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Best VR Indie Games

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In the ever-evolving landscape of VR gaming, indie developers have been carving out a unique niche with their innovative and captivating creations. Indie VR games offer players a refreshing departure from mainstream titles, often showcasing creativity, originality, and a personal touch that sets them apart.

The following is a selection of the best indie VR games anyone with a headset should look into.

What are VR indie games?

Indie VR games are virtual reality games developed by independent developers or small studios, rather than large AAA companies. These games often showcase unique and innovative gameplay mechanics, creative storytelling, and immersive experiences. Indie VR developers have the freedom to experiment and take risks, leading to groundbreaking games that offer fresh perspectives and engaging gameplay.

These games leverage the futuristic capabilities of VR technology to create captivating worlds that resonate with players, offering a diverse range of experiences from survival challenges to language learning adventures.

How were the top VR indie games selected?

  • We included indie VR games that have strong reviews and ratings, especially on platforms like Steam, Oculus, and PSVR.
  • We looked for recommendations from VR enthusiasts and reviewers who highlight exceptional indie VR games that may have been overlooked. Titles like Tea For God, Paper Beast, and Rumble are mentioned as standouts.
  • It was important to consider indie VR games across different genres, from narrative adventures to roguelikes to action games.

More of our favorite VR games in other categories:


Underdogs VR is an innovative and thrilling VR mech brawler game. In the game, you pilot a short and agile mech suit, using your arms to control the mech’s movements and attacks. The gameplay involves intense, physics-based combat where you use your mech’s arms to swing, punch, grab, and slam enemy robots and mechs. You can also use special attachments on your mech’s arms, like grappling hooks or blades, to experiment with different playstyles.

The game is set in a gritty, cyberpunk-inspired world, with the player character Rigg and his hacker brother King fighting in underground mech arenas to earn enough money to escape the authoritarian AI that is hunting them. The narrative is delivered through stylized comic book-style cutscenes that take advantage of VR’s sense of scale and perspective.

Underdogs has the perfect rating of 10/10 stars on SteamVR and has received 4.9/5 stars on Meta Quest Store. It can be purchased for $29.99 from both platforms.


Amid Evil VR is a retro first-person shooter game reimagined and rebuilt from the ground up for virtual reality platforms. This game offers players a fast-paced and intense combat experience reminiscent of classic shooters like Quake. Amid Evil VR features immersive controls and satisfying combat mechanics, providing players with a nostalgic yet refreshing gameplay experience.

The game allows players to wield powerful weapons, traverse challenging environments, and engage in non-stop action, making it a compelling choice for fans of retro shooters looking for an adrenaline-pumping VR experience. Amid Evil VR has received positive reviews for its faithful adaptation to VR, maintaining the essence of the original game while introducing new ways to interact with the gameplay in a VR environment.

Amid Evil VR is priced at $19.99 and is available for purchase on SteamVR where it has 9/10 stars and 4.6/5 stars on Meta Store.


Rumble is a VR game that lets players manipulate rock and stone at will to win online PvP matches. In this VR fighting game, players control and manipulate the environment using body movements, resembling earthbending in Avatar. The game’s learning curve is steep, requiring players to master specific stances and movements to perform in-game actions like throwing discs or placing poles reliably. This high skill floor has made it challenging for some players to get into the game.

Rumble focuses primarily on PvP multiplayer, which can be frustrating for new players who often face more experienced opponents. There is no single-player mode or additional content to help with the transition. Despite the challenges, players who invest time to learn the game find it to be an amazing and intense VR experience.

You can get Rumble for $20 from Meta Quest Store and SteamVR where it has received 9/10 stars.

Jet Island

Best Indie VR Games - Jet Island VR

Jet Island is a VR high-speed exploration game. It is set on a giant land mass floating in space, featuring stone structures and ruins scattered across this ancient land, creating a vast and immersive environment. Players can explore this massive open world on a hoverboard, sliding at extreme speeds across various terrains, from hills to tall buildings. The game incorporates elements of adventure, casual play, racing, simulation, sports, and VR, providing a diverse and engaging gameplay experience.

One of the standout features of Jet Island is its innovative gameplay mechanics. It includes hand jets for precise acceleration control, hook shots for versatile movement and swinging like Spider-Man, and a wrist-mounted holomap for navigation in the expansive world. The game’s physics system, based on Newton’s Laws of Motion, ensures realistic movements and interactions, enhancing the sense of immersion for players.

Jet Island offers a range of game modes, including single-player, online multiplayer, online co-op, and cross-platform multiplayer, allowing players to enjoy the game solo or with friends. Players can embark on objectives like seeking out power-ups, upgrades, and tools, as well as exploring the vast world and conquering challenges like reaching the highest point at Sky Mountain. Jet Island provides a thrilling and rewarding VR experience.

Jet Island has the impressive rating of 10/10 stars on SteamVR and 4.6/5 stars on Meta Store. You can purchase it from both platforms for $19.99.

Paper Beast

Paper Beast is an exceptional and immersive virtual reality experience that transports players into a mesmerizing world filled with paper creatures and a rich ecosystem. Developed by Pixel Reef and designed by legendary game designer Eric Chahi, renowned for titles like Another World, Paper Beast offers a surreal adventure that blurs the lines between reality and big data. Players are on a mission to explore a data-derived world where they encounter strange anomalies, including sentient paper beasts, all within a code-based environment that feels strangely alive.

The game’s core concept revolves around the juxtaposition of paper with big data, creating a world teeming with unique flora and fauna that react realistically to player interactions. The art style of the game is visually stunning, with creatures entirely made out of paper, each behaving like real animals in a natural ecosystem. Gameplay consists of environmental puzzles where players manipulate animals, objects, and the landscape to progress through the game. Rather than following a traditional narrative, Paper Beast focuses on experiential storytelling, offering a poetic and enigmatic journey that promises to be unlike any other VR experience.

You can get Paper Beast for $19.99 from SteamVR where it has received 9/10 stars or from Meta Store where it has 4.6/5 stars.

Ancient Dungeon

Ancient Dungeon VR is a procedurally-generated rogue-lite dungeon crawler game developed by Eric Thullen and released for PSVR2. In this game, players must explore a randomly-generated underground labyrinth known as the ‘Ancient Dungeon’, fighting through hordes of different enemies using a variety of upgradable weapons and physics-based combat. The dungeon is designed to have no way back, forcing players to find a way through to escape. Each run is different as the dungeon shifts and changes behind the player.

Over 100 different upgrades can be collected and unlocked, ranging from simple helper upgrades to game-changing abilities like exploding throwing knives. The game features deep environmental storytelling, with players able to search for long-lost writings and historical records to uncover the dungeon’s hidden secrets.

Ancient Dungeon VR is available on PSVR2 and has also been released in early access on Steam and the Meta Quest Store. It is priced at $19.99 and has even received the perfect rating of 10/10 stars on SteamVR.

Eye of the Temple

Eye of the Temple is an immersive room-scale VR adventure game that thrusts players into the exploration of a vast and perilous temple. Leveraging the unique capabilities of VR technology, the game offers an experience that is both physically and mentally engaging. Playing as an adventurer, players must traverse the temple’s intricate network of moving platforms, levers, and traps, armed only with their torch and whip. The game’s ingenious puzzle design demands players to skillfully time their movements and maintain balance as they navigate shifting blocks and rolling barrels.

The temple’s environments are meticulously crafted, boasting a visually stunning Mayan-inspired aesthetic that transports players to a mysterious and ancient realm. Through the clever use of lighting effects and ambient sound design, the immersive atmosphere is further heightened, evoking a sense of awe and exploration as players unravel the temple’s secrets. Progressing through the game entails solving environmental puzzles, discovering hidden gems, and uncovering the dark history of the temple by activating bird statues.

Eye of the Temple costs $19.99 on SteamVR where it has 9/10 stars.

The Light Brigade

Best Indie VR Games - The Light Brigade VR

The Light Brigade is a VR roguelike shooter that combines World War II-era weapons with dark fantasy elements and spiritual themes. Players assume the role of a spiritually immortal but physically fragile warrior tasked with saving the world from encroaching darkness. The game showcases procedurally generated battlegrounds set in various biomes, ranging from fog-drenched forests to floating sky levels and castle ruins. Players must traverse these environments, engaging in intense, physics-based gunfights against a variety of increasingly challenging enemies.

Combat in The Light Brigade centers around mastering the realistic handling of period firearms, including rifles, submachine guns, and pistols. Players are required to reload magazines, operate bolts, and align iron sights to effectively combat their adversaries. Additionally, the game incorporates light-based ‘spells’ and abilities that can be strategically employed, such as a temporary shield of light.

You can get The Light Brigade for $24.99 from SteamVR where it has 9/10 stars or from Meta Store where it has received 4.5/5 stars.

Wrap It Up

In conclusion, the world of indie VR games is a vibrant and innovative space where creativity knows no bounds. From immersive storytelling to unique gameplay mechanics, indie developers continue to push the boundaries of virtual reality, offering players experiences that are truly unforgettable.

If you want to celebrate the passion and dedication of these developers, you should support their effort by trying any of the featured games.

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