debt with the Mafia. You’ll participate in underground battles using a combination of fists and kicks, utilizing mechanics such as dodging, punching, and countering.

While the enemy AI may not be as advanced as in Knockout League and other simulators, this budget VR boxing title still offers a thrilling experience for those looking to satisfy their boxing cravings in a virtual setting.

This early access game can be found on both SteamVR and Meta Store for only $7.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can VR Boxing Games Help Improve Physical Fitness and Stamina?

Engaging in these games provides a fun and interactive way to stay active. They require a lot of movement, especially from the upper body.

Are There Any Multiplayer Modes Available in These VR Boxing Games?

Yes, Creed: Rise to glory and Drunkn Bar Fight support multiplayer. You can challenge friends or other players online, making the experience more interactive and competitive.

How Realistic Is the Gameplay in Terms of Mimicking Actual Boxing Techniques and Movements?

You can practice jabs, hooks, and footwork, immersing yourself in a lifelike boxing experience that challenges your skills and agility.

Do These VR Boxing Games Offer Customization Options for Players to Personalize Their Experience?

From choosing your gear to adjusting difficulty levels, most of these games let you personalize your experience for maximum enjoyment.

Are There Any Plans for Future Updates or Expansions to Add More Content to These VR Boxing Games?

No exclusive information regarding updates on the featured titles is yet known.


The featured VR boxing games pack a punch and deliver an immersive experience that will make you feel like you’re in the ring with a real opponent. From intense training sessions to adrenaline-pumping matches, these games can transport you to the center of the action. If you want to have fun playing a game and combine it with your daily exercise, then VR boxing games are a must in your VR library. The main thing one should keep in mind is to keep away any precious objects from your playing space, as you’ll be hitting and jabbing a lot.

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