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How To Buy Cheap VR Games?

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Investing in a VR headset can be a great strain on your budget, and when you want to play different games, their prices will make it harder to enjoy VR to the fullest. Waiting for those Christmas sales won’t cut it – waiting all year for the best VR deals delays the opportunity to make the most out of your VR hardware. That’s why we’ve selected some alternatives offering VR games with a discount, which will make it easier for anyone to experiment with different titles without breaking the bank.

How we chose the best websites for discounted VR games?

VR Today Magazine’s team is well acquainted with a desire to experiment with different VR titles, which is a rather expensive endeavor compromised by our tight budget. Therefore, we’ve searched for ways to find good deals that would make it easier to try the titles everyone’s buzzing about.

Our selection is based on the following criteria:

  • Amount of VR titles – though there are many websites for discounted game keys, not all of them offer VR titles, and the ones that don’t always have a decent selection. Therefore, choosing platforms that have a wider variety of VR titles has been a priority.
  • Reputation and safety – each of the websites highlights the number of customers they have, which refers to the platform’s ability to gain and sustain a proper client base. Since most of the mentioned websites act as intermediaries, it was important to pick those that have proven to be reliable and enforce reasonable policies regarding the safety of both parties.
  • Payment options – providing customers with diverse payment options is important as it allows people from different parts of the world to purchase any of the listed digital products.
  • Customer support and accountability – 24/7 customer support and quick responses from the marketplace’s representatives are all significant factors determining the level of accountability the website has regarding faulty keys and other problematic matters.



Trusted by most gamers

  • Number of VR Games – 471
  • Supported Countries – Global
  • Supported Currencies – EUR, USD, PLN, GBP, AUD
  • Deliver Time – up to 24 hours
  • Authorized – No

G2A is a marketplace for game keys, gif cards, software, and streaming platform subscriptions. Currently, the platform offers over 75K digital products. Everyone who has game keys they will no longer use could easily sell them on G2A. The premise of the website is similar to all the previously mentioned platforms. Everyone around the world could either purchase discounted VR games or list their own keys for sale on the website. There have been discussions about the safety of the website and its legitimacy, however the officials have stood their ground and made sure G2A remains a reputable marketplace. 

Every seller must register as a business and provide information like VAT number and ID card details. Plus, each seller can be reviewed and rated by customers, which is a great advantage for all users of the platform. It is important to keep in mind that if your account as either a seller or a customer has been inactive for over 180 days, you’ll be charged a €1 inactivity fee. That’s why it’s nice to check frequently for any discounted VR games and take advantage of the platform’s deals.

There’s a G2A plus subscription, which comes with perks like a free game each month, access to exclusive discounts, and priority support. The monthly membership costs $2.99, and the annual plan comes to $28.99.

These are the perks and drawbacks of G2A, which must be taken into consideration before registering on their platform:


  • Decent amount of discounted VR titles
  • Competitive prices
  • You can rate sellers and view other customers’ reviews of them
  • The price includes the payment gateway fees


  • Inactivity fees
  • Delayed customer support answers
  • Money-back guarantee is only possible after a police report


Fanatical offers a selection of over 10,000 different video games. This British platform works directly with publishers and, therefore, provides only officially licensed titles. It has also become part of Fandom, which is the largest fan community website.

Currently, Fanatical has an impressive number of discounted VR games, most of which are well-known major titles like Superhot and the Arizona Sunshine franchise. Although you could find amazing deals on single games, the most worthy purchases would be the VR game bundles, as you could easily get 4 or 5 titles under $10, which is always a great perk for those wanting to experiment with different VR experiences.

Keep in mind the following pros and cons of Fanatical when looking for VR game discounts to take advantage of:

Fanatical Facts

  • Fanatical offers licensed game titles from more than 1100 publishers.
  • The platform has more than 3 million customers worldwide.
  • Over 100 million keys have been purchased from Fanatical.


Kinguin is a marketplace for digital content which aims to make games, in particular, more accessible. This is evidenced by the astonishing number of 150K discounted games listed on their website. Just like on Gamivo, you can both buy and sell game codes on Kinguin. Although the prices on the website may seem higher compared to other unauthorized game code marketplaces, they’re still more affordable than those on official vendors like Steam.

It is important to note that there have been sellers with ill intentions whose goal is to simply take your money without providing you with the promised code. That’s why Kinguin has a Platform Development Contribution fee, which helps the platform cover additional expenses used to make the shopping experience safer and more pleasant. Therefore, if you have issues with a purchased key, the platform takes responsibility for investigating the matter, refunding you, or providing you with a legitimate key.

Kinguin’s purchase process is similar to its competitors’. You find the game you’d like to have, then choose the seller (if there are multiple people selling code for the same title) offering the best price, and after the payment has been completed, you’ll receive an email with the desired key. The platform provides customers with various payment options, one of them even being Bitcoin transactions.

Kinguin FAQ:

Before buying the keys to a major VR title with a budget-friendly price, take into consideration the pros and cons of Kinguin.

Kinguin Facts

  • In November 2023, Kinguin reached 17 000 000 registered accounts.
  • In 2022, the first Kinguin Legends esports tournament took place.
  • In 2021, Kinguin launched a charity project for orphanages called Kinguin Cares.

Humble Bumble

Humble Bundle provides a myriad of digital content – games, software, and ebooks, which are available in limited-time bundles. If you’re not sold on the idea of purchasing collections, the Humble Store offers single games, too. What sets this website apart is its mission to support different charities, as a percentage of the proceeds of each purchase is donated to a charitable organization. You even get to choose how much money you want to spend and divide it to your liking – how much you’d want to go to the charity, the creator of the product, and the Humble Partners.

After you’ve purchased the desired VR title, you’ll receive a key which is to be redeemed on platforms like Steam, GOG, Ubisoft Connect Desktop App, etc. There are also many DRM-free titles available, as Humble Bundle supports indie creators, too.

Humble Bundle FAQ:

When interested in Humble’s VR discounted games, always consider the following perks and drawbacks of the platform:

Humble Bundle Facts

  • Since 2010, Humble Bundle has donated over $240,000,000 to various charities.
  • The website has more than 12 million customers worldwide.
  • The Humble Choice membership allows you to get different games each month, which you’ll own as long as you like, you’ll gain access to the Humble Games Collection and get up to 20% off of titles in the Humble Store.


Gamivo is a very fast-growing platform that enables users to sell and buy game keys, gift cards, and software programs. All of the listed products have competitive prices, which makes the website the go-to place for a good bargain. When it comes to VR games, there’s an abundance of both SteamVR and PSVR titles.

The shopping process on Gamivo is very straightforward you search the title you’re interested in and you’ll see how many people are selling the game, that’s how you can also choose the best deal. After you purchase the digital product, you’ll receive a code, which is then activated on the platform it is suitable for.

There’s also a Gamivo Smart Subscription, which costs €1.99 per month and gives you additional perks like taking advantage of the customer protection program, receiving deal alerts, exclusive discounts, and even access to live customer service chats.

Gamivo FAQ:

These are the perks and drawbacks of using Gamivo for VR game discounts:


Although VR games are pricey, especially those major titles everyone is praising, that doesn’t mean there aren’t alternative ways to gain access to them. Websites for discounted VR games make this form of entertainment more accessible and allow people to get rid of what they no longer want while enabling others to purchase it. Each of the mentioned platforms has its advantages and drawbacks. Most of the latter are related to their legitimacy and reliability. That’s why looking for VR deals comes with a lot of caution. Always do your research, check the seller’s reviews, and make sure the website you shop from has stable customer support policies.

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