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Best VR games for iPhone

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Mobile VR games should be valued more, as they offer accessible VR experiences that more people can afford to try. This would increase VR’s popularity significantly and nudge VR developers to improve this advanced technology.

Although there are quite a few mobile VR games to experiment with, most of them are made especially for Android devices. This makes it harder for iPhone and iOS users as a whole to take advantage of such experiences. That’s why we’ve put in the effort to gather the best VR games for iPhone, which are both accessible and highly entertaining.

How we chose the top VR games for iPhone?

We took into consideration the following set of criteria when selecting the best VR games for iPhone:

  • User perception – keeping track of all the games’ reviews and ratings has helped us figure out which of the titles have superior reputations among the users.
  • Diverse experiences – the games had to offer a variety of experiences. From space battles and shooting games to exploration and racing, this list has an option for every taste.
  • Price – we’ve made sure to include games that won’t strain anyone’s budget and are accessible.
  • Compatibility – it was important to select titles that are supported on various iOS devices.

Here we have other resources to help you discover more amazing VR games based on your platform or preferences:

Final Kick VR

Final Kick VR is a virtual reality soccer game developed by Ivanovich Games, designed to simulate the intense moments of penalty shootouts. The game offers realistic graphics and simple, intuitive controls, allowing players to experience the thrill of scoring and saving goals as if they were in a real football match. Players can compete in local offline tournaments against top teams or engage in multiplayer matches, connecting with friends or online opponents. The game is available for free on various platforms, including Android and iOS, with optional in-app purchases for additional features and content.

VR Galaxy Wars

VR Galaxy Wars is an immersive space shooter game that lets players engage in frenetic combat in a galaxy full of epic space battles. Players assume the role of a commander navigating through star systems, fighting between galaxies, and protecting territory. The game allows users to explore the galaxy, colonize new planets, and test their reflexes in a thrilling ride through space. With the option to use a VR headset for a 3D view, players can experience an environment filled with action, hundreds of enemies, and challenging missions to become the hero of the stars.

The game is free to download from Apple’s App Store, which has a 4.2/5 star rating.

Super hot Mobile

‘Super Hot Mobile’ is a first-person shooter game that combines elements of puzzle games, offering a unique and immersive gaming experience. It features a mechanic where time only moves when the player moves, creating strategic and challenging gameplay. The game includes a variety of levels, each with its own set of enemies and challenges. Players can control time to plan their moves and execute them with precision. Super Hot Mobile also boasts an impressive arsenal of rifles and weapons, along with the ability to dodge bullets with remarkable accuracy. The graphics are stunning, making it suitable for players who enjoy challenging games and want something different from typical shooter games on the market.

Roller Coaster VR Theme Park

Roller Coaster VR Theme Park overview

Roller Coaster VR Theme Park offers a virtual reality amusement park experience with over 34 attractions, including roller coasters, carousels, and a horror house. The app provides a realistic environment with many animated carousels and roller coasters that can be enjoyed in VR mode by placing your phone in a VR device. Users can enjoy various rides and experiences within the amusement park, such as roller coasters and adventure in the horror house.

The game offers different features, such as realistic environments, multiple carousels and roller coasters, and the ability to ride all attractions in virtual reality. For a better experience, it is recommended to use headphones and configure VR settings for your device. The app also includes in-app purchases for unlocking additional content like roller coasters, bumper cars, and more.

Roller Coaster VR Theme Park is free to play and has a 4.4/5 star rating on the App Store.

VR xRacer

VR XRacer is a popular VR racing game for iPhone users, offering an immersive experience with two modes: hand mode and virtual reality mode. The game has attracted over 5 million players worldwide and was recognized as one of the Top 10 Best Virtual Reality Games in 2016. Players can enjoy multicolor themes, superb graphics quality, and an endless race with increasing difficulty. The storyline involves a star war scenario where players defend Earth from UFO spaceship attacks by flying jets and avoiding obstacles.

The game features stunning 3D visual effects, spaceship customization, and the challenge of collecting credits to purchase spaceships. In VR mode, players need to navigate carefully to avoid falling down while enjoying the thrill of VR racing on an iPhone X. The gameplay involves flying forward, avoiding obstacles, collecting rings by moving sideways, and progressing through increasingly challenging levels.

VR xRacer is free to download from the App Store, where it has a 4.4/5 star rating.

Star Chart VR

Star Chart VR is a virtual reality planetarium app available on the App Store for iPhone. It offers a real-time simulation of the solar system and night sky, allowing users to explore from the Sun to distant planets like Pluto. The app requires a Cardboard viewer for an optimal experience and runs smoothly on iPhone 6 and higher-end devices. Star Chart VR provides an immersive way to learn about constellations, stars, planets, and moons. It features accurate star and planet simulations, a 3D solar system, all 88 constellations, and more.

The app is designed to offer an educational and entertaining experience for users interested in astronomy and space exploration.

This app can be purchased for $2.99 from the App Store.

VR Space Stalker

VR Space Stalker overview

VR Space Stalker is a 360 VR space simulator that immerses users deeply into the world of space battles and adventures using VR virtual reality glasses. The game features both on-rail and free-flying segments, offering a mix of shooting and piloting experiences. It boasts a commendable sense of space and detailed graphics, with ship designs, asteroids, and structures adding to the visual interest. The game supports head tracking for aiming and can be played without a control pad, although using a control pad is recommended for easier control in crowded environments. VR Space Stalker is free to download and is developed by Fibrum Limited.

VR Space Stalker has a 4.1/5 star rating on the App Store.

Fractal Combat X

Fractal Combat X (FCX) is an action-packed flight combat game. It offers top-notch 3D graphics, VR support, and progressively intense gameplay. Players can pilot a variety of jets through open and unfamiliar skies, engaging in aerial missions on another planet with power and speed at their disposal.

In the game, players can take on missions by flying and shooting down targets. By doing so, they earn credits to upgrade their jets or purchase new ones with unique strengths and weaknesses. The controls involve ascending, descending, steering, and shooting missiles using the keyboard or mouse.

Developed by OYK Games, Fractal Combat X is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Fractal Combat X is free to play and has a 4.7/5 star rating on the App Store.

End space

End Space is a first-person spaceship shooter game that offers high-quality virtual reality immersion. Players take on the role of a pilot in command of the Minos Starfighter, the most advanced starfighter developed by the United Trade Consortium.

The game is set in the Tartarus Sector, where players battle for control against the insurgent Tartarus Liberation Front to protect the UTC’s secret jump-drive technology and maintain dominance in the sector.

The game is developed by Justin Wasilenko and is available for purchase on the App Store for $0.99.

Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue is a virtual reality game where players assume the role of a firefly navigating colorful worlds, avoiding enemies, and collecting power-ups to progress further. The game offers an immersive experience where players control their character by turning their heads to dodge obstacles and enemies. Players have the opportunity to unlock five different firefly characters, each showcasing unique flying styles and voices, to explore various environments such as fiery caverns and lush woods.

The game is specifically designed for iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, and 6S Plus, as well as iPod Touch 5th and 6th generation devices. It is compatible with major Cardboard VR devices and headsets. Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue delivers an addictive runner-style gameplay akin to Temple Run but within a 3D VR setting.


Playing mobile games may be entertaining, but VR takes those experiences to a whole new level. Being able to use VR through your very own iPhone makes it way easier to try all types of VR apps and games. If you consider any of our game recommendations, you sure won’t be disappointed and would probably even reach for VR mobile experiences more often than not.

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