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Best RPG VR Games

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In order to make the most out of their headset, every avid gamer must explore all the different genres of VR games available, especially those that combine themes and aspects of various genres. RPGs are the perfect example of a decent amalgamation of diverse game categories. In VR, these types of games provide players with an elevated sense of immersion and presence in the virtual environment of the game, in which they’re the main characters.

Here we’ve selected some of the best RPG VR games that deserve to be given a try by all who wish to expand their VR gaming palette.

What are RPG VR games?

RPG VR games are virtual reality games that allow players to assume the role of a fictional character in a narrative. Players immerse themselves in a virtual world and engage in activities like sword fighting, gun shooting, farming, and solving puzzles. These games offer an incredibly lifelike experience, providing a close-to-real adventure.

How we chose the top RPG VR games?

When gathering the best RPG VR titles we took into consideration the following criteria:

  • Storytelling – the plot of such games is vital for creating the perfect balance of intrigue and action. The more complex and fascinating the storyline is the greater the engagement of the player would be.
  • Genre Diversity – in order to suit different tastes, we wanted to select RPG titles from various genres – fantasy, open-world, sci-fi, etc.
  • Replayability – this factor is very important for RPGs, especially since those types of games can be on the pricier side. Being able to enjoy the game over and over again is vital to its overall value.
  • Player reception – player reviews and ratings on VR game marketplaces have also been taken into account.

Here, you can check the full list of all upcoming VR RPGs.

Legendary Tales VR

Legendary Tales VR is a virtual reality action role-playing game that supports up to four players in cooperative gameplay. Players can collect items, enhance their abilities, and navigate through dynamically changing dungeons to create their own legendary tales. The game features a variety of gameplay elements including combat with different weapons, spellcasting, and interaction with various in-game objects and environments. It is designed for immersive VR experiences, offering detailed environments and a complex progression system with skill trees reminiscent of games like Skyrim and Diablo. The game has been praised for its engaging multiplayer mode, detailed environments, and the physicality of its combat, although it has been noted for lacking voice acting and having some minor technical issues.

The Elder Scroll’s V: Skyrim VR

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR is a virtual reality adaptation of the popular game. It offers an immersive experience, allowing players to explore the open world of Skyrim in a more engaging way. Players can explore the open world, complete quests, engage in combat, and develop their character through various skills and abilities.

While it provides a unique and immersive experience, some reviews have pointed out potential issues such as motion sickness and visual limitations when compared to the non-VR versions of the game. Players have the option to use different controllers, such as the DualShock 4 or PlayStation Move controllers, to interact with the game. Despite some drawbacks, the game has been praised for its attempt to deliver a full VR experience of a well-established title.

If you are a fan of the original Skyrim and are interested in virtual reality, Skyrim VR could be an intriguing experience for you. The game includes all three DLCs from the original ‘Skyrim’ and is compatible with most mods and save games from the Special Edition.

The game is available on platforms such as PlayStation VR and Steam and costs $59.99.


Demeo VR gameplay

Demeo VR is a cross-platform cooperative RPG adventure game for up to four players that recreates all of the magic and camaraderie of gathering around a tabletop with friends to do battle against the forces of evil. It is a turn-based tabletop strategy game of battle and glory.

It features strategic turn-based combat, deep character classes, and an extensive bestiary of goblins and ghouls. The game is easy to learn but difficult to master, and it feels just as good in a VR headset as it does on PC. It has good replay value, and up to four players can pop into the same session at any time.

Demeo VR has won several awards, including VR Game of the Year and Immersive Reality Game of the Year.

The game has a 9/10 rating on SteamVR where you can purchase it for $39.99.

Asgard’s Wrath 2

Asgarth Wrath 2 gameplay

Asgard’s Wrath 2 is an immersive VR Action-RPG game available on Meta Quest 2 and 3. It offers evolved weaponry, combat, and Godscale puzzles across different realms. In the game, players can become a Cosmic Guardian, fighting against the chaos unleashed by the Trickster God Loki. Asgard’s Wrath 2 features massive realms, brutal physical combat, and the ability to battle gods and monsters in epi-scale VR. Players can possess unique mortal heroes, convert animals into warrior followers, and explore a massive, free-roaming world while solving various challenges.

The game has been praised as the new gold standard in VR gaming, offering a lengthy RPG experience with multiple characters and skills. It is also being promoted as a strong selling point for the Quest 3, with the offer of receiving the game for free upon purchasing the headset.

Asgard’s Wrath has a 4.2/5 star rating on Meta Store, where it costs $59.99.

Zenith: The Last City

‘Zenith: The Last City’ is an anime and JRPG-inspired VR MMO available on various platforms such as Meta Quest 2, Quest 3, Rift, PlayStation VR2, and Steam VR. It offers an open world, action RPG combat, and the ability to climb and fly anywhere. Players can forge alliances and friendships in guilds and parties, participate in epic raids and world events, and strive to become the most powerful Agent in the game.

The game was launched on January 27, 2022, and is continuously evolving with updates and new content. It also features classes to play, perilous dungeons, PVP, and epic boss battles. The Might and Mastery update is available on all platforms.

Zenith: The Last City has a nearly perfect rating of 9/10 on SteamVR and 4.3/5 stars on Meta Store. It can be purchased from both platforms for $29.99.

A Township Tale

A Township Tale is a VR game that has been described as MMO-like with immersive player-to-player interactions, but it is not a traditional MMORPG. It is an open-world RPG that is still under construction and is available on Oculus Quest and PC VR. It is a multiplayer game where players can explore a vast medieval fantasy world, master various crafts such as blacksmithing, mining, and woodworking, and engage in combat as warriors or archers.

The game is built from the ground up to take full advantage of what VR has to offer, and it has fantastic VR-first interaction that has you really engaging with everything from forging a sword to chopping down a tree. The game is very open-ended, and there is no explicit story or quest structure.

The game is free on PC but costs $10 on Quest.

Blade and Sorcery

Blade and Sorcery is a medieval fantasy simulation sandbox game developed and published by the French independent studio WarpFrog, which is exclusively designed for virtual reality. The game showcases full physics-driven combat involving melee, ranged, and magic. It is renowned for its innovative and captivating melee combat system, which is constructed on a physics simulation sandbox.

Initially released in early access in 2018, the game is on the verge of receiving a significant update called ‘Crystal Hunt.’ This update will introduce a plethora of new content, including a storyline, a new dungeon biome, a unique skill tree, character progression, loot gathering, and an array of new armor and weapons, along with other features. The anticipated release for this update is estimated to be in Q1 2024.

Blade and Sorcery has the perfect rating score of 10/10 on SteamVR, where you can get it for $19.99.


‘RUINSMAGUS’ is a virtual reality (VR) action role-playing game (RPG) with a strong emphasis on dungeon crawling and magic-based combat. The game showcases anime-inspired visuals and storytelling, and it is playable on various platforms, including Meta Quest 2, Oculus Rift, Pico, PS VR2, and Steam VR. Players venture into the enigmatic Ruins beneath the city alongside their companion, Iris, participating in first-person combat and immersive exploration of a fantasy world.

The game is known for its fast-paced yet engaging gameplay, focusing on combat and passive storytelling. However, some reviewers have pointed out that the game’s initial tutorials, heavy exposition at the beginning, and repetitive dungeons could impact the overall experience. All dialogue in the game is in Japanese and is accompanied by English or Japanese subtitles. Various comfort settings are available, such as customizable movement, turning, and posture options, catering to different play styles.

The game costs $34.99 on both SteamVR (9/10 rating) and Meta Store (4.3/5 stars).


Arcaxer is a turn-based VR RPG with first-person action-oriented combat and a third-person god-view overworld set in a sci-fi simulation filled with colorful enemies. The game features procedurally generated dungeons, numerous classes, and a 20+ hour campaign.

The game has won several awards, including the 2022 Reboot Game Awards Champion Finalist and the Auggie 2022 Best Game or Toy at the AWE Awards Show Finalist. The game has a comical, fourth-wall-breaking script that adds to the immersive gameplay.

You can get Arcaxer both from Meta Store (4.7/5 star rating) and SteamVR (8/10 rating) for $24.99.

Ancient Dungeon

Ancient Dungeon VR is a rogue-lite dungeon crawler game available on various platforms, including Steam and Oculus Store. It features randomly generated dungeons, powerful bosses, and physics-based combat. The game offers an immersive experience with unique art styles for each dungeon area, a blocky voxel aesthetic, and a variety of enemies.

Players can explore, discover secrets, and challenge themselves with the game’s procedurally-generated layouts. Ancient Dungeon VR provides a full suite of VR comfort options and supports physical movement-based combat with swords and throwing knives. The game also includes interactive elements such as climbing, smashing foliage and furnishings, avoiding traps, and discovering hidden rooms.

Ancient Dungeon is priced at $19.99 on both Meta Store and SteamVR, where it has perfect user ratings of 4.8/5 stars and 10/10 stars on the latter platform.


OrbusVR: Reborn is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in virtual reality that is specifically designed for room-scale VR. It offers a variety of features, such as unique classes, hand-painted visuals, new enemies, dungeons, raids, and a vibrant in-game community. With over 100 hours of distinctive content, players can battle monsters, race dragons, and take part in various activities.

The game’s innovative use of motion controls and its emphasis on social features, like easy player interaction and voice chat, contribute to its appeal. OrbusVR: Reborn also boasts a substantial amount of content, including hundreds of hours of quests, group dungeons, raids, and diverse activities such as Critter Capture events and seasonal quests.

You can get OrbusVR from both Meta Store and SteamvR for $19.99.


Each of the mentioned RPG games will provide you with limitless hours of entertainment and may even be a good exercise for your arms. Only those types of titles are capable of combining action-packed scenarios with fantastical creatures in a medieval-inspired environment, where you get to play as a mystical elf of some kind. That’s how complex and fun these VR games are. Therefore, anyone open-minded enough for adventurous VR experiences like those must give RPGs a try.

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