Black Trial VR review

Black Trail VR Review

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Genre: Action, Adventure
Compatibility (headsets): Steam VR, PS VR2, Meta Quest 2,3
Platforms: Steam Store
Minimum requirements: Processor: Intel Core i5-7500/Ryzen 5 1600, Memory: 8 GB RAM, Graphics: GTX 1060/RX 580 – 4 GB VRAM, Storage: 13 GB available space
Features: single / multiplayer, PVP
Release date: April 8, 2024
Developer: Red Horizon
Price: 34.99 $

‘Black Trail VR’ offers a nuanced virtual reality experience that goes beyond conventional gaming.

The game’s storyline is complex, and its gameplay mechanics are dynamic, offering players an engaging and immersive experience.

One notable aspect of the game is its innovative combat system and weaponry, which add depth to the gameplay.

Players can explore detailed environments and take on challenging missions that require strategic decision-making.

Overall, ‘Black Trail VR’ provides a unique gaming experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional gameplay.

Storyline and Setting

In Black Trail VR, players assume the roles of the bounty hunter Jack and the warrior White Eagle during the gold rush era. The game presents a shooter experience and revolves around uncovering the secrets of ancient artifacts that play a pivotal role in the ongoing conflict. These artifacts have a significant impact on the war’s outcome, adding complexity to the gameplay. Players can choose to confront either Native Americans or Bandits, immersing them in a world filled with tension and danger. he inclusion of these two factions adds strategic depth to the gameplay, requiring players to adapt their tactics accordingly.

The immersive environments, such as villages, caves, and a moving carriage, transport players to a Wild West world characterized by historical elements and perilous situations. As players navigate through this rich setting, they’re challenged to test their combat skills using authentic weapons like revolvers and tomahawks.

The game features approximately 10 destinations for exploration, offering a diverse gaming experience to keep players engaged.

Gameplay Mechanics

Black Trial VR mechanics

Black Trail VR offers a gameplay experience centered around dynamic combat scenarios set in diverse Wild West environments. Throughout the main campaign, players can alternate between the native warrior, Jack, and the bounty hunter, White Eagle, each with distinct abilities and perspectives. The game presents combat challenges in various settings such as villages, caves, and a moving carriage to keep the gameplay engaging.

Players have access to a variety of weapons including revolvers, rifles, bows, and tomahawks, adding depth and strategy to the combat encounters. Each chapter provides a new set of weapons and fighting styles. The weapons are historically inspired and require mastering different techniques, ensuring a varied and unique combat experience in every chapter. Upon completing the main campaign, players can engage in the Bounty Hunt mode, which introduces additional gameplay featuring bandits, outlaws, and lucrative bounty bags for a competitive edge. Money earned can be used to create new weapon-enhancement combinations, and players can compete with others to become a legend.

The game focuses on realistic weapon handling and item interaction. Players will engage in actions such as levering rifles, throwing axes, shielding from bullets, reloading six- shooters, and operating Gatling guns. The weapons and items are designed to mimic real-life mechanics as closely as possible.

Players will also clear occupied western towns, fight through moving military trains, and explore the depths of the gold mines. The environments are carefully designed to reflect the old west and are enhanced with realistic graphics.

Black Trail VR offers natural-feeling mobility and control within its virtual reality environment. Players can walk, teleport, take cover and use weapons with almost real-life mechanics and smoothness. The game provides options for both walking and teleporting to minimize motion sickness and to cater to different player preferences.

The game is available on various VR platforms, including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Meta Quest 2 and 3, Valve Index, and PS VR2, ensuring a wide range of players can enjoy the experience. It has also an option for left-handed weapon handling, which can be adjusted in the game’s options menu.

These features combine to create a VR experience that is both action-packed and story-driven, allowing players to immerse themselves in the old west with a high level of interactivity and realism.

Multiplayer Features

Black Trial VR Hunter Mode

Black Trail VR offers multiplayer features that enhance the game’s Wild West theme. These features incorporate competitive gameplay elements and the opportunity to earn unique weapon upgrades through completing bounties.

In multiplayer mode, players can engage in Bounty Hunt, where they compete against one another to defeat bandits and secure bounty bags to gain a competitive edge. By successfully completing bounties, players can unlock special weapon upgrades that provide strategic advantages in gameplay.

This aspect of the game adds replay value and encourages players to test their skills against others in a challenging yet rewarding multiplayer experience. Players can immerse themselves in the Wild West environment and enjoy storytelling opportunities while engaging with Black Trail VR’s multiplayer features.


Despite in the early stage, the rating of the game is 6/10 in Steam of just 20 reviews.


Overall, ‘Black Trail VR’ offers a thrilling and immersive experience for players looking to dive into the world of bounty hunting and ancient artifacts.

With its engaging storyline, diverse environments, and exciting combat challenges, the game provides a well-rounded and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Whether you’re exploring the main campaign or taking on the Bounty Hunt mode, ‘Black Trail VR’ offers plenty of content to keep players entertained and coming back for more.

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