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VR technology is revolutionizing the world of sports, especially in soccer training. It is enhancing player performance and transforming the fan experience, making significant strides in the realm of soccer. In this article, we will highlight the best VR soccer games worth giving a try. With the given exaples we will explore the immersive world of VR soccer games, delve into how this cutting-edge technology is reshaping the way players train, coaches strategize, and fans engage with the sport they love.

How were the top VR soccer games chosen?

  • Games with detailed environments and a sense of being on the pitch in front of fans can enhance the experience. That’s why we looked into games that offer immersive gameplay and realistic graphics which create an authentic stadium atmosphere.
  • We considered games that allow you to play different positions, such as goalkeeper or striker, to add variety to the gameplay. BeFootball SuperPlayer lets you switch between goalkeeper and striker roles.
  • It was important to highlight games that require movement and interaction
  • We wanted to include games that allow you to improve your soccer skills, like Be Your Best. This game offers over 800 scenarios from real professional matches to help players enhance their scanning abilities, decision-making, and awareness.

BeFootbal SuperPlayer

BeFootball SuperPlayer is a virtual reality football game that offers two game modes set in virtualized real football stadiums. The game includes a Keeper mode, where players act as goalkeepers, and a Header mode, where players become strikers, scoring goals with their heads. Users can compete against each other to become the best goalkeeper and striker, with BeFootball organizing the first Immersive World Cup, where participants can win $3,000 in prizes.

The game aims to revolutionize the football industry through virtual reality, offering a unique way for fans to actively engage in football experiences from home. Additionally, BeFootball is developing the first immersive metaverse of football, incorporating elements of gaming, virtual reality, and football to provide fans with futuristic and interactive football experiences. Top professional players like Marcos Llorente, Memo Ochoa, Marco Asensio, and Charly Rodríguez are involved in this innovative project, enhancing the overall experience for users.

The metaverse allows users to engage in various activities such as playing matches, training in a virtual academy, and experiencing football in new and exciting ways, all through the use of a virtual reality headset and an Internet connection.

You can play BeFootball SuperPlayer for free on Meta Quest store where it has a 4/5 star rating.

Final Soccer VR

Final Soccer VR is a virtual reality soccer game that immerses players in a realistic experience of playing soccer, whether as a goalkeeper or striker in a virtual world. The game simulates the sensation of being in a stadium with changing weather conditions, high-quality graphics, and the challenge of facing off against various teams from around the world. Once on the field, players can kick, dribble, and score goals by using their own movements. They can enjoy realistic physics and user-friendly controls that make them feel like they are truly part of the action.

Final Soccer VR boasts stunning graphics and dynamic gameplay, providing a thrilling and engaging soccer experience suitable for both casual players and enthusiasts. Whether you’re honing your skills, participating in tournaments, or enjoying a friendly match with friends, this VR game offers a unique and exhilarating way to engage with the world’s most popular sport.

The game costs $19.99 and can be purchased from the Meta Quest Store or SteamVR, where it has 7/10 stars.

Incisiv Clean Sheet

INCISIV’s CleanSheet VR is an advanced virtual reality simulator that aims to revolutionize the art of goalkeeping. Developed by the Belfast-based company INCISIV, this cutting-edge technology allows goalkeepers to immerse themselves in realistic game scenarios, enhancing their skills through repetitive practice sessions.

CleanSheet, created by Cathy Craig, Co-Founder & CEO of INCISIV and Professor of Experimental Psychology at Ulster University, offers a unique VR experience where players can simulate crucial moments and match-winning saves, ultimately improving their on-field performance. The simulator is designed to make a positive impact on goalkeepers’ lives while providing an enjoyable and effective training experience.

The VR technology transforms hand controllers into virtual goalkeeping gloves, enabling players to practice essential skills like catching, throwing, and punching the ball. Users can face a variety of challenges such as saving headers, volleys, and free kicks, or reacting swiftly to shots fired through portals, all of which test their reflexes and agility.

CleanSheet has been adapted to cater to both professional goalkeepers and aspiring amateurs, offering a convenient platform for individuals to enhance their abilities from the comfort of their homes.

Clean Sheet Soccer has received 4.7/5 stars on Meta Quest Store where it is priced at $19.99.

Turbo Soccer VR

Turbo Soccer VR overview

Turbo Soccer VR is an immersive football simulator designed exclusively for Virtual Reality. This game allows players to experience the thrill of soccer by stepping into the shoes of real soccer players. With various modes like GOALKEEPER MODE and STRIKER, players can take on different roles within the game.

Turbo Soccer VR offers an innovative Replay Mode, enhancing the gameplay experience by allowing users to relive and analyze key moments of their matches. The game is designed for standing, room-scale VR and requires a relatively modest space of 2-3 meters wide for proper play.

While the standard Vive Controllers can be used, the Goalkeeper Mode is most intuitive with hand tracking. For Striker Mode and Replay Mode, players need to strap the controllers to their feet or use Vive Trackers for whole-body tracking.

Whether scoring goals or making crucial saves, players can feel like professional soccer athletes while enjoying the game’s realistic gameplay.

Turbo Soccer VR can be purchased for $9.99 from SteamVR and the Meta Quest Store.

Eleven Goals

Eleven Goals VR is a realistic football (soccer) simulation game designed for the Meta Quest 2 and Quest 3 VR headsets. It aims to transport the experience of playing football into your own home through virtual reality. The game offers various game modes including Penalties, Free kicks, Curved shots, Cross finishing, Shooting with a wall, and Ball smash.

Players have the option to attach the VR controllers to their legs for a more realistic ball-kicking experience using their actual legs. Additionally, the game can also function as a great workout in VR. Currently, Eleven Goals is an App Lab game, indicating that it is still in development, and the gameplay showcased may not fully represent the final version. If you’re interested in trying it out, the game is available for download from SideQuest.

Eleven Goals VR is an ambitious endeavor aiming to bring realistic football gameplay to VR, offering some unique control options. With its focus on delivering an immersive football experience, the game strives to provide players with an engaging and interactive way to enjoy the sport in virtual reality.

Gorilla Soccer

Gorilla Soccer VR is an engaging virtual reality sports game where players take on the role of a gorilla in a competitive soccer setting. Inspired by Gorilla Tag, the game allows users to experience football (soccer) from a unique perspective, embodying the agility and strength of a gorilla.

Players can engage in various actions such as running, jumping, and hitting the ball, immersing themselves in a dynamic and interactive gameplay experience. The locomotion system in Gorilla Soccer VR is designed to provide an exciting and realistic feel to the gameplay, enhancing the overall immersive nature of the virtual reality sports experience.

Gorilla Soccer VR can be played for free on both SteamVR and Meta Quest Store where it has received 4.5/5 stars.


VRFS overview

VRFS, Virtual Reality Football Simulator, is a community-driven soccer simulator that focuses on realistic physics and competitive multiplayer gameplay. The game aims to offer an immersive experience where players can perform various tricks and skills, such as balancing the ball on their feet or executing powerful shots and passes. The game’s physics engine determines the ball’s trajectory, ensuring a realistic simulation of the sport.

One of the standout features of VRFS is its multiplayer architecture, enabling instantaneous ball-touch response. This feature allows players to react quickly to the ball and make precise movements akin to real-life soccer. Moreover, VRFS supports both seated and standing play, using thumbsticks for movement, making it accessible to a broad audience of players.

VRFS is a free game, offering optional in-game purchases for additional equipment to support the game’s development. The game is available on various platforms, including Oculus Quest and SideQuest, and has garnered positive reviews from players who appreciate soccer and seek a realistic and engaging virtual reality experience.

Final Thoughts on the Best VR Soccer Games

As the virtual ball flies through the air, the rush of adrenaline and the thrill of competition in VR soccer games leave players eager for more. The immersive experience and realistic gameplay in these games are poised to revolutionize the way we engage with sports. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a newcomer to the world of soccer, VR soccer games offer a unique and captivating way to experience the beautiful game.

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