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VR technology has revolutionized the way we experience entertainment. One of the most enchanting genres to emerge is VR magic games. These games transport players into mystical realms where spells are cast with a wave of a hand and illusions come to life. They offer a truly immersive and captivating experience every wizard buff would appreciate.

In order to make your choice of spellcasting VR games easier, we selected the best titles in the genre you should be looking out for.

How were the top VR magic games chosen?

  • The selected games had to offer a diverse range of spells, magical abilities, and interactions to keep the gameplay engaging and immersive.
  • We choose titles which are known for providing a high level of immersion, allowing you to feel like a wizard through hand movements and spellcasting mechanics.
  • We also took into consideration games with captivating storylines that add depth to the gameplay and make you feel part of a magical world with interesting narratives.
  • It was paramount that the highlighted games offer intuitive control mechanisms, such as gesture-based spellcasting, to enhance the feeling of being a wizard and provide a satisfying gameplay experience.
  • The included VR titles have high replay value, including additional modes, challenges, or campaigns, to ensure long-term enjoyment and continued interest in the game.

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The Mage’s Tale

The Mage’s Tale is a first-person virtual reality dungeon crawler RPG developed and published by inXile Entertainment. It is a spin-off of The Bard’s Tale series, set before the events of The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep. In the game, you play as a young mage whose master is ambushed and kidnapped. You must explore a series of subterranean dungeons, solving puzzles and fighting enemies in order to grow stronger and rescue your master.

Combat is real-time, utilizing physical gestures to cast spells. The game features a deep spell-crafting system that enables you to mix various ingredients to create different spell effects, such as fireballs that seek enemies or lightning bolts that cause burn damage. Movement in the game combines free movement and a teleport mechanic, allowing you to navigate the dungeons and dodge attacks in real time.

The environments are highly detailed, with varied settings like caverns, dungeons, and castles to explore. Critics praised the game’s tone, environments, and spell-crafting mechanics but criticized its shallow puzzles, repetitive combat, and nauseating movement. The Mage’s Tale was developed in parallel with The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep and the two projects share some assets and tools.

The Mage’s Tale VR is priced at $29.99 and can be purchased from SteamVR and Meta Quest Store where it has received 4.2/5 stars.

Waltz of the Wizard

Waltz of the Wizard‘ is a captivating virtual reality experience that immerses players in the enchanting world of a wizard’s tower. Players assume the role of a wizard, exploring a magical environment brimming with intricate details and interactive elements. The game enables players to experiment with various spells by combining ingredients in a cauldron, unleashing a range of magical effects such as fireballs, polymorphs, gravity spells, and more.

Players can engage in activities like shooting targets with a crossbow, drinking potions to experience size changes, and playing tunes on a xylophone to teleport to different realms. ‘Waltz of the Wizard’ boasts impressive visuals, detailed environments, and a variety of objects to interact with, creating a truly immersive experience. Additionally, the game offers cooperative play, allowing a second player to assist in causing chaos and passing ingredients.

While the game may offer a shorter experience, it provides a spellbinding sandbox adventure that empowers players to unleash their inner wizard and explore the wonders of magic in virtual reality.

Waltz of the Wizard has a rating of 9/10 stars on SteamVR and 4.4/5 stars on the Meta Quest Store, where it can be purchased for $19.99.


Wands is a first-person VR dueling game that lets players engage in fast-paced magical battles against other players online. The game unfolds in a secret workshop where players can customize their wands and spells before stepping into the arena.

Players can select from a variety of wands and equip them with different spells for the duels. The duels themselves last 3 minutes, and the player with the most health remaining at the end wins. Players can also emerge victorious by depleting their opponent’s health entirely.

Leveling up and obtaining new spells and avatars is possible, but it doesn’t offer significant gameplay advantages. The main focus lies on the skill and strategy employed during the dueling. The game boasts a steampunk-inspired visual style, with players only seeing a pair of disembodied gloved hands representing their in-game avatar. The environments and character designs exude a dark, gritty aesthetic.

You can get Wands for $19.99 on the SteamVR where it has a rating of 7/10 stars.

The Wizards – Dark Times

The Wizards – Dark Times VR overview

The Wizards: Dark Times is an action-adventure VR game that immerses players in the thrilling world of powerful wizards. Situated in the fantasy realm of Meliora, this game serves as a sequel to the original title, The Wizards. With an intuitive and immersive spell-casting system, players can unleash a variety of magical abilities by using natural hand gestures. These include fireballs, ice bows, force pushes, and more. The spellcasting mechanics are crafted to feel authentic and empowering, truly making players feel like wielders of arcane powers.

The story of the game follows the player, an unnamed mage, as they embark on a journey through the corrupted lands of Meliora to halt a dark plague that has twisted the inhabitants into hostile beings. Throughout this quest, they are accompanied by the witty and sarcastic narrator, Aurelius, who offers commentary and guidance. The game provides a linear, story-driven campaign that leads players through diverse environments such as swamps, caves, and mountaintops. The levels are meticulously designed and visually stunning, leveraging VR technology to create a deeply immersive fantasy world.

Although the story may seem straightforward, the core gameplay focuses on mastering the spell-casting mechanics and effectively using them against enemies, which is the true allure of The Wizards: Dark Times. The array of spells available and the intuitive gesture-based controls combine to deliver a unique and gratifying VR experience.

The game is priced at $24.99 and can be purchased from Meta Quest Store and SteamVR where it has a 7/10 star rating.

Magitek VR

Magitek VR is a magical adventure VR game that incorporates physics-driven spells based on the four elements of nature: earth, air, fire, and water. Players partake in combat with foes and solve puzzles as they journey through the expansive open world of Embra. The game showcases intricate and dynamic spell casting, with each class of magic demanding distinct skills and training to become proficient. It also offers an interactive environment where players can manipulate elements to devise innovative solutions to obstacles.

Emphasizing quick attacks, smooth hand movements, and high mobility, Magitek VR enables players to deflect spells and engage in nimble combat. Additionally, the game boasts a comprehensive RPG system, enabling players to enhance spells and tailor their playstyle with an array of weapons and items.

Magitek has received an 8/10 star rating on SteamVR and 4.8/5 stars on Meta Quest Store. It can be purchased from both platforms for $9.99.

A Knight in the Attic

‘A Knight in the Attic’ is a VR puzzle game developed by Mighty Yell and released in April 2023 for the Meta Quest and Meta Quest 2 headsets. In the game, players are transported back in time to the medieval era, where they take on the role of a brave knight exploring the hidden secrets of a mysterious attic.

This immersive VR adventure combines stunning visuals, engaging storytelling, and thrilling gameplay to create a truly unforgettable experience. The player’s journey begins as they explore the attic, uncovering clues and solving puzzles that reveal the hidden history of the space. As they delve deeper, they encounter ghostly apparitions, ancient tomes, and hidden passages that lead them on a thrilling adventure.

The player can wield a sword, shield, and other medieval weapons, engaging in thrilling combat sequences against formidable foes. With its engaging narrative, thrilling gameplay, and stunning visuals, this VR adventure is a must-try for anyone seeking a truly immersive and unforgettable virtual reality experience.

A Knight in the Attic can be purchased for $9.99 on both SteamVR and Meta Quest Store, where it has a 4.3/5 star rating.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR is a virtual reality adaptation of the action role-playing game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, this version of the game is designed to immerse players in the world of Skyrim, allowing them to explore the vast open world and engage in combat, magic, and other activities in a more immersive and interactive manner.

The game includes all the content from the original game, including the base game and all three DLC packs: ‘Dawnguard,’ ‘Hearthfire,’ and ‘Dragonborn.’ The VR version of Skyrim is available for PlayStation VR and Windows-based VR headsets, offering a unique gaming experience that combines the epic fantasy world of Skyrim with the immersive capabilities of virtual reality.

You can get Skyrim VR for $59.99 on SteamVR where it has a rating of 7/10 stars.

Elden Ring

Elder Ring VR overview

Elden Ring VR is a virtual reality mod for the popular action RPG Elden Ring, crafted by modder Luke Ross. This mod enables players to delve into the entire Elden Ring game in VR, offering the choice to adventure in either first-person or third-person perspectives. The goal of the VR mod is to deliver an incredibly immersive experience, inviting players to roam the vast open world of the Lands Between from a first-person viewpoint. This heightens the intensity and visceral nature of combat encounters with Elden Ring’s formidable foes. Nonetheless, the VR adaptation comes with its share of challenges.

Some users have highlighted that the distant landscapes and environments in Elden Ring may not always translate smoothly to VR. Despite these hurdles, the Elden Ring VR mod receives praise for its capacity to immerse players in the game’s breathtaking world. Notably, the mod incorporates features like a ‘Tourism’ mode that offers players the freedom to explore the environment sans enemy encounters. Additionally, it provides options to slow down gameplay for individuals susceptible to motion sickness.

To access the VR mod, you need to subscribe to Luke Ross’ Patreon for $10 per month. This subscription gives you access to the Elden Ring VR mod as well as Ross’ other VR mods. The mod allows you to play Elden Ring in both first-person and third-person VR perspectives. Ross recommends playing in first-person for maximum immersion, although the third-person view is also supported.

Final Thoughts From VR Today Magazine On The Best VR Games With Magic and Spellcasting

If you want to be transported to a fantasy world where you’ll be able to cast spells, duel evil creatures, and get the full wizarding experience, then VR magic games are the ones for you. As we delved into the mesmerizing world of VR magic games, we highlighted the top titles from the genre every fan should know about. We explored the spellbinding gameplay, innovative mechanics, and the enchanting allure that makes them a must-try for any gaming enthusiast.

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