best vr games for couples

Best VR Games for Couples

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Whether you’re an avid VR gamer or a beginner in virtual experiences, you sure know that there’s nothing better than playing a game with other people. Introducing the concept of VR to your significant other through games is the best way to spend quality time while having fun in virtual reality. When choosing which games would be most appropriate for both of you, always keep in mind factors like ease of play and which game genre would be most interesting to explore together. Here, we’ve gathered some examples of low-entry VR games that are suitable for couples. Check this page if you are looking for more “serious” multiplayer VR games.

Key Takeaways

  • Taking the most out of VR gaming is only possible when more people are included in this extraordinary experience.
  • There are many VR games that can be enjoyed by romantic partners and thus be used as a fun way to spend free time together.
  • Social, action, and simulation VR games are the most suitable for couples.

Important Note: While some of the featured VR games for couples may come with a hefty price tag on official platforms like Steam or the Meta Store, we’ve taken the initiative to hunt for more budget-friendly options. Explore our curated list to discover attractive deals on several games. Before making a purchase, ensure the game is accessible in your region and that you’re selecting the correct version compatible with your platform.

In the following list, you’ll come across two categories of third-party game sellers: Authorized vendors (such as Fanatical) have obtained keys directly from developers or official platforms, ensuring legitimacy. On the other hand, there are unauthorized sellers (like Kinguin), functioning as peer-to-peer marketplaces. While the latter is more budget-friendly, it involves purchasing from individual sellers, introducing some risks. However, rest assured that every merchant mentioned in this article is a reputable and trusted brand, boasting thousands of positive reviews and years of experience in the gaming industry.

Superhot VR

Superhot VR is a highly stylized first-person shooter (FPS) game that offers a unique gameplay mechanic where time moves only when the player moves. This innovative feature allows for strategic planning and precision, turning typical shootouts into a sort of tactical puzzle. Players can dodge bullets, disarm enemies, and manipulate their surroundings in slow motion to overcome challenges. Originally developed for the Oculus Rift, the game has been praised for its immersive VR experience, which is enhanced by intuitive controls that mimic real hand movements, allowing players to interact with the game world in a physically engaging way. The visual style is minimalistic, with stark environments and enemies highlighted in red, which focuses the player’s attention on the action and strategy required to navigate each level. Superhot VR has been adapted from its original non-VR version, maintaining the core gameplay while adding new dimensions of interaction unique to virtual reality.

Walkabout Mini Gold

Walkabout Mini Golf is a virtual reality game that offers a highly immersive and social mini-golf experience. It is an excellent choice for couples looking for a fun and interactive VR game to enjoy together. The game features beautifully designed environments, realistic physics, and a variety of challenging and visually appealing courses.

One of the key reasons Walkabout Mini Golf is great for couples is its multiplayer functionality. Couples can play together in private rooms, sharing custom room names to create a personal and troll-free environment. The game’s multiplayer sessions are praised for their ability to extend playtime significantly, as players often don’t want to stop playing, even when running out of battery. Additionally, the guest pass feature allows players to enjoy a round on a DLC course together, even if only one person has purchased the course.

The game’s physics and gameplay are designed to feel like real mini-golf, providing a satisfying and authentic experience. Players can use teleportation or stick-based locomotion for movement, and the game supports both standing and seated play with adjustable settings for comfort. Also, the developers from Might Coconut release new DLCs quite frequently, which add new levels, terrains, and mechanics.

It is truly one of our favorite VR games, and we highly recommend it!

VR The Diner Duo

This local multiplayer game for the HTC Vive is perfect for couples looking for a shared interactive experience, as they would have to join forces in order to manage a virtual diner.

This game offers plenty of challenges, with 30 levels of increasing difficulty, 14 recipes to master, and an endless mode with local high scores.

System requirements include Windows 7, Intel i5, 8 GB RAM, GTX 970, and SteamVR or Oculus PC.

VR The Diner Duo has been positively reviewed on Steam and costs $14.99.

Rec Room

Second on the list is the world-renowned social VR platform Rec Room. Couples can join in and have fun with tons of activities, like paintball, disc golf, dodgeball, and paddleball. The game also features mini-games created by other users, like the battle royal shooter Rec Royale.

Plus, you can design your own room or game with Rec Room’s easy-to-use tools. It’s the perfect game for couples who want to spend quality time in virtual reality, no matter where they’re located.

It’s free to download from SteamVR, Meta, and PS Store and is also a great.

Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale

If you and your partner are looking to have some fun cooking together, then Cook Out: A Sandwich Tale is the perfect virtual experience for both of you. This game is developed by Angry Bird’s creators – Resolution Games, and allows you to work together in a virtual kitchen where you’ll have to make delicious sandwiches!

You can grab ingredients floating around the kitchen to create delicious subs for customers. You can even compete against each other, flinging sandwiches around and laughing the whole time.

Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale is now part of the Resolution Games Bundle ($54.93), which includes Demeo, Acrons, and Angry Birds: Isle of the Pigs.

You can buy Cook-Out on Steam or Meta Quest for $19,99 or for a cheaper price as listed below:

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

The main aim of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is to encourage good teamwork and communication between two people.

One person wears a VR headset and finds themselves in a bunker with a ticking time bomb. The other person reads instructions from a manual and explains how to defuse it. Success depends on communication, so it’s best to play in person rather than over video chat.

The following bundles of the game are currently available: Asymmetrical Co-Op Bundle for $44.78 and Cozy Couch Co-Op Bundle for $60.43. The standalone price on Steam is $14,99, but you can buy it on Gamivo for a fraction of the price:

Gamivo is a peer-to-peer marketplace, so actually you are buying the game from another individual. They are one of the most trusted marketplaces for game keys, with a 4.3 rating on Trustpilot out of 36,689 reviews.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is an exciting and interactive VR game perfect for couples who want to have some fun while listening to feel-good music. In this game, all you have to do is raise your arms and cut the beats that come flying from all directions. It has an incredible soundtrack, and it’s really fun watching your partner dance around like a lunatic. Plus, there’s a multiplayer mode, so you can compete and attempt to beat each other’s high scores.

Created by Czech game developer Beat Games, this game costs $29.99 and can be purchased in bundles, including a Linkin Park x Mike Shinoda Music Pack for $10.96 and a Queen Music Pack for $13.97.

Konrad’s Kittens

Step into the world of Konrad’s Kittens and explore the life of a realistic yet virtual cat with your partner. The game offers users the chance to take care of their kitten, unlock multiple areas, and play 6 different mini-games. Plus, you can opt for Plushy Mode for a more realistic experience.

Rumor has it that the creator of the game, Konrad Kunze, designed Konrad the Kitten, especially for his girlfriend,

The game is available on Steam VR, PlayStation VR, Oculus PC, and Viveport.

Reviews have praised Konrad the Kitten for its realistic graphics. At only $14.99, this game is the perfect way to figure out whether or not you and your partner should welcome a new furry friend into your lives.

It Takes Two

It Takes Two is an adventure game designed for co-op play. Developed by Hazelight, this genre-bending game follows the story of Cody and May, a couple struggling to save their relationship. As a result, they are transformed into clay figures, a father, and a wooden mother. You must face numerous challenges in order to strengthen your relationship.

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive – Game Informer rated it 9.25/10, and GamesRadar+ gave it a perfect 5/5 score.

Although the price of $39.99 may be discouraging, this game is perfect for those who are willing to challenge their problem-solving skills within marital life. Luckily, we have found the best deal for the game below:

Fantastic Contraption

With Fantastic Contraption, you and your partner can create life-sized machines together in virtual reality. This surreal building game allows players to construct contraptions such as cars, tanks, and catapults as big as horses and solve puzzles on a floating island.

It features 50 levels ranging from easy to difficult, with infinite solutions available. Plus, it has an online sharing feature so you can marvel at others’ creations and a level editor to create and share your own puzzles.

For just $19.99, you can enjoy hours of fun with your partner while testing your 3D modeling skills. Fantastic Contraption’s mostly positive reviews make it a good game recommendation for couples interested in building things.

Waltz of the Wizard

Waltz of the Wizard allows gamers to enter the virtual world of magical powers while guided by a talking skull, which would help you figure out how to bound spells and make potions in a cauldron.

This game is inspired by films like Fantasia and Harry Potter, which are both notorious for great world-building within a magical realm. It is available on PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Quest 2 platforms and was developed by Aldin, who has specialized in virtual reality software since 2013.

At $19.99 and with 192 out of 2029 users recommending the game, Waltz of the Wizard is sure to provide a magical evening for couples everywhere.


VR games can be a great way for couples to bond and have fun together. From the challenging puzzles of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes to the cutesy adventure of Konrad the Kitten, there’s something to satisfy every couple’s gaming needs.

Just like a relationship, each game has its own unique challenges and rewards, and playing them together can be an adventure in itself.

More of our favorite VR games:

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy these games from an Authorized Reseller or a P2P marketplace?

When you buy VR Games from an authorized reseller, it means that you are purchasing them from someone who has officially bought the keys and is reselling them to you, probably for a better price compared to official platforms such as Steam and Meta Store. When you buy from a P2P marketplace, you are buying from another individual, which usually is much cheaper, but has its risks.

What Hardware Do I Need to Play These Games?

To play these games, you’ll need a VR headset, controllers, and a compatible computer or console.

Are There Age Restrictions on These Games?

No, none of the listed games impose specific age restrictions.

Are Voice Commands Supported in Any of These Games?

Unfortunately, none of the mentioned games support voice commands.

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