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The underwater world is full of unknowns and most of ocean’s depths have not yet been researched. But underwater games can provide regular people with an opportunity to explore underwater environments and its marine life. VR underwater games provide players with the opportunity to dive deep into the water, enjoy the unreal views and face some quests along the way.

This article presents the best underwater VR experiences everyone allured by the deep ocean’s mysteries should try.

How we chose the top VR underwater games?

In order to make a trustworthy selection of the best underwater VR games, we took into consideration these factors:

  • The level of realism and the quality of the graphics played a huge role in the selection process, as both factors contribute greatly to the degree of immersion the game could provide.
  • We made sure to include titles from different genres, that’s why here you’ll find survival, horror, exploration and educational underwater VR games.
  • The consumer perception of each game was also reviewed, as those titles which had higher amount of reviews and positive ratings were featured.

Subside VR DEMO

Subside VR is an immersive aquatic virtual reality experience that allows players to explore multiple underwater areas. The game features lifelike aquatic creatures, providing an engaging and interactive environment for users to discover and interact with the marine life.


Subnautica VR offers an immersive underwater survival experience that plunges players into the depths of an alien ocean world. In this virtual reality adaptation of the beloved game, players assume the role of the sole survivor of a crashed spacecraft on planet 4546B, a watery world. The game not only challenges players to survive but also to unravel the mysteries of this expansive underwater domain as they delve deeper into its recesses.

The VR version of Subnautica enriches gameplay by delivering a more adventurous and lifelike experience. Players can explore the underwater realm with an added layer of immersion, heightening moments of discovery and terror, such as encountering massive underwater creatures or witnessing the Aurora explosion, which are truly enthralling. The game’s visuals and sound effects in VR establish a sense of presence, immersing players in the game world itself.

While the unmodded version of Subnautica VR provides a satisfying experience, incorporating mods like the SubmersedVR mod elevates gameplay by offering touch controls and additional immersive elements.

Subnautica has the perfect rating of 10/10 stars on SteamVR where you can get it for $29.99.

Ocean Rift

Ocean Rift is a groundbreaking VR experience that transports you to an underwater world right in your own surroundings. Originally launched in 2013, the app has since been updated to include support for mixed reality on various Oculus platforms such as Quest 2, Quest Pro, and Quest 3. In mixed reality mode, users can create virtual windows on their walls to enjoy stunning ocean environments like Shallows, Swamp, Jurassic, Depths, Belugas, and Shark. These virtual windows can be customized with different styles like Frame, Oval, Cage, and Curved. Moreover, Ocean Rift offers a unique feature called skylight, which replaces your real ceiling with a glass view of the virtual ocean world.

The app employs automatic room setup on Quest 3 to detect wall positions, making the user experience more seamless. However, on Quest 2 and Quest Pro, manual marking is required for setting up the virtual windows. While using the passthrough view, the room appears tinted blue to create the illusion of ocean water reflections within your surroundings. It’s important to note that the current version of the app does not support Quest 3’s mixed reality occlusion feature. Despite this limitation, Ocean Rift remains an engaging experience for users looking to explore the wonders of the underwater world from the comfort of their own home.

You can find Ocean Rift available for purchase at $10 on the Quest Store where it is rated with 4.2/5 stars.

Titanic VR

Titanic VR overview

Titanic VR is a virtual reality experience that offers an immersive and educational interactive story centered around the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912. Users can witness the tragic event from various perspectives, such as experiencing the sinking of the Titanic through the eyes of a survivor in Lifeboat 6 and diving to the bottom of the North Atlantic as Dr. Ethan Lynch to discover artifacts from the wreck. The experience is designed to be historically accurate, based on eye-witness testimony and substantial research. It provides users with a unique and engaging way to learn about the Titanic disaster.

The game is priced at $19.99 and can be purchased from both Meta Store where it is rated with 4.1/5 stars or SteamVR where it has garnered 9/10 stars.


ABZU is a visually stunning underwater adventure game that was developed by Giant Squid Studios and released in 2016. It offers players a captivating journey through the depths of the ocean, filled with vibrant marine life and mesmerizing environments.

The game presents a beautiful world where players take on the role of a diver interacting with marine life and ancient ruins. ABZU VR focuses on environmental conservation, allowing players to reintroduce marine animals into desolate areas, emphasizing the importance of preserving ocean life. With smooth swimming mechanics, detailed oceanic environments, and a captivating soundtrack by Austin Wintory, ABZU VR provides a relaxing and educational journey through the ocean depths.

Abzu has a 9/10 star rating on Steam and costs $19.99.


Narcosis VR overview

Narcosis VR immerses players in a terrifying virtual reality experience that takes them deep beneath the Pacific Ocean. Players are thrust into a world of horror and survival, assuming the role of a man in a diving suit. The objective is to navigate through the underwater environment and find a way back to the surface after a disaster has occurred, resulting in the loss of most of the crew. The game’s narrative is driven by well-acted dialogue and voiceovers that provide insight into the events leading up to and following the disaster.

The game focuses on creating a claustrophobic and dread-filled atmosphere, where loneliness and the struggle for survival take center stage. Due to the heavy diving suit they wear, players experience restricted mobility, intensifying the tension and stress as they navigate the underwater world. As the player uncovers details about the disaster and their identity within the game, reality becomes distorted in certain segments. This distortion introduces unsettling images and environments that challenge the player’s perception, enhancing the overall sense of unease and suspense present throughout the gameplay.

You can get Narcosis for $12.99 from SteamVR where it has a 7/10 star rating.

IronWolf VR

IronWolf VR is a room-scale submarine game that offers an immersive World War 2 submarine experience in Virtual Reality. Players can enjoy the game either in single-player mode or online co-op with motion controls. The game is meticulously designed for VR, ensuring an optimal experience in every aspect of submarine operation.

IronWolf VR features a total of 12 different missions, each with unique tasks and varying difficulties, providing players with a range of challenges. Players can also earn medals by completing missions within specific timeframes. The game’s attention to detail is evident in its old-timey WW2 controls, where players interact with dials, wheels, switches, and gauges using their hands, enhancing the realism of the gameplay.

One notable aspect of IronWolf VR is its emphasis on strategic gameplay, requiring players to carefully position their submarines for attacks, scout targets, and make tactical decisions on how to engage enemies.

The game costs $19.99 and is available for purchase on SteamVR where it has a perfect rating of 10/10 stars and from Oculus Rift Store where it has been rated with 4.3/5 stars.

FREEDIVER: Triton Down

FREEDIVER: Triton Down is a VR game that immerses players in an intense underwater adventure. In this game, players assume the role of Ren Tanaka, a skilled diver, who becomes trapped in a sinking ship. The game tasks players with navigating the underwater chaos, all while striving to reach the surface and ensure their survival.

As Ren Tanaka, players must employ their diving skills to free-dive through the submerged vessel, encountering various obstacles and dangers along the way. The game delivers a thrilling experience as players must conquer challenges, unlock pathways, and make crucial decisions to escape the sinking ship.

This game is priced at $8.99 on SteamVR where it has a 9/10 rating and can also be purchased from Meta Store for $14.99.


As scuba diving is quite an expensive activity, which can only be taken advantage of in specific locations, many people miss out on the opportunity to explore the underwater environment. However, VR games are capable of offering a similar experience that everyone with a headset could easily dive into. That’s why giving any of the featured titles a shot is a great way to not only have fun discovering what’s hidden in the ocean’s depths but also educate yourself on the topic matter.

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